Headlines for Saturday, December 15, 2012

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Bentley names sales veteran Gerris as Europe director

Dec. 15, 2012 06:01 CET
Bentley named veteran sales executive Bart Gerris as its regional director for Europe.

Coolant safety row puts the heat on Europe's carmakers

Dec. 15, 2012 14:01 CET
A coolant known as HFO-1234y has set off a battle within the auto industry amid claims it poses a risk to car passengers.

Mercedes valued at half of BMW as Zetsche loses investors

Dec. 15, 2012 06:01 CET
Daimler's investors have valued the company's Mercedes-Benz unit at around half that of rival BMW as CEO Dieter Zetsche seeks to reclaim the title of world's biggest luxury carmaker.


Let the pickup smack-down begin

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 15, 2012
Even in the hubris-filled auto industry, it can be tough to get executives to publicly talk smack. Ask a leading question about a rival’s latest entry and the best you can hope for usually is a generic, delicately worded put-down.

2014 Mazda6

Mazda leads diesel comeback as dirty-clunker stigma fades

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 15, 2012
Thirteen years after Tokyo's governor killed Japanese interest in diesel cars by barring many of them from his city, the technology is making a comeback as manufacturers adopt innovations that improve its sooty image.

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