Japan sales need more analysis

In "Trump talk reminds us of previous Japan deal" in the Feb. 6 issue, Hans Greimel manages to do a "news analysis" without any analysis. While it is certainly true that the rebadged Chevrolet Cavalier was not popular in Japan, Mr.


Go with the flow of changing retail

I am paying for advertising on Facebook, I send email blasts to every contact -- business and personal -- and I promote my websites on all social media and Yelp, writes one reader.

Train to adjust to the new customer

And while focusing on recruiting is all well and good, those efforts will do little to retain many of those potential hires once they interact with the existing culture at most retailers, writes one reader.

Carmakers can't be fooled by gas prices

Automotive News was correct in calling out the Detroit 3 in its editorial in the Feb. 6 issue ("Detroit 3 should skip scare tactics in CAFE debate")

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