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   Data TitleIssue Date 
 New product, new marketing are key for Hyundai 01/24/15
 Michelle Primm of Cascade Auto Group named Woman of the Year 01/24/15
 Quick question 01/24/15
 NADA offers a dealers' guide to federal advertising rules 01/24/15
 Honda expects new HR-V compact crossover to help spur sales 01/24/15
 Pencils join the buggy whip 01/24/15 managing online reputation for Ford dealers 01/24/15
 Quick question 01/24/15
 Old guys, cars, comedy and sex - must be an NADA confab 01/24/15
 Phony deals cost dealers reputation, vehicles and lenders 01/24/15
 McConaughey spots, MKC fuel Lincoln optimism 01/24/15
 Dealerships boost fixed-ops spending to fend off rivals, retain customers 01/24/15
 At Miami store, no more 'beat up' customers 01/24/15
 Shops use standard inspections to help boost repair orders 01/24/15
 Subaru dealers focus on serving all those customers 01/24/15
 Dealers: 'Product, product, product, we want product' 01/24/15
 Second-chance store lets staff shine 01/24/15
 Loan application blasts could be a blow to dealers 01/24/15
 New products, strong margins delight Lexus dealers 01/24/15
 Kia dealers prepare for an off-lease blitz in 2015 01/24/15
 Urban-living trend a chance to branch out and up 01/24/15
 Creative pairing: 2 dealers innovate as partners 01/24/15
 A terrible wreck, but not a total loss 01/24/15
 Outsmart the fake pay stub 01/24/15
 Finance managers found on showroom floor 01/24/15
 F&I departments need a farm team 01/24/15
 Service lanes can become source of used-car inventory 01/24/15
 Cardinale group makeover flexes digital muscle 01/24/15
 GM tablet tool aims to lift service revenue 01/24/15
 AutoNation aims to beef up service 01/24/15
 Riding Macan's strength, a 50,000 year is within sight 01/24/15
 High confidence in product after the Year of the Recall 01/24/15
 How to contain aluminum dust? 01/24/15
 Miller learned from his dad and learned how to delegate 01/24/15
 Getting creative to get noticed at NADA 01/24/15
 Lengthening loan terms get brokers', banks' attention 01/24/15
 Quick question 01/24/15
 Who chewed my paddle? Dogs and Hog II 01/24/15
 This van's a-rockin' 01/24/15
 Porsche plans EV-only Pajun to fight Tesla, report says 01/24/15
 Ford dealers want U.S. market share back 01/24/15
 Buick, GMC, riding truck wave, aim for more share gain 01/24/15
 Cadillac chief strives to reassure anxious dealers 01/24/15
 Lincoln, counting on Black Label for conquests, to expand program to more states 01/24/15
 Honda bets on redesigned trucks to boost U.S. sales 01/24/15
 BMW modernizes operations as sales rise 01/24/15
 Volvo dealers embrace U.S. management shift 01/24/15
 Hot Subaru sets its sights on the Sunbelt 01/24/15
 At Kia, the No. 2 sales exec for U.S. is out 01/24/15
 Dealership group invests for 'nice, exciting, fun' stores 01/24/15
 Finishing touches 01/23/15
 AutoNews Now: NADA chief's big crusade 01/23/15
 Car of the future 01/23/15
 Scratch-n-dent special 01/23/15
 On parade 01/23/15
 AutoNews Now: Ford's growth message 01/23/15
 NADA, Tesla, pitchforks and torches -- a missed opportunity 01/23/15
 Blue oval, NADA summit 01/23/15
 How Calif. store battles service drive bottlenecks 01/23/15
 Doing deals 01/23/15
 The other side of the digital ad craze 01/23/15
 Honda signals shift from Takata, hires rival to supply Accord airbags, report says TAKATA AND THE AIRBAG RECALL 01/23/15
 GM to cut production of Chevy Sonic, Buick Verano 01/23/15
 BMW, VW will build fast-charging stations for EVs in U.S. 01/23/15
 Ford names new lobbyist in Europe as free trade, CO2 pressure intensifies 01/23/15
 Missing in action 01/23/15
 GM: Get succession plans set 01/23/15
 Mazda targets 11% U.S. sales bump in 2015 01/23/15
 Entry-level Jeep Renegade should boost brand in subcompact market 01/23/15
 Where are you spending your dollars on digital? 01/23/15
 Hyundai is the latest carmaker to 'take a time out' from Super Bowl 01/23/15
 Bush strikes a presidential tone 01/23/15
 Infiniti reasserts its USA imperative 01/23/15
 Nissan targets improvements in dealer experience 01/23/15
 Customer Incentives 01/23/15
 First Shift: AutoNation's quest to click 01/23/15
 Opel plans EV version of its Karl minicar, report says 01/23/15
 UK 2014 car production rises to highest since 2007 01/23/15
 GM sees Europe turnaround on track even if local economy isn't 01/23/15
 Spirit of San Francisco 01/23/15
 2014 rental fleet purchases are most since '07 01/23/15
 Volkswagen dealer: 'We've got to get in the game' 01/23/15
 Ford Motor again wins customer-loyalty title 01/23/15
 Honda dealers gear up for launches of key vehicles 01/23/15
 Strategic tweaks pay off in increased volume, profitability 01/23/15
 Nissan has the drive, leadership to reach its goals 01/23/15
 Mazda dealers see chance to explode, Subaru style 01/23/15
 Product boom a chance to revamp JLR dealerships 01/23/15
 Saab parts sales thrive without showrooms 01/23/15
 Watch out, quick-lube shops, here comes VW 01/23/15
 Call center keeps the service bays packed 01/23/15
 Volvo dealers are hungry for the redesigned XC90 01/23/15
 'Infiniti is pushing forward despite the upheaval' 01/23/15
 DARCARS' new leadership regroups to grow in U.S., beyond 01/23/15
 Perks program lifts struggling store's satisfaction scores, sales 01/23/15
 AutoNation wants more service lane hospitality 01/23/15
 How some customers cheat themselves 01/23/15
 Dealers prying payments from some lenders 01/23/15
 Trade group chief sees growth in dealer-owned operations 01/23/15
 Dealership adjusts as traffic changes course 01/23/15
 Vehicles get fixed while customers sleep 01/23/15
 GM takes charge of its branded F&I products 01/23/15
 Jeep history goes underground 01/23/15
 Old repair bill is a powerful tool for F&I team 01/23/15
 Mini store wants customers singing its praises 01/23/15
 A voice for dealers, business in West Virginia Senate 01/23/15
 Dealers, captives battle in statehouses 01/23/15
 School's in session 01/23/15
 Navigating the great digital divide 01/23/15
 Building a new fortress to protect data 01/23/15
 Ford takes charge of $800 million on Venezuelan currency 01/23/15
 George Gibson, chief engineer of the Dodge Dart, dies at 92 01/23/15
 New Ram ads feature singer Miranda Lambert 01/23/15
 Missouri dealers file suit to block Tesla sales TESLAS RETAIL CHALLENGE 01/23/15
 Toyota channels Muhammad Ali for Camry Super Bowl spot 01/23/15
 Kia Motors Misses Profit Estimates by 46% Amid Plunge in Ruble 01/23/15
 MTV study finds Gen Y wants cars -- and a better buying process 01/23/15
 Crossovers will deliver another record year for Audi, Keogh says 01/23/15
 Time honors Andy Crews as 2015 dealer of the year 01/23/15
 Partying at Nissan 01/23/15
 Munoz: Titan can do better than 5% goal 01/23/15
 Parting advice 01/23/15
 Congrats, dealers! 01/23/15
 Reports aim to aid VW certified used sales 01/23/15
 Help wanted to set standards on environment, safety 01/23/15
 Cooperative spirit 01/23/15
 On the record 01/23/15
 GM Financial is up to the full-service task 01/23/15
 Kia's fourth-quarter profit drops 54% on ruble plunge 01/23/15
 Happy and prosperous in the U.S.A. 01/23/15
 Low gas prices - the good ... and bad for dealers 01/23/15
 Hugs and applause for another Bush 01/23/15
 Happy for NADA support 01/23/15
 FCA projects 10% growth in U.S. retail sales for '15, extending streak 01/23/15
 Acura to take NSX orders in summer 01/23/15
 Long-term trends to siphon off sales, NADA economist says 01/23/15
 EU regulators to rule on ZF's bid for TRW by Feb. 26 01/23/15
 Honda axes Accord in Europe 01/23/15
 AutoNews Now: Cadillac's boutique stores 01/22/15
 Fox needs stitches after nasty spill 01/22/15
 Fox, incoming chair, stumbles and takes on look of a prizefighter 01/22/15
 Ford cites 6 dealers for efforts in community service 01/22/15
 GM seeks fast customer feedback 01/22/15
 Kia needs India plant to offset slowing sales in Russia and China, report says 01/22/15
 Hyundai profit falls 19% on weak yen, ruble plunge 01/22/15
 Like a big-box retailer 01/22/15
 U.S. medium & heavy truck sales, Dec. & YTD 01/22/15
 PSA winds down hybrid air fuel-saving project, still seeks partner to share costs 01/22/15
 Just like the presidential election cycle 01/22/15
 NHTSA to add automatic braking to star ratings 01/22/15
 Luddites? Really? 01/22/15
 DOE announces $55 million in funding for green car research 01/22/15
 About 100 EV stations planned for high-traffic east- and west-coast locations 01/22/15
 Chevy to expand Spark EV sales to Maryland 01/22/15
 JCI quarterly net income grows 12% on higher volume 01/22/15
 Takata executive indicted in U.S. for fixing prices of seat belts 01/22/15
 Chinese aerospace firm pursues acquisition of U.S. supplier Henniges, report says 01/22/15
 GM issues stop-sale on crossovers for problem with Goodyear tires 01/22/15
 Fiat Chrysler's 7% global sales growth outpaces biggest peers 01/22/15
 Cadillac boss to introduce 'boutique' store concept to 700 dealers 01/22/15
 Why Jeep executives might be praying for more snow days 01/22/15
 Bid on a Harley, help disabled children, wounded veterans 01/22/15
 Quick question 01/22/15
 CDK warns of security threat to its older DMS 01/22/15
 On the record 01/22/15
 Quick question 01/22/15
 FCA US touts volunteer program for its dealers 01/22/15
 Edmunds to offer CarCode free at NADA 01/22/15
 Newcomers enter dealer software fray 01/22/15
 Could your store be 1 of the best? 01/22/15
 Ghosn lifts European car market forecast on eurozone stimulus plan 01/22/15
 First Shift: Self-driving pay day 01/22/15
 Perfect platform 01/22/15
 Workin' on the ... 01/22/15
 Toyota may lose global sales lead to VW without new China strategy 01/22/15
 How to hit a home run 01/22/15
 Nissan uses zany videos to boost Super Bowl spot 01/22/15
 Tamara Darvish joins credit union after rift over family dealerships 01/22/15
 Mobile is king, but third-party sites chart unique paths to connect dealers, buyers 01/22/15
 Blue sky values up, but buy/sell activity likely to slow as industry growth does, panel argues 01/22/15
 'We feel very good about 2015' 01/22/15
 Independent repair shops edge out dealership mechanics in customer satisfaction survey 01/22/15
 Big sales goal for new Titan may be low, Nissan's Munoz says 01/22/15
 Industry's rising chorus: Timing is everything 01/22/15
 Estimated Europe registrations by make, Dec. & YTD 01/22/15
 Estimated Europe registrations by country, Dec. & YTD 01/22/15
 New Mini boss is former Audi executive 01/22/15
 North America car and truck assembly plants - 01/22/15 01/22/15
 Why the 72-month auto loan isn't causing jitters -- yet 01/22/15
 Is Saab defunct? Not at this dealership 01/22/15
 Service bays turn to text messaging 01/22/15
 Pay disparities are hurting morale, dealership retention, expert warns 01/22/15
 Hidden cameras save dealership thousands 01/22/15
 Faster is better in F&I, Power survey shows 01/22/15
 Do-it-all dealer learns to delegate as business grows 01/22/15
 A bad service review? No need to panic 01/22/15
 Maine store's free tires bring customers back 01/22/15
 Minority dealers still don't reflect minority purchases 01/22/15
 Luxury retailer is in for long haul 01/22/15
 What's an F&I pro worth? 01/22/15
 After decades of store confinement, the F&I office is inching digital 01/22/15
 N.J. dealer lets customers choose the charity 01/22/15
 Dealers to Toyota: 'We need more trucks' 01/22/15
 55 dealers nominated for Time magazine award 01/22/15
 BMW dealers want details on standards, more i8s 01/22/15
 A record year in showrooms, but profitability still concern 01/22/15
 Sales streak, 'cutting-edge ideas' change attitudes 01/22/15
 At a challenging time, 'dealers want to believe in Johan' 01/22/15
 With Acura's core models set, it's time to have fun 01/22/15
 A Ford Quick Lane sized for Texas 01/22/15
 Bouncing back in 'a different world' of car sales 01/22/15
 New leadership, fresh lineup and upbeat outlook for '15 01/22/15
 200,000 and 2016 are the magic numbers at Audi 01/22/15
 AutoNation digital effort grows RETAIL FORUM 01/22/15
 Big dealerships are here to stay, panel says RETAIL FORUM 01/22/15
 Now's the time to invest, Cox's Schwartz says RETAIL FORUM 01/22/15
 A bright outlook for 2015 -- with a few worries 01/22/15
 Toyota's Carter says dealerships must change to look like new customers 01/22/15
 Third-party auto shopping sites say don't count us out RETAIL FORUM 01/22/15
 New models are driving brands' success 01/22/15
 AutoNews Now: VW cuts complexity 01/21/15
 Ford to open r&d lab in Tesla's backyard 01/21/15
 First Shift: Volvo N.A. exec shuffle 01/21/15
 VW mulls separate listing of trucks business, report says 01/21/15
 North America car and truck production by model, Dec. & YTD 01/21/15
 Toyota keeps top spot despite strong VW challenge 01/21/15
 Move that crate! Clear the aisles! 01/21/15
 And here, too 01/21/15
 Larger than life 01/21/15
 VW targets 'significant' savings by reducing variety of parts 01/21/15
 Ready to make some money 01/21/15
 TrueCar says more than half of its web traffic now is mobile 01/21/15
 Ally Expands Training Offerings for Dealers 01/21/15
 Farewell to an auto PR legend 01/21/15
 Schaeffler shifts 34% Continental stake off balance sheet 01/21/15
 Michelin CEO aims to win share from Chinese rivals 01/21/15
 Nicolosi returns to Volvo Financial with broader duties 01/21/15
 Removing F&I roadblocks 01/21/15
 MakeMyDeal, a New Cox Automotive Company, is Redefining Online Automotive Retailing 01/21/15
 Big banks slow auto lending 01/21/15
 Loan terms will grow, making price increases more affordable, FCA's Bigland says 01/21/15
 Ally Previews New Flagship Vehicle Service Contract and Technology Platform 01/21/15
 Stick to measurable goals in 2015 01/21/15
 The lesson of the pizza delivery man 01/21/15
 Auto finance, sales look strong for 2015 01/21/15
 Strong job market defangs default threat 01/21/15
 Why VW is closer than ever to global No. 1 01/21/15
 Volvo appoints another U.S. chief amid sales decline 01/21/15
 Toyota supplier weighs raising airbag capacity as demand climbs 01/21/15
 GM’s Treasury bailout records shouldn’t be secret, U.S. judge told 01/21/15
 Paperwork error on GM loan will cost JPMorgan $1.5 billion, U.S. court rules 01/21/15
 Why auto show display design is tricky 01/21/15
 Farewell to an auto PR legend 01/21/15
 Why VW is closer than ever to global No. 1 01/21/15
 North America car and truck production by plant, Dec. & YTD 01/21/15
 Daimler seeks profitability at Smart with 2 minicar sizes 01/20/15
 Daimler offers 'currency rebate' on Mercedes, Smart cars in Switzerland 01/20/15
 First Shift: Hyundai on innovation streak 01/20/15
 Chevy City Express: Just enough to deliver the goods 01/20/15
 Audi plans to build range-topping Q8 SUV, CEO Stadler says 01/20/15
 AutoNews Now: Detroit's supercar showdown 01/20/15
 Daimler will invest more in Hungary to boost compact car output 01/20/15
 Ford revises EcoSport to counter slow sales 01/20/15
 Google's self-driving car underpinned by Detroit area suppliers 01/20/15
 Volkswagen mulls VW van, high-performance Golf for U.S. 01/20/15
 Toyota, Honda in talks to put 6,000 fuel cell cars on road in Tokyo by 2020 Olympics 01/20/15
 GM gets 108 more claims for faulty ignition switch compensation 01/20/15
 Kia challenges you to out-stare NBA star Blake Griffin 01/20/15
 Four former Chrysler dealers could reopen under U.S. appeals court ruling 01/20/15
 McLaren names new design chief 01/20/15
 Audi to sit out Super Bowl for first time in 7 years 01/20/15
 Toyota breaks ground on N.A. headquarters in Texas 01/20/15
 Takata airbag review panel members named by Skinner TAKATA AND THE AIRBAG RECALL 01/20/15
 Why tomorrow's sports cars will have mixed pedigree 01/20/15
 Acura touts heritage in NSX spot 01/20/15
 Obama seeks authority to negotiate major trade deals 01/20/15
 Tom Kowaleski, PR mastermind for Chrysler, dies at 63 01/20/15
 Volkswagen dealerships focused on profitability DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Renault plans big investment to catch rivals in China 01/19/15
 Hyundai posts biggest gain in global patent filings, report says 01/19/15
 Japan's Daicel to lift inflator output after Takata recalls TAKATA AND THE AIRBAG RECALL 01/19/15
 While supercar world awaited Acura NSX, nobody saw Ford GT coming 01/19/15
 BMW's Robertson sees cheap gas making electric cars a harder sell 01/19/15
 Audi dealers eager to add a Q8 to red-hot lineup DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Marchionne: Predicting problems can stem recalls 01/19/15
 Google car project finds friends in industry 01/19/15
 Ford vows not to rush Sync 3 01/19/15
 Barra: A female CEO shouldn't be a shocker 01/19/15
 Sunny, squalls -- brand meetings will be mixed 01/19/15
 Party time 01/19/15
 Nissan dealers seek rivals' truck-sales best practices DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Mazda nudges dealers to use iPads DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Infiniti: 'New products on the way' DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 FCA retailers look for more growth DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 M-B dealers wary of training costs DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Welcome growth for GM Financial 01/19/15
 Ford brand looks better with a long view 01/19/15
 SPIED: Russia's nuke-powered AC-12 with NO camo! 01/19/15
 Pushing 30: Ram pads lead in mpg wars 01/19/15
 FCA's Bigland not giving up on stair-steps 01/19/15
 Volvo's first China-built car arrives in June 01/19/15
 Q60 coupe is 'huge opportunity' for Infiniti 01/19/15
 It's official: Scion kills FR-S convertible idea 01/19/15
 Purchasing chief: Thriving suppliers are good for GM 01/19/15
 Good times won't last forever, analyst says 01/19/15
 Musk: 'Keep driving our volume' to hit targets 01/19/15
 Luxury brands seek an edge with tech 01/19/15
 Ford tests 'beacons' to beam info to shoppers 01/19/15
 Hot Dec. sales trim Jan. stocks 01/19/15
 Body shop shakeup 01/19/15
 An unwise move for Mercedes 01/19/15
 'Age doesn't always mean that much' 01/19/15
 Autonomous car rivalry is good for the industry 01/19/15
 Week 1 down; now for Week 2 01/19/15
 Is Cadillac going the wrong way? 01/19/15
 December rally helps balance fleet and retail sales growth 01/19/15
 Despite Internet, used-car operations profitable 01/19/15
 More Macans should push Porsche sales to 50,000 DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 NADA's got your back, outgoing chief McConnell says 01/19/15
 Kia dealers expect big things from Sedona DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 What's in store? Bricks, clicks working together 01/19/15
 Dealers spend $300 mllion in upgrades for fixed-ops DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Toyota dealers want more pickups DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Mitsubishi dealers await Mirage sedan, Outlander plug-in DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Lexus dealers ready for more youthful lineup DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Chevy likely to renew bonus pool for dealers DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 BMW preps retailers on new dealership standard DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Honda dealers look down road to crossovers in '15 DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Buick-GMC dangles dealer incentives DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 JLR dealers must get out in front of leases DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Volvo dealers pin hopes on XC90 DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Sales upswing in 2014 cheers Lincoln dealers DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Dealers to Hyundai: What's the message? DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Scion's plan: Less quirky, more pragmatic 01/19/15
 Caddy's focus: Plug lineup holes 01/19/15
 Alfa Romeo aims to 'play with the big boys' 01/19/15
 Nissan to go big on Altima midcycle change 01/19/15
 First Shift: Lessons from 1st-gen Volt 01/19/15
 Deposit debate sparks Attorney General to investigate local auto dealership 01/19/15
 Massachusetts car dealership apologizes after employees force pizza deliveryman to return tip 01/19/15
 Former car dealership owner gets probation in fraud case 01/19/15
 Renault's 2014 sales rise 3% as budget cars offset Russia drop 01/19/15
 Why Marchionne's Wrangler conundrum will require creativity 01/19/15
 Acura exec drops the chalupa, runs for the border 01/19/15
 Subaru puts China production effort on hold as car demand wanes 01/19/15
 Autos, audio amplify each other 01/19/15
 Mazda looks to lift loyalty 01/19/15
 Ford, Lincoln say no Super Bowl ads as more brands stay on sidelines 01/19/15
 Mini expects to bounce back with new products, TV spots 01/19/15
 Dealership of the future adds tech, comfort and cuts time 01/19/15
 McLaren will unveil P1 GTR hybrid supercar 01/19/15
 Hyundai's segment-bending Santa Cruz 01/19/15
 Sizing up the beauty queens, class clowns of Detroit 01/19/15
 Stretching boundaries 01/19/15
 Character lines at the Detroit auto show 01/19/15
 With GOP in charge, this could be the year for trade 01/19/15
 AutoNation loses a key architect 01/19/15
 VW's Seat brand recruits Ford designer Lamm 01/19/15
 2015 Rising Star nominations sought PEOPLE 01/19/15
 Mini expects profit boost from leaner lineup 01/19/15
 Assault on Fortress Detroit 01/19/15
 Ford will launch new Galaxy minivan as brand pushes upscale in Europe 01/19/15
 Mercedes 'will lose talent' in move 01/19/15
 'White space' is Buick's playground 01/19/15
 Tesla's Musk focused on turning EV skeptics into believers 01/19/15
 AutoNews Now: The Cadillac dealer blues 01/19/15
 Dealerships say thanks with local gift cards 01/19/15
 Pressures on franchise system put retailers in a bunker mentality 01/19/15
 After '11 quake, Renesas is ready for next disaster 01/19/15
 Dealers like smoother Ford product launches DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 Acura dealers want bigger piece of the luxury action DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/19/15
 How to get online shoppers to stay put? 01/19/15
 Fox takes the helm at NADA; CFPB, Tesla top agenda 01/19/15
 Bentley joins VW's party of quirky names 01/19/15
 Jaguar to fill key gaps in lineup 01/18/15
 Hug fest? Not at Cadillac DEALER COUNCIL LEADERS 01/18/15
 Daimler will extend contract of China division boss, paper says 01/18/15
 Acura mulls new model, 'another arrow in the quiver' 01/18/15
 Acura launches new ILX ad during AFC game 01/17/15
 What keeps leadership dealers awake at night? 01/17/15
 Want a BMW i8? Get in a long, long line 01/17/15
 Ford Super Duty pickups face U.S. probe after stalls, stranded drivers 01/17/15
 Chrysler exec sees dealerships, operations evolving 01/17/15
 Robust industry, S.F. location means booming convention 01/17/15
 The woman behind the bold NSX 01/17/15
 Designer dissects 3 auto show cars 01/16/15
 Crossover craze takes hold in Europe 01/16/15
 Volvo may expand export markets for China-built cars beyond U.S. 01/16/15
 Ford will raise German production as demand rebounds 01/16/15
 Strike ends at VW Brazil factory as 800 workers get jobs back 01/16/15
 AutoNews Now: Subaru nears 2020 goal 01/16/15
 Hyundai Mobis to build $418 million parts factory in Mexico 01/16/15
 Jeep Cherokee catches fire 2 days after purchase; NHTSA opens probe 01/16/15
 GM accused of misleading investors over recalls THE GM RECALL 01/16/15
 Subaru expects 7th year of record U.S. sales 01/16/15
 CarMax starts media agency review, report says 01/16/15
 Toyota to drop Scion iQ as smallest car fails to win U.S. buyers 01/16/15
 Takata recalls prompt Japan to consider supplier regulations TAKATA AND THE AIRBAG RECALL 01/16/15
 Toyota Super Bowl ads honor dads; Mercedes taps Jerry Rice 01/16/15
 Customer Incentives 01/16/15
 North America production downtime overtime - 01/19/15 01/16/15
 Certified used-vehicle sales, Dec. & YTD 01/16/15
 First Shift: Exec shuffle at AutoNation 01/16/15
 Honeywell turbo boss expects to gain from hot sector's growth 01/16/15
 Musk's $481 million paper loss in Detroit 01/16/15
 Mercedes-Maybach S600 priced at $190,275 01/16/15
 Europe 2014 sales rise on low-cost brands shift 01/16/15
 Marchionne on consolidation, mandates 01/16/15
 Barra on stardom, management style 01/16/15
 Musk talks early troubles, Tesla's future 01/16/15
 Jeep uses Paris boat show to gain traction 01/16/15
 Opel prices new Karl to win former Chevrolet customers 01/15/15
 VW Passat tackles trailer troubles 01/15/15
 How will the newest metal in Detroit hold up in the used market? 01/15/15
 Auto show vet longs for toy cars and comes up with thumb drives 01/15/15
 Supplier Linamar to add 1,200 jobs, invest $425 million 01/15/15
 Toyota raises ante on hydrogen; Japan to ease fuel cell regulation 01/15/15
 Via Motors targets annual sales of 50,000 plug-in hybrid trucks 01/15/15
 When the Motor City becomes Startup City 01/15/15
 GM does not have to turn over notes to ignition-flaw plaintiffs, judge rules THE GM RECALL 01/15/15
 Autoliv has contracts for 25 million replacement Takata airbag inflators TAKATA AND THE AIRBAG RECALL 01/15/15
 For 4th straight year, mpg is top reason a shopper buys a vehicle 01/15/15
 BMW to pitch i3 electric in Super Bowl 01/15/15
 AutoNews Now: Barra reflects on first year 01/15/15
 Two Italian suppliers pick Indiana for new U.S. operations 01/15/15
 Renault faces dealer criticism over China strategy 01/15/15
 Musk dangles track, car plant in wooing Texas lawmakers TESLAS RETAIL CHALLENGE 01/15/15
 First Shift: In defense of 'stair steps' 01/15/15
 Ryan Hunter-Reay races to Indy 500 winner’s circle VIDEO 01/15/15
 Russia car sales forecast to drop 24% as economic crisis worsens 01/15/15
 AutoNation's Maroone to retire; Jackson role expanded 01/15/15
 5 Payment Technologies, Including Apple Pay, Affecting Your Dealership 01/15/15
 U.S. car and light-truck inventories, on Jan. 1 01/15/15
 Canada light-vehicle sales by make, Dec. & YTD 01/14/15
 When the new Tacoma just won't do 01/14/15
 AutoNews Now: Sergio's beef with Uncle Sam 01/14/15
 Ford will limit aluminum mostly to trucks, Hinrichs says 01/14/15
 PSA's China sales boom may mark industry shift in favor of mass-market carmakers 01/14/15
 Zetsche, Tesla's Musk have similar timetables for self-driving cars 01/14/15
 Lending practices face new scrutiny: States 01/14/15
 Customers' spills provide great selling points 01/14/15
 European sales of compact cars forecast to dip after strong 2014 01/14/15
 Exeter Finance Completes Roll Out Of Its Industry-Leading Originations Platform 01/14/15
 Sales and leasing forecast to grow more slowly in 2015 01/14/15
 Dealers applaud GM Financial's ongoing buildup to full captive 01/14/15
 Larry H. Miller Group takes its F&I products nationwide 01/14/15
 Save up -- the future is a hungry beast 01/14/15
 Downtown development mogul Gilbert sees missed opportunities with Detroit auto show 01/14/15
 Canada light-vehicle sales by nameplate, Dec. & YTD 01/14/15
 Volkswagen starts sales of black-box recorder for vehicle data 01/14/15
 So what is a Bentayga? 01/14/15
 Daimler recalls 114,000 Mercedes in Germany over seal fault 01/14/15
 Nissan close to eliminating EV range anxiety with longer range, exec says 01/14/15
 Barra reflects on tumultuous first year as GM CEO 01/14/15
 Bosch outlines 10-year path to door-to-door driverless car 01/14/15
 Analyst forecasts 17 million U.S. sales in 2015, 20 million in 2018 01/14/15
 In-store experience lacks online efficiency, panelists say 01/14/15
 First Shift: Why Musk welcomes Chevy Bolt 01/14/15
 Ally Financial to Make FICO Scores Available to Auto Customers 01/14/15
 RoadVantage Announces Turnkey Solution to Help Dealers Ensure CFPB Compliance 01/14/15
 Ally Bank Introduces New "Facts of Life" Ad Campaign 01/14/15
 How many cells does it pack? 01/14/15
 Google in talks with OEMs, suppliers to build self-driving cars 01/14/15
 Seinfeld upends Acura's Super Bowl ad for NSX 01/14/15
 PSA sales rise 4% on China surge, Europe rebound 01/14/15
 Suppliers learn to innovate quickly 01/14/15
 JLR follows peers into 4-cyl. engines 01/14/15
 Mercedes-Benz seeks new communication ties to customers 01/14/15
 Magna forecasts surprise fall in 2015 revenue 01/14/15
 TI Automotive, Bain near deal a year after failed effort, report says 01/14/15
 GM delivers record 9.9 million vehicles globally in 2014 01/14/15
 Honda invests $340 million in Ohio for fuel-efficient cars 01/14/15
 Toyota to build more SUVs as U.S. demand provides edge over VW 01/14/15
 Zetsche, Tesla's Musk have similar timetables for self-driving cars 01/14/15
 FCA's Bigland says loan terms will grow, making price increases more affordable 01/14/15
 EFG Companies Receives Top Client Satisfaction Recognition in National Research Study 01/14/15
 Bentley Bentayga may receive a smaller SUV sibling 01/14/15
 The general and 2 lieutenants gather at FCA 01/13/15
 Infiniti's moment 01/13/15
 Ram gets some swagger 01/13/15
 A new coupe for Infiniti 01/13/15
 Lincoln's new chief hits the stage 01/13/15
 Marchionne in the House of Land Rover 01/13/15
 Look mom! 01/13/15
 Close inspection 01/13/15
 Auto show swag: 2015 Edition 01/13/15
 Can we swing by Subaru? 01/13/15
 The Gov and the CEO 01/13/15
 Morning leaflets with a message 01/13/15
 Nifty Acura NSX press kit hits eBay 01/13/15
 Honda's latest take on personal mobility 01/13/15
 Why Jaguar's founder would love the F-Pace 01/13/15
 Top dealers dish on their show favorites 01/13/15
 The cars at the auto show are not for sale, but other stuff is 01/13/15
 GM takes long view with Chevrolet Bolt EV 01/13/15
 Can a 'driver's car' brand mission and driverless tech coexist? 01/13/15
 Munoz says it's Infiniti's turn for incentive diet 01/13/15
 Toyota welcomes Buffett to car business with Hollywood burgers 01/13/15
 How NSX morphed into U.S.-built twin-turbo monster 01/13/15
 Ram Rebel takes dramatic styling turn with beefier off-road appearance 01/13/15
 VIA Motors delivering hybrid fleet trucks, Lutz says 01/13/15
 Nissan still counts on Leaf for global marketing 01/13/15
 Verizon offers to hook up drivers of disconnected, older cars 01/13/15
 Ford, Acura revive supercar wars topping $150,000 and 500 hp 01/13/15
 Lincoln MKX grabs page from MKC 01/13/15
 Dana CEO Wood to retire in 2016 01/13/15
 AutoNews Now: New look for Lincoln MKX 01/13/15
 Nissan's shifter shifts 01/13/15
 First Shift: Tacoma rearms for battle 01/13/15
 Aston Martin hires former Porsche exec as China boss 01/13/15
 Marchionne sees Fiat Chrysler breaking even in Europe this year 01/13/15
 This is not your standard Shelby Cobra 01/13/15
 BMW looks at time as ultimate luxury 01/13/15
 Ford keeps IHS customer-loyalty title; Maserati takes conquest honors 01/13/15
 TrueCar says app will help automakers know, target customers 01/13/15
 Porsche considering plug-in 911, Maier says 01/13/15
 Ford says internal quality ratings rise following tech fixes 01/13/15
 GM to sit out Super Bowl ad lineup 01/13/15
 Zetsche rejoices in U.S. rebound 01/13/15
 Kia's mutant revolution conquers YouTube 01/13/15
 Mercedes increases emphasis on China in bid to pass BMW, Audi 01/13/15
 Cadillac torques up 01/13/15
 Fiat Chrysler wants to collaborate with other automakers on new vehicles 01/13/15
 Lada prices will rise 9% on ruble weakness 01/13/15
 Why Jaguar's founder would love the F-Pace 01/13/15
 Lexus' upscale NX small crossover 01/13/15
 GM to crank up production of Escalades amid tight supplies 01/13/15
 Ram 1500's highway mpg rises to 29 01/13/15
 Audi sales chief unveils virtual reality system for shoppers 01/13/15
 Drones fly at Ford and stir up drama 01/13/15
 Tale of the tape 01/13/15
 Musk urges automakers to move faster on EVs 01/13/15
 Marchionne sees industry consolidation as a given 01/13/15
 The 5 most important models at the 2015 Detroit auto show 01/13/15
 So what is a Bentayga? 01/13/15
 VW to expand Slovakia plant, report says 01/13/15
 Another fine interior 01/12/15
 Ford GT to get featured in Forza Motorsport 6 game 01/12/15
 Love the displays, but where's the color? 01/12/15
 Next Alfa, due in June, will be a sedan, might be a Giulia 01/12/15
 Volvo sees two new sedans helping it rebuild U.S. sales 01/12/15
 Cadillac will develop entry-level sedan, de Nysschen says 01/12/15
 First Shift: Buick's future flagship? 01/12/15
 AutoNews Now: Return of a heart-pounder 01/12/15
 International CES fast becoming high-tech world's auto show 01/12/15
 Sloppiness with sensitive info can be costly 01/12/15
 Ford GT lights up social media 01/12/15
 It's back - Scion's swag dispenser 01/12/15
 Continental plans 5% revenue gain in 2015 on car-market growth 01/12/15
 2015 Rising Star nominations sought PEOPLE 01/12/15
 New Volt adds range, room 01/12/15
 GAC: Back on the Detroit stage 01/12/15
 Sonata -- now with a battery-powered option 01/12/15
 Ford's GT: 'Nobody knew this was coming' 01/12/15
 GM to splurge $12 billion to fund new Cadillac models by 2020 01/12/15
 Coming soon from China 01/12/15
 Local Motors brings its 3-D car factory to Detroit 01/12/15
 NHTSA's new chief on tour 01/12/15
 Get online access free this week 01/12/15
 Who won and lost in 2014? 01/12/15
 Could your dealership be the best? 01/12/15
 M-B joins the club, will move U.S. HQ 01/12/15
 Exchange rate windfalls a mixed bag for Japan's Big 3 01/12/15
 JCI battery powers vehicle stop-start systems 01/12/15
 Honeywell sees hot turbo growth ahead 01/12/15
 Spending on cars trounces spending on houses in U.S. 01/12/15
 A good year, but not for everyone 01/12/15
 Japanese brands gain U.S. share 01/12/15
 For Leno, it's on to the next Challenger 01/12/15
 Pickup with a mere 790,000 miles on it 'still runs fine' 01/12/15
 A 'world car' that works for buyers and automakers 01/12/15
 Everyone is in Detroit this week 01/12/15
 Volvo joins niche with S60 Cross Country 01/12/15
 Lexus to unleash GS F sedan 01/12/15
 Jaguar 5-door crossover coming in spring 2016 01/12/15
 Infiniti previews a new Q60 01/12/15
 Why falling fuel prices are bad, bad news 01/12/15
 Picking up the pace 01/12/15
 BMW moves top tech from i3, i8 into mainstream vehicles 01/12/15
 Michelin aims to fight off Chinese rivals on 2 fronts 01/12/15
 Strong margins signal more strong growth 01/12/15
 Cleveland Honda dealers blaze trail with regional ad tactics 01/12/15
 Dealers 01/12/15
 The world's favorite vehicle 01/12/15
 Help us honor the industry's top women 01/12/15
 Suppliers resist ceding controls in the cockpit to Apple and Google 01/12/15
 Dealertrack will pull DMS in Canada 01/12/15
 Luxury champ BMW spent big on spiffs 01/12/15
 Dealership adjusts as traffic changes course 01/12/15
 Big gains, big vehicles and a big finish 01/12/15
 Pohanka body shops sold to repair chain 01/12/15
 'Hive mind' could help cars expect the unexpected CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW 01/12/15
 LaNeve may light a fire under Ford 01/12/15
 CES in 2015: A space odyssey 01/12/15
 A million Jeep sales means hard choices 01/12/15
 Car guys tell Google to move over 01/12/15
 Detroit's other exporter 01/12/15
 Big win for revamped F-150 01/12/15
 Guide to Industry Executives - January 2015 01/12/15
 For Buick, support from a key partner 01/12/15
 Plugging a hole 01/12/15
 Alfa hatches 4C Spider 01/12/15
 Ford's blue wall 01/12/15
 Hyundai brass inspects a rival 01/12/15
 Keeping time with Lincoln 01/12/15
 Really big show guys 01/12/15
 Let's go racing, Mustang style 01/12/15
 Vantage point 01/12/15
 Zetsche grabs the wheel 01/12/15
 Big VW eyes on Volt 01/12/15
 Hyundai rethinks the El Camino 01/12/15
 ZF CEO tells TRW staffers that jobs are safe 01/12/15
 Why the Buick Avenir is a pleasant surprise 01/12/15
 Why Nissan's overhauled Titan falls short of the mountaintop 01/12/15
 Volvo CEO Samuelsson details U.S. agenda, 'e-ordering' 01/12/15
 Marchionne says industry may have over-reacted on recalls 01/12/15
 Hyundai eyes 'adventurers' with Santa Cruz concept 01/12/15
 Ford resurrects GT midengine supercar 01/12/15
 Acura seeks track cred with new NSX 01/12/15
 Detroit truck man Diaz sees opportunity in Titan now -- and then 01/12/15
 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider coming to North America -- but just 400 a year 01/12/15
 Hyundai gets into EV game with Sonata plug-in 01/12/15
 Chevy Bolt EV production expected in 2017 01/12/15
 Chevy extends all-new Volt's EV range a third to 50 miles 01/12/15
 GM gets 141 more claims for faulty ignition switch compensation THE GM RECALL 01/12/15
 A fan of the Volt from D.C. 01/12/15
 Alfa Romeo set to launch first SUV in 2016 01/12/15
 A Volt reunion 01/12/15
 At Chevy, Bolt joins the Volt 01/12/15
 Ghosn and Titan: Act II 01/12/15
 We both win 01/12/15
 Dressed in red 01/12/15
 Seinfeld's in the house of Acura 01/12/15
 Behind the wheel 01/12/15
 Red-hot Porsche 01/12/15
 VW upends Ford 01/12/15
 It's all about the angle 01/12/15
 Meet the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, a 'me' truck VIDEO 01/12/15
 Driving the point home 01/12/15
 BMW cautious but still expects record 2015 01/12/15
 Fiat-Chrysler sees 1,500 new jobs at Italian plant 01/12/15
 Toyota Tacoma takes on more off-road swagger, luxury 01/12/15
 New Volt raises profile of engineer Fletcher 01/12/15
 What's that racket? 01/12/15
 U.S. Fleet Sales, Dec. & YTD 01/12/15
 VW crosses 10 million sales mark on surging China demand 01/12/15
 VW Golf and Ford F-150 win North American Car and Truck of the Year awards 01/12/15
 VW plans to add 100 U.S. dealerships by 2018 01/12/15
 Titan designer finally got her chance to improve pickup 01/12/15
 Nissan, seeking wider audience, retools Titan top to bottom 01/12/15
 Bentley to call new SUV the Bentayga, attracts 4,000 preorders 01/12/15
 Infiniti's new chief 01/11/15
 California dreamin' 01/11/15
 Buick's Avenir concept 01/11/15
 China is back in the house 01/11/15
 Future and past 01/11/15
 Colorado's big moment 01/11/15
 Smiles from Team GM 01/11/15
 The latest from Mercedes 01/11/15
 Broadcast media hive 01/11/15
 Throne for a sports car 01/11/15
 Analysts take the stage 01/11/15
 In the queu 01/11/15
 Jaguar Land Rover targets record 500,000 global sales in 2015 01/11/15
 Vandalized Toyotas stall car-sharing program in France 01/11/15
 Jaguar sees Porsche Macan as rival for its first crossover, the F-Pace 01/11/15
 Honors for the 'people behind the cars' 01/11/15
 Meet Infiniti's new 'halo' car: the Q60 Concept coupe 01/11/15
 Buick goes topless with Cascada 01/11/15
 Buick hints at flagship sedan with Avenir concept 01/11/15
 2 diesel Range Rovers coming to U.S. this fall 01/11/15
 Jaguar's first crossover, the F-Pace, to hit U.S. in 2016 01/11/15
 KBB forecasts 16.9 million in U.S. sales, powered by retail demand 01/11/15
 Why the growth in U.S. luxury sales gets tricky 01/11/15
 Mercedes GLE coupe takes on BMW X6 for SUV buyers seeking curves 01/11/15
 Mercedes-Benz to sell C350 plug-in hybrid in U.S. in fall 01/11/15
 Ultra-luxury brands, 3-D car, get star treatment in Detroit 01/11/15
 More off-lease pickups, SUVs and crossovers in 5 years, KBB says 01/11/15
 VW readies crossover blitz to help revive U.S. fortunes 01/11/15
 Volvo mulls U.S. plant; Chinese-made 'strategic flagship' may be exported to U.S., report says 01/11/15
 Buick stand goes from crickets to glitz under Aldred's direction 01/10/15
 GM plans all-electric Chevy Bolt with 200-mile range 01/10/15
 Buick displaces broccoli 01/10/15
 Buick's new digs 01/10/15
 Under the veil 01/10/15
 Ultra-luxury, big smiles 01/10/15
 Fine art on wheels 01/10/15
 Celebrity cook 01/10/15
 Big suppliers try to move like a startup 01/10/15
 Dodge aims to energize advertising 01/10/15
 Chat with Nissan's CEO on Monday 01/10/15
 Butterflies fly at Lincoln 01/10/15
 Finetuning Volvo 01/10/15
 Ford revs up 01/10/15
 Renault seeks fleet sales for new Espace 01/10/15
 Could record Honda fine stoke Japan backlash? TAKATA AND THE AIRBAG RECALL 01/10/15
 For once, Detroit's dealers welcome Tesla 01/10/15
 Honda supercar father Ito misses rebirth as recalls sully NSX debut 01/10/15
 Tammy Darvish sues father, DARCARS in ownership dispute 01/10/15
 Audi aims for BMW's luxury crown with product blitz 01/10/15
 GM to use GM Financial for subsidized leases, drop Ally, U.S. Bank 01/09/15
 Customer Incentives 01/09/15
 Mercedes-Benz paints the future with blue 01/09/15
 Bentley considers smaller SUV to win women, younger buyers 01/09/15
 FCA's planned 90-day Windsor shutdown could squeeze dealer supplies of minivans 01/09/15
 North America production downtime overtime - 01/12/15 01/09/15
 AutoNews Now: Google raising bar for tech 01/09/15
 Tesla seeks solutions in 'fragmented' Europe 01/09/15
 Under cover at GMC 01/09/15
 BMW keeps luxury sales crown, beats rivals in December 01/09/15
 VW brand sales down 2% in December on 'challenging' conditions 01/09/15
 Honda action signals NHTSA emphasis on beefed-up oversight 01/09/15
 First Shift: Honda chief vows quality push 01/09/15
 ZF provides Maserati Quattroporte with leaner, smarter transmission ANECARCUTAWAY 01/09/15
 GM CEO Barra stands by target to return to profit in Europe in 2016 01/09/15
 Green shoots under the blue oval 01/09/15
 BMW says tensions with Chinese dealers an industry-wide issue 01/09/15
 Chinese automaker Guangzhou will tout autonomous hybrid, SUV 01/09/15
 Shanghai may ban sexy show models so focus stays on cars 01/09/15
 Viper to offer new one-of-one customization options in Feb. 01/09/15
 GMC Canyon gets new Nightfall special edition 01/09/15
 Honda's Ito vows to scrutinize operations, raise quality TAKATA AND THE AIRBAG RECALL 01/09/15
 Jeep drivers still dying in gas tank fires 18 months into recall 01/09/15
 16,531,070 U.S. sales -- and a near-perfect guess from Canada 01/09/15
 Chevy energizes show display with large videos, more glitz 01/09/15
 In overdrive 01/09/15
 Renault, PSA halt production as France falls silent for terror victims 01/08/15
 W. Europe car sales up 5% in 2014; 3% gain seen for 2015 01/08/15
 Making magic happen at Bentley 01/08/15
 Honda misses China sales goal as Japan carmakers lose traction 01/08/15
 J. Stuart Perkins, former VW of America executive, dead at 86 01/08/15
 JCI to unveil battery just for vehicle stop-start systems 01/08/15
 Takata stock rises after lender expresses support TAKATA AND THE AIRBAG RECALL 01/08/15
 Barra sees U.S. auto market flattening out, but room for growth 01/08/15
 Ford, GM post double-digit sales gains in China 01/08/15
 KAR Auction names Peter Kelly president of new digital group 01/08/15
 Jeep scales again 01/08/15
 Honda agrees to pay $70 million in U.S. fines for under-reporting death, injury claims TAKATA AND THE AIRBAG RECALL 01/08/15
 First Shift: First look at 2016 Tacoma 01/08/15
 Mexico's light-vehicle output, exports hit record in 2014 01/08/15
 Nissan, NASA form r&d pact to develop, deploy autonomous vehicles 01/08/15
 Driverless-car global market seen reaching $42 billion by 2025 01/08/15
 China launches pilot 'parallel imports' for foreign cars 01/08/15
 Turkey's auto sales fall 10% in 2014 01/08/15
 Porsche expects sales to reach 200,000 cars this year 01/08/15
 Audi on the move, with assist from Kia hamster 01/08/15
 Porsche's sales boss bullish on plug-in hybrids 01/08/15
 AutoNews Now: Honda to pay record fine 01/08/15
 The mayor visits Cobo 01/08/15
 Sprucing up Chevy 01/08/15
 Volvo will show S60 Cross Country in Detroit 01/08/15
 Something Big is coming from Hyundai 01/08/15
 Ford boosts stock dividend 20% even after profit declines 01/08/15
 Ready to shine 01/08/15
 Subaru recalls 200,000 U.S. vehicles second time for brake line fix 01/08/15
 Is BMW 9 series a step closer? 01/07/15
 Volt led the way for today's plug-in hybrids 01/07/15
 Cadillac drops price on CTS sedan by up to $3,000 01/07/15
 Hyundai Motor Group plans to invest $73 billion by 2018 01/07/15
 F&I manager welcomes dogs, closes deals 01/07/15
 VW's big shout-out for a certain car 01/07/15
 Obama touts auto bailout success; Michigan worries about trade 01/07/15
 UK new-car sales increase 9% in 2014 to 10-year high 01/07/15
 Selling fabric protection? Skip the coffee 01/07/15
 EFG Companies Joins NIADA as a National Corporate Partner 01/07/15
 More thin files? Technology can help 01/07/15
 Ally sells last of its overseas operations to GM Financial 01/07/15
 EFG executive Stephens looks into his 2015 crystal ball 01/07/15
 Check out the ANE e-magazine for January 01/07/15
 Bentley sees new SUV spurring annual sales to 20,000 01/07/15
 Mercedes targets new sales record on coupe-like SUV 01/07/15
 Opel's Europe sales rise 3% in 2014 01/07/15
 PSA will move out of Paris headquarters 01/07/15
 First Shift: Musk on handling adversity 01/07/15
 Europe sales growth forecast to continue, but at slower rate 01/07/15
 AutoNews Now: Scion ending product drought 01/07/15
 'Flat-rate model,' yes. Flat fees, maybe not. 01/07/15
 Tenneco names JCI executive Kesseler as new COO 01/07/15
 Ford names Mark LaNeve head of U.S. marketing, sales and service 01/07/15
 Toyota's Scion to add first sedan to struggling lineup 01/07/15
 Visteon names two new board members 01/07/15
 Is BMW 9 series a step closer? 01/07/15
 Chevrolet, VW brag while Kia, Dodge jam 01/06/15
 The downside of low fuel prices 01/06/15
 A million Jeeps in 2014 means Marchionne has some hard choices to make 01/06/15
 Cobo's new face takes shape 01/06/15
 Obama plans visit to Ford plant near Detroit 01/06/15
 Detroit Electric’s sports car takes shape 01/06/15
 Lexus to unleash GS F sedan in Detroit 01/06/15
 Average fuel economy in U.S. dips to 25.1 mpg in Dec. 01/06/15
 BMW revives wireless charging to cut electric-car hassles 01/06/15
 Ford CEO Fields predicts self-driving cars on roads in 5 years 01/06/15
 Mercedes-Benz's vision of luxury makes driving optional 01/06/15
 Lear completes acquisition of automotive leather supplier Eagle Ottawa 01/06/15
 AutoNation posts 12% sales gain in December 01/06/15
 BMW's iDrive will add touch screen, gesture recognition 01/06/15
 Former Toyoda Gosei executive agrees to U.S. prison time, fine for price-fixing role 01/06/15
 About 1,400 Jaguar Land Rover and other vehicles stuck on grounded ship, reports say 01/06/15
 Honda Fit roomier with a better ride 01/06/15
 Rolls-Royce will reach decision on adding SUV this year 01/06/15
 BMW quickly moves top 'i' tech to mainstream models 01/06/15
 Ferrari spinoff sets up Fiat Chrysler for another deal 01/06/15
 Record Czech car registrations in 2014 as economy recovers 01/06/15
 Mercedes USA will move to Atlanta seeking sales growth, lower costs 01/06/15
 First Shift: December winners, losers 01/06/15
 Infiniti previews Q60 Concept coupe coming to Detroit 01/06/15
 Rosekind says NHTSA must improve defect analysis system 01/06/15
 AutoNews Now: Lexus' comeback quest 01/06/15
 AutoNews Now: A double-digit December 01/06/15
 Mercedes chases BMW and Audi in China 01/05/15
 Ally completes $1 billion sale in Chinese joint venture to GM 01/05/15
 Ford poised to raise dividend by 20%, forecast says 01/05/15
 Toyota opens hydrogen patents to advance fuel cells 01/05/15
 Silicon Valley chipmaker Nvidia, Audi step up computing work 01/05/15
 GM expects 15% mpg gain from new cylinder deactivation system 01/05/15
 Software supplier Elektrobit to open Silicon Valley office in self-driving cars play 01/05/15
 Changes big and small ahead 01/05/15
 BMW to Pay $820 Million to China Car Dealers, Group Says 01/05/15
 How BMW cracked the streets of San Francisco 01/05/15
 Former car dealer employee sues over alleged retaliation 01/05/15
 Fog shrouds road ahead for U.S. car market 01/05/15
 Pricing: The extra icing on the cake in a great year 01/05/15
 13 sales records, but that's no record 01/05/15
 U.S. car sales, Dec. & YTD 01/05/15
 Automotive News SAAR - 2014 01/05/15
 U.S. total vehicle sales by make, Dec. & YTD 01/05/15
 U.S. light-truck sales, Dec. & YTD 01/05/15
 First Shift: Sneak peek at '16 Volt 01/05/15
 Complete Detroit show coverage online 01/05/15
 Going one-on-one with customers BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 A plan to crack the top 2 in full-size pickups BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Pump up the volume BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Luxury crossover will be crucial BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Daimler's Kaellenius, NHTSA's Rosekind to speak at World Congress 01/05/15
 Jaguar sales boss Goss sees growth from the fleet market 01/05/15
 The auto industry lost memorable figures in 2014 01/05/15
 A Mirage-based turnaround BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 More affordable Discovery and Freelander lines BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Rosekind's agenda 01/05/15
 Fixing the recall process is a top priority this year 01/05/15
 A win-win for dealers, customers 01/05/15
 After shaky start, a Subaru milestone 01/05/15
 Back in the U.S.A. BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Bolder, less boring ... at least that's the plan BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 A strategy that works wonders BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Ah, fickle youth BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 A thin crossover lineup; restless dealers BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Focusing on the Canyon BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Aiming toregain sales momentum BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Carving out a new identity BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Filling all those new luxury niches BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Cultivating a split personality BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 A wave of new products BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Growth spurt BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Hang on for crossover BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Hurry up with the Huracans BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Has the brand maxed out? BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 In the new-product doldrums BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Here come the cars BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Hoping for a lucky 7 BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Safety's worth a bit of inconvenience 01/05/15
 Obituaries 01/05/15
 Lots of buzz, but at lower volumes BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Missing out on a mini-boom BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 New bosses are shaking it up BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Struggling brand takes new approach BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 On a roll BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 These are the good old days BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Waiting for the updated Passat BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Waiting for Model X BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Wants to be an urban legend BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Up on practically every measure BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Waiting for the XE, crossover BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Twin turbos on V-8s; hybrid systems on V-12s BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 What's Andy Palmer got up his sleeve? BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 Why is salesperson turnover an issue? 01/05/15
 First spots for '15 F-150 tout capability 01/05/15
 An ad campaign delivers big BATTLE OF THE BRANDS 01/05/15
 How FCA US eases shortage of techs 01/05/15
 Dealer adds quick bays, buzzers to speed service 01/05/15
 Service bays turn to text messaging 01/05/15
 Dealers 01/05/15
 Mini expects leaner lineup to boost profits 01/05/15
 De Nysschen: Infiniti deserves a driver's car 01/05/15
 Moray Callum draws lines between Ford, Lincoln 01/05/15
 Welburn inspires GM's evolving style 01/05/15
 Gilles steers brand images with design 01/05/15
 Industry 'can't give up on EVs' 01/05/15
 For Americans, SUV body style puts sedans in rearview 01/05/15
 BMW reclaims U.S. luxury title from Mercedes 01/05/15
 Ford fends off Chrysler to keep Canadian crown 01/05/15
 GM reaps booming truck, crossover sales for best December since 2007 01/05/15
 Audi surges to another record year; VW stalls 01/05/15
 2014 finishes strong with 'plenty of room for upside' 01/05/15
 Subaru breaks 500,000 sales mark in U.S. 01/05/15
 American Honda inches higher, thanks to Acura 01/05/15
 Nissan drives small nameplates to record sales 01/05/15
 FCA rides truck wave to advance 20% in December 01/05/15

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