Headlines for Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Mexico car ans truck sales - November & YTD

This is data compiled by the Automotive News Data Center and requires a Data Center subscription to access. Read More »

Data companies help automakers reduce digital guessing games

Automakers have fewer reasons to wonder whether online marketing blitzes are translating to sales. Read More »


GM, Obama can move ahead with the end of 'Government Motors'

The Treasury's plan to sell its remaining stake in GM is a leap forward for the Obama administration's effort to end a $418 billion bailout program that in four years was transformed from a political albatross to a winning campaign issue. Read More »

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Ford dealer Kenley shuns automation, calls every car buyer

Ford dealer Kenley shuns automation, calls every car buyer

Making personal thank you calls to 'every single sales customer' and practicing a soft-sell approach are some ways Utah dealer Jewel Lee Kenley ensures her Ford store stands out – even if it means being... Mon., June 23
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