Headlines for Friday, November 23, 2012

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Aston Martin gets bids from private equity fund, Mahindra, reports say

Aston Martin owner Investment Dar has received competing bids from Investindustrial and Mahindra & Mahindra for half the sports-car maker, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg and Reuters. Read More »


Aston Martin gets bids from UK private equity fund, Mahindra, sources say

Aston Martin owner Investment Dar has received competing bids from Investindustrial and Mahindra & Mahindra for half of the sports car maker, sources said. Read More »


BMW aims to sell another 1 million cars in China by the end of 2014

BMW Group expects to sell a combined 1 million cars in China within three years, a company spokeswoman told Automotive News Europe, confirming comments from a senior executive at the automaker's joint venture in the country. Read More »


Open question for roof system suppliers

After a round of bankruptcies and buyouts, the world of roof system suppliers has narrowed to three major players: Webasto Roof Systems, Magna Car Top Systems and Valmet Automotive. Read More »


Mass-market brands race to add high-tech gadgetry

Infotainment and safety features once reserved for luxury cars are now showing up in compact and subcompact models as mass-market automakers increasingly use high-tech features as key selling tools. The problem is that automakers cannot charge extra for these features. Read More »


Europe uncertainty forces VW to shorten time period for investment plan

VW Group will spend 50.2 billion euros ($64.3 billion) in its automotive division over the next three years, shortening its investment calendar from the usual five years as market uncertainty in Europe makes long-term planning more difficult. Read More »


Factory frenzy: Japanese add N. American capacity

Japan's automakers are gearing up for the biggest wave of North American production expansion in a decade. Read More »

Leaner suppliers win pricing power in N. America

With North American vehicle production headed toward 15 million-plus units next year, automakers are encountering a new breed of supplier: the one that says "no." Read More »


Wiedeking goes from Porsche to pizza and pasta

Wendelin Wiedeking, whose celebrated 16-year run as Porsche's CEO came to a bad end in 2009, has gone into the pizza and pasta business. Read More »

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