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Chrysler to hike output of Ram diesels

Chrysler Group, struggling to keep pace with demand for one of its newest products, plans to boost output of light-duty Ram pickups equipped with diesel engines. Read More »


2014 Eurostar winner Marco Tencone

The executives chosen as 2014 Automotive News Europe Eurostars achieved success by exceeding expectations. Marco Tencone, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Maserati styling center coordinator, is this year's Eurostar winner for Design. Read More »


Ford sets goal of 9.4M global sales by 2020, cuts profit outlook for '14

Ford aims to raise global sales 52 percent annually by 2020 by tapping fast-growing Asian markets, investing heavily in Lincoln, and expanding its global offerings of small cars and utility vehicles. Read More »


AutoNews Now: Ford Super Duty to go aluminum

Weight-saving material to first appear on F-150; Fields' Lincoln pledge; Chrysler stalling alleged; illegal Corvette tech? Read More »


UAW, 2 German labor groups join forces in bid to organize VW Tenn. plant

The UAW and two top German labor groups have signed a letter of intent to jointly organize the Volkswagen AG assembly plant in Chattanooga, a top UAW official said today. Read More »


2015 Mustang's interior design inspired by airplane cockpits

Interiors have never been one of the Ford Mustang’s selling points over the years. That’s about to change with the airplane-inspired cockpits in the 2015 models that will go on sale next month. Read More »

Toyoda Gosei settles U.S. price-fixing charge, pays $26 million fine

Japanese auto parts maker Toyoda Gosei agreed to plead guilty to price-fixing and pay a $26 million fine, the Justice Department said. Read More »


Toyota to recall 690,000 Tacomas in U.S. to fix suspension

Toyota said it would recall about 690,00 Tacoma 4X4 and Tacoma pre-runner pickup trucks in the U.S. to fix issues with the vehicles' rear suspension system. Read More »


Hyundai reaches wage deal with union after work stoppages

Hyundai Motor reached a tentative wage deal today with its South Korean labor union, a union spokesman said, potentially resolving disputes that had dragged on longer than expected and led to partial strikes. Read More »

CO2 emissions from new cars in Europe were 38% more than air standards show, study says

European cars probably discharged 38 percent more carbon dioxide on real-world roads last year than their ratings promised, a transportation lobby group said. Read More »


Deaths linked to GM ignition-switch defect rise to 23

The number of deaths linked to a faulty ignition switch in General Motors cars rose by two last week to 23, according to a report today from the lawyer overseeing a program set up to compensate accident victims. Read More »


BMW launches automated driving project in China with Baidu

BMW is teaming up with Chinese internet giant Baidu to start highly automated driving trials in Beijing and Shanghai. BMW research vehicles capable of automated driving have already undergone trials on German autobahns. Read More »


Wrong move for Cadillac -- the creative vibe is in Detroit, not New York

It seems like GM is missing a big opportunity in moving Cadillac's headquarters to trendy SoHo in New York. I know I'm biased, but I can't think of many cooler places to have a marketing office than Detroit. Read More »


Fiat jobs matter more than HQ location, Italy prime minister says

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said Fiat Chrysler's decision to have a home base in London matters less than the jobs and opportunities that the combined company will create in Italy. Read More »


Chrysler SUVs, pickups and minivans subject of safety petition to U.S. regulators

A safety advocate group has petitioned federal regulators to open an investigation into an estimated 4.9 million Chrysler vehicles for issues that could lead to engine stalls and other problems, according to documents posted online by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Read More »


BMW launches automated driving project in China with Baidu

BMW is teaming up with Chinese Internet giant Baidu to start highly automated driving trials in Beijing and Shanghai. Read More »


First Shift: Letting F-150 show its stuff

Ford offering dealers, consumers a chance to see aluminum truck's capabilities; NADA scolds Nissan; Niņa, Pinta … and Fiat? Read More »


Ford brings new F-150 to dealers, consumers for test drives

Ford is demonstrating the capabilities of its redesigned, aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150 pickup to dealership sales personnel and consumers. Sales consultants in 26 cities have begun testing the new truck and its features in a program called the “Built Ford Tough Roundup.” Read More »


Buyers snap up pricier models

Consumers in the United States are willingly paying more than ever for new vehicles, enticed by low interest rates, cheap leases and ubiquitous six-year loans that keep monthly payments affordable while the total price tag rises by thousands of dollars. Read More »


Tesla's Musk will speak at Automotive News World Congress

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors Inc., will be a featured speaker at the Automotive News World Congress in January. Read More »


2014 Eurostar winner Klaus Zehender

The executives chosen as 2014 Automotive News Europe Eurostars rose above the rest by pushing their companies to new heights. Klaus Zehender, Daimler head of procurement and supplier quality, is this year's winner for Purchasing Executive. Read More »


How Mazda may have survived the A-bomb by a hair

Mazda Motor Corp., the most famous company from Hiroshima, may have survived the city's atomic bombing on Aug. 6, 1945, quite literally by only a split hair. Read More »


Cadillac prepares dealers for a jolt

New Cadillac boss Johan de Nysschen’s philosophy of creating some scarcity for a product that often has been the focus of discount sales will come as a blow to some U.S. dealers. Read More »


A sleek, supple, sophisticated Mustang

The 2015 Ford Mustang arrives in dealerships next month as the most ballyhooed car of the year. Read More »

NADA tells Nissan to butt out of dealer surveys

The National Automobile Dealers Association has rapped Nissan's knuckles for "actions by some Nissan representatives" to boost scores in a survey of dealer attitudes toward automakers. Read More »

Transit PTV: Ford's fresh take on the paddy wagon

Don't expect much in the way of in-car entertainment in the newest version of Ford's 2015 Transit full-size van. That's because the purpose is incarceration. Read More »


Japan's keiretsu suppliers at risk in a new reality

Japanese suppliers are struggling to adjust to a new business reality that threatens to undermine the country's keiretsu system of tightknit cooperation between carmakers and their favorite-son suppliers. Blame the unraveling on an immutable truth: Japan's carmakers have stopped expanding at home. Read More »


No '15 Evora as Lotus works on 'smart' airbags

Lotus, which is laying off about one quarter of its global staff, will skip the 2015 model year of its only street-legal car sold in the United States, the Evora two-seater. Read More »


Big ideas in the Big Apple

Four of the industry's chief marketers shared strategies for communicating in the digital age during the third annual Automotive News Marketing Seminar last week in New York. Read More »


Chrysler revamps line to boost pickup output

With thousands of suggestions from line workers, Chrysler Group modified the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in suburban Detroit to build about 100 additional Ram 1500s each production day or 28,500 per year. Read More »


UAW-Lear fight shows 2-tier's grip

The UAW this summer vowed again to end the practice of paying workers in the same plant different wages for the same work. Read More »


With new GLA, Mercedes will push GLK upmarket

Mercedes-Benz will follow the rollout of its GLA compact crossover by bumping up the next-generation GLK -- its first entry-level crossover -- to a larger size and a higher price. Read More »


Internet's down. Let's use the Volt!

One salesman's creative solution to when the internet went out. Read More »


McConaughey MKC ads fuel comedians

If spoofs are the sincerest form of flattery, Lincoln's new MKC ad campaign featuring actor Matthew McConaughey in a series of moody spots is already a smash hit. Read More »


Time to get to know Barra better

General Motors CEO Mary Barra landed on the cover of Time magazine, submitting to a lengthy and largely favorable profile. Read More »


GM victim fund begins payout offers

The compensation fund that General Motors created in response to its ignition-switch recalls began offering multimillion-dollar payments to crash victims and their families last week. Read More »


Mazda design chief insists no new RX without rotary engine

Ikuo Maeda, Mazda Motor Corp.'s global design chief, who designed the RX-8 sports car and whose father penned the RX-7, wants to resurrect the signature RX series. Read More »


CR-V goes 'aggressive and bold'

Honda released an image of the updated CR-V that goes on sale Wednesday, Oct. 1. Read More »


Gear hauler

At the State Fair of Texas in Dallas last week, Chevrolet introduced the 2015 Colorado Sport, a midsize pickup shown in this sketch with GearOn, a storage system that handles bicycles, kayaks and other equipment. Read More »


Infiniti Q80 Inspiration points to brand's design direction

The large four-door fastback concept that Infiniti will unveil at the Paris auto show this week signals the styling for a stream of new products planned over the next four years. Read More »


GMC boss pushing for Denali version of new Canyon pickup

None of the new GMC Canyon midsize pickups that began shipping to dealerships this month wears a Denali badge signifying the truck brand's high-end trim line. Read More »

AutoGrade schools the auction industry

Adopted by the nation's largest auction companies and endorsed by NAAA, AutoGrade is an electronic vehicle-condition reporting system that is being touted as a way to reduce human error and subjectivity when describing vehicle condition and damage. Read More »


Court reinstates $1 million verdict against ex-dealer

The Missouri Supreme Court has reinstated a $1 million punitive damage jury verdict against former dealer Chad Franklin for fraudulent marketing and financing practices. Read More »

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