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ZF to sell steering-venture stake to Bosch to help TRW deal

ZF will sell its stake in a joint venture to partner Robert Bosch. The deal paves the way for ZF to buy TRW to create the world's No. 2 automotive supplier. Read More »


2014 Eurostar winner Dieter Zetsche

The executives chosen as 2014 Automotive News Europe Eurostars achieved success by exceeding expectations. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche is this year's Eurostar winner for Group CEO. Read More »


Experts see a world free of crashes, not drivers

A parade of new mainstream models equipped with advanced safety technologies that take control of the vehicle in certain instances will soon be in showrooms. But the goal of a car that makes its own way, sans driver, remains distant and uncertain. Read More »


GM gunning for more pickup wins

GM’s September promotion and dealer incentives are early salvos in what’s likely to be a sustained offensive to capitalize on Ford’s vulnerability as it negotiates the complicated changeover to its aluminum-body 2015 F-150. Read More »


Dealer Speaks - Defying Dad, by building on his legacy

At Courtesy Auto Group in Illinois, second-generation dealers Ray and Rik Fregia have seen a 30 percent boost in sales this year, thanks largely to million-dollar overhauls at their three stores. Read More »


Nissan transforms Japanese plant

With a stern foreman clocking their efforts on his stopwatch, the Chinese apprentices snap together their first Nissan vehicle, brick by brightly colored plastic brick. Read More »


Automakers warm to the era of ride-sharing

The rise of car-owning alternatives such as rental service Zipcar, and ride-summoning services including Uber and Lyft, is prompting automakers to embrace the idea that their mission is more about moving people than selling cars. Far from challenging the trend, they're rushing to capitalize on it. Read More »


Mercedes boosts CLA capacity, U.S. allocation

Mercedes-Benz has increased production capacity for its year-old CLA entry-level sedan, aiming to alleviate tight supplies that have limited sales. The U.S. will get additional CLAs, but Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Mercedes' parent Daimler AG, said he couldn't give specific numbers. Read More »

Sell? Grow? IPO? Marchionne ponders Ferrari

Sergio Marchionne rules out closer ties between Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as he prepares to take direct control of the independently run Italian sports car maker. But what will the Fiat Chrysler CEO do with Ferrari when he replaces longtime chairman Luca di Montezemolo next month? Read More »

OnStar, police are hitting the brakes on stolen cars

OnStar has worked in tandem with law-enforcement agencies for years to recover more than 60,000 stolen vehicles. Read More »


Tesla's task is to keep buzz with new models

Tesla, still operating in startup mode, is most worried about ensuring that the Model X and the rest of the new models on its agenda aren't a letdown from the Model S. Read More »


Rolls-Royce considers a crossover

Rolls-Royce executives several years ago pooh-poohed the possibility of a crossover with an RR badge. But CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes in January said a crossover is being considered. Read More »


Daimler pact powers Aston Martin's future

Aston Martin's future is tied to an agreement it signed with Daimler AG last year to share parts, engines and perhaps even technology for new vehicles. Read More »

Fleet helps drive big August sales numbers

Growth in fleet sales outpaced retail in last month's robust U.S. auto market. Read More »

Pay attention! It's your turn to drive now

In conjunction with the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress, Toyota unveiled Automated Highway Driving Assist, a technology that allows the central computer to guide the car at highway speeds. Read More »

Subaru raises U.S. sales forecast

Subaru has boosted its forecast for sales this year to 500,000. Read More »

Easing off on acquisitions:

AutoNation adds 4 stores, but won't buy much more this year

AutoNation Inc.'s deal to buy four Bellevue, Wash., luxury-brand dealerships is the company's biggest acquisition since late 2012. Read More »


Lambo waits for the OK to join superlux crossover parade

Lamborghini is awaiting approval of an all-new SUV/crossover by its parent Volkswagen AG. Read More »


Growing Maserati to add 1st SUV in 2016

Maserati, after selling more vehicles in the first half of 2014 than in all of 2013, is on track to reach its goal of 30,000 global sales this year. Read More »


Industry learns to share road with tech giants

Now that North America's mobile-phone market has matured, corporate behemoths such as Verizon, AT&T, Google and Apple have zeroed in on autos as the next big thing. Read More »


Crossover key to lifting Bentley sales

Bentley is expanding its lineup with a crossover and possibly another vehicle: a two-seat sports car or a four-door with coupelike styling. Read More »

Supercar reality check: It's crossover time

Reality is intruding into the realm of elite vehicles, both in terms of market trends and government regulation. Read More »


Ferrari turns to turbos and hybrids

Ferrari will continue to refine its lineup with new technologies to reduce its fleet carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent by 2021. Read More »


Hearing to focus on NHTSA reform, safety laws

In his last appearance before Sen. Claire McCaskill's consumer protection subcommittee, the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration left plenty of questions about his agency's handling of the General Motors ignition switch defect unanswered. Read More »


Sell more Dodges, get more Hellcats, brand tells dealers

Dodge will give more new 707-hp 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcats to dealers who sell more other Dodge vehicles. Challenger SRT Hellcat allocation is based on the total of Dodge vehicles that a dealer sold in the previous 180 days, brand head Tim Kuniskis said. Read More »


Redesigned Mazda2 aims to break from subcompact pack

Not long ago, the term "subcompact car" was all but synonymous with "Japanese import." Read More »


Ford's Hinrichs to speak at 2015 World Congress

Joe Hinrichs, the executive guiding Ford Motor Co.'s high-stakes move to an aluminum-bodied F-150 pickup, will speak at the 2015 Automotive News World Congress in Detroit. Read More »


Mercedes' 911-fighter is set to arrive here in 2016

The United States is expected to be the biggest market for the new Mercedes-AMG GT, which goes on sale here in April. The low-slung coupe with swoopy curves and conventional doors is expected to cost about $120,000 and will compete with the Porsche 911. Read More »


Toyota considers utility van entry

Toyota is considering a small utility-van concept vehicle that would compete with compact vans such as Ford's Transit Connect and Nissan's NV200. The Urban Utility, designed at the company's Calty studio in Newport Beach, Calif., was shown last week. Read More »


BMW 2-series droptop variants to get awd

Two variants of BMW's new soft-top 2-series convertible will get all-wheel drive, an unusual offering for open-top luxury cars -- especially soft tops. Read More »


Jaguar XE gets lots of aluminum

The new Jaguar XE compact sedan will be the highest volume aluminum-body car on the market when it arrives in the U.S. in 2016. Jaguar says 75 percent of the car's components are aluminum. Read More »


BMW: Decision on new-look Mini EV still months away

BMW won't decide for at least six months whether to build an electric version of the Mini that will move the classic British car further from its original design. The new car, known as the Superleggera, was shown this month in Britain. Read More »


For GM, the self-driving car of the future is also a thing of the past

A close look at the Firebird II video shows GM made a lot of the right calls on the issues facing self-driving cars -- issues that are still being resolved. Read More »


Delphi's O'Neal to step down

Rodney O'Neal, who led Delphi Automotive out of bankruptcy by slashing costs and reducing product lines to 33 from 131 during seven years as CEO, will stop down in March. Read More »


Ferrari's profit power

Ferrari represents a tiny fraction of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' sales but a significant part of its profits. Read More »


Ford bites back at Apple hype: Your tech's old news

During the Apple Watch two-hour webcast, Ford used its main Twitter account and the hashtag "#wegotthat2" to joke that its products already offered many of the new devices' most alluring features. Read More »

Wall Street sees value in Group 1, Lithia acquisitions

In the dealership acquisition market, reward follows risk. Read More »


Urban development

Chevrolet's EN-V concept vehicles for urban mobility, on display at the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in Detroit last week, were used to demonstrate the integration of electric powertrains with autonomous-driving and communications technology. Read More »


Why Google cars? The software, stupid

Does Google really want to become an automaker, or does it have some other goal for its driverless cars? Read More »

Hot August sales shrivel inventories

Strong auto sales in August drained dealer lots, pushing U.S. inventories to the lowest level in months. Read More »


Sensor cuts self-driving car costs

You can't buy one yet, but the autonomous vehicle just got a little cheaper. Read More »


Harbour gave it to automakers straight

Automotive industry veteran James Harbour, who died Sept. 6 at age 86, developed unprecedented ways to analyze and improve manufacturing efficiency. Read More »


Japan exports fall despite favorable yen

Japan's auto exports finally may be decoupling from the yen after decades of yo-yoing up and down with exchange rates. Read More »

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Dealer Speaks - Defying Dad, by building on his legacy

Dealer Speaks - Defying Dad, by building on his legacy

At Courtesy Auto Group in Illinois, second-generation dealers Ray and Rik Fregia have seen a 30 percent boost in sales this year, thanks largely to million-dollar overhauls at their three stores. Mon., September 15
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