Headlines for Saturday, December 1, 2012

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It takes a hurricane to halt haggling — at least in hard times

Albert Einstein said: "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Auto dealers along the storm-wrecked East Coast have an opportunity to make a long-lasting impression on customers struggling to rebuild their lives by showing them that car-buying can be a pleasant experience. Read More »


Ford bets Transit Connect Wagon, like a snowflake, is one of a kind

In England, they call vehicles like the Ford Transit Connect Wagon “cheap and cheerful” basic family transportation. Read More »


Rolls-Royce expands global dealerships to target wealthy outside Europe

Rolls-Royce aims to increase its global dealerships to 120 from 105 within five years to target millionaires in markets like Chile, Thailand and Vietnam, who are unfazed by Europe's debt crisis. Read More »

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Fla. store chain goes for easy sell

Fla. store chain goes for easy sell

Under owner Scott-McRae Group, the Duval family of dealerships in Jacksonville has shed traditional titles, traditional sales techniques and even traditional workweeks, and found its way to higher customer... Mon., June 16
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