Headlines for Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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MG Rover hearing will assess accountant's conflicts of interest

Accountancy firm Deloitte will next week return before a tribunal which is assessing whether it failed to manage conflicts of interest in its advice to MG Rover and four directors who bought the carmaker before it collapsed. Read More »


More EU states could block Daimler sales in refrigerant dispute

More EU countries could join France in blocking registrations of new Daimler vehicles using a banned refrigerant after European governments agreed to take action against the carmaker. Read More »


PSA's consumer savings bank beats launch targets

PSA Banque, the consumer savings bank created in March by PSA, said it might begin operating in Germany after receiving 780 million euros in French deposits, exceeding its 400 million euro annual goal. Read More »

Schaeffler agrees refinancing deal worth 3.8 billion euros

Schaeffler, majority owner of Continental, says a new refinancing deal worth 3.8 billion euros ($5.1 billion) offers significantly improved conditions over a 2009 credit financing that it replaces. Read More »


Is this the end of the sticker price?

The death of the headline sticker price for new cars may be hastened by the popularity of smartphones and the growth of pay-per-use car-sharing operations. Read More »

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