Headlines for Sunday, January 12, 2014

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Jaguar Land Rover posts 19% gain in global sales

Jaguar Land Rover notched its best full year global sales performance in 2013, selling 425,006 units, a 19 percent gain over 2012, the company said Sunday. Read More »


VW to bring CrossBlue-based SUV to U.S. in 2016

Volkswagen AG has given the green light to a mid-sized SUV based on its year-old CrossBlue concept, and plans to start selling the SUV in the United States in 2016. Read More »


Audi's concept previews TT design, SUV plans

Audi AG unveiled an SUV concept Monday at the Detroit auto show that demonstrated three big shifts at the German luxury car brand: an embrace of plug-in hybrids, a rush toward smaller SUVs, and updates to the trendy designs that have aided Audi's recent rise. Read More »


Celebrating diversity at the Urban Wheel Awards

The auto industry on Sunday celebrated diversity and raised money to help educate young people at the 18th Annual Urban Wheel Awards Show. Read More »


Audi's awd hybrid concept previews TT design, SUV plans

Audi's allroad shooting brake concept demonstrates three big shifts at the brand: an embrace of plug-in hybrids, a rush toward smaller SUVs, and updates to the trendy designs that have aided Audi's recent rise. Read More »


Will incentive discipline hold? Watch the mid-sized car segment

Keep your eyes on the mid-sized car segment. That was one of the messages from Kelley Blue Book's briefing for reporters today ahead of the Detroit auto show. Read More »


Lentz: Toyota Motor Sales' 2014 U.S. sales to rise by 100,000

Toyota Motor Sales will boost 2014 U.S. deliveries by 100,000 units to 2.3 million light vehicles as the U.S. economy improves, CEO Jim Lentz pledged Sunday. Read More »


GMC Canyon offers big-truck looks in smaller package

The 2015 GMC Canyon is the bolder, more-chiseled half of GM's dual bid to revive consumer interest in smaller pickups. While the Chevrolet Colorado is sporty and sleek, the Canyon, its corporate sibling, looks a bit like a little brother to the GMC Sierra full-sized pickup. And that's by design. Read More »


Q&A: VW's new marketing chief will 'carry the torch' of cute ads

Vinay Shahani, the new vice president of marketing at Volkswagen of America, plans to stay the course. This month, in his first interview since he joined VW in November, Shahani told Automotive News that he does not intend to change VW's motto or its marketing style. Read More »

In Japan, Detroit demands broad access but targets narrow niche

American "muscle car" enthusiast Satoshi Kimiwada says his business selling used Chevrolet Camaros, Ford Mustangs other American cars in Yokohama is on the verge of extinction. Read More »

Global auto sales forecast rosy, with reservations, for 2014

Automakers are upbeat about global auto sales this year despite fears of a slowdown in the United States, which generates big profits and where sales have surged 50 percent since the recession. Read More »

U.S. sales expected to rise 5% to 16.3M in 2014, analyst says

Auto sales in the United States will rise 5 percent to 16.3 million light vehicles in 2014, "but we have a chance for up to 16.8 million if automakers lose discipline," says analyst Alec Gutierrez of Kelley Blue Book. Read More »


Detroit automakers face test of leadership in 2014

GM named a new CEO, Ford kept its old leader and Chrysler's CEO averted a divisive public offering. And that was just in the last 30 days. This year is shaping up as a test of leadership at GM, Ford and Chrysler, five years after the auto industry's searing restructuring. Read More »


Sexy performance meets 'green' ethic at show

To look over the roster of racy new and future vehicles at the 2014 Detroit auto show, the initial impression is that American, European and Asian automakers want to turn back the clock to a time when performance and speed trumped concerns about energy and the environment. Read More »


December's rising incentives could signal dangers ahead

As auto sales return to pre-recession levels, some of the industry's old incentive games may be creeping back, too. Read More »


Jaguar Land Rover sales rise to record, helped by China demand

Jaguar Land Rover reported record global sales last year, driven by growth in the Asia Pacific and China region. Sales rose 19 percent to 425,006 vehicles, the company said. Read More »

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