Headlines for Monday, March 19, 2012

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VW, GM and Ford eye growing Iraqi car market

Backed by large oil reserves and a population bigger than Saudi Arabia's, Iraq is attracting global automakers such as General Motors, Ford and Volkswagen. VW forecasts industrywide sales in the country to rise by a third this year. Read More »


Finally, a Chinese company forges a real partnership with a foreign brand

When foreign automakers refer to their Chinese "partners," they are not using the word in its real sense. But when and Geely announced a technology partnership, we had good reason to believe they truly meant it. Why? Let's start off by considering rival partnerships. Read More »


China's newest automaker takes aim at VW

China's newest automaker, Qoros Auto, will target established brands such as Volkswagen and Toyota when it starts sales in Europe, said the brand's design boss, Gert Hildebrand. Read More »


GM-PSA product tie-up: How will it work?

It's easy to see how General Motors and PSA can save money on shared purchasing of parts, but it is less clear how and when their new-model strategies will come together. Read More »

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