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   Data TitleIssue Date 
 Automotive News Europe Guide To Industry Executives EUROPE 06/12/06
 Ghosn: Michelin was 'open to the world' PEOPLE 06/12/06
 Suppliers to the Volvo S80 CUTAWAY 06/12/06
 Mazda MX-5 hardtop draws cool response MAZDA 06/12/06
 Skoda links Roomster to Tour de France MARKETING 06/12/06
 Nissan: New models will help end sales slump NISSAN 06/12/06
 A little trunk space LEXUS 06/12/06
 Asian brands dominate global sales SALES 06/12/06
 Fiat developed next Stilo in 18 months FIAT 06/12/06
 Camry starts Toyota's catch-up bid in China TOYOTA 06/12/06
 Industry's new-site favorite: Czech Republic EUROPE 06/12/06
 Industry by numbers INDUSTRY BY NUMBERS 06/12/06
 PSA platform strategy goes to China PSA/PEUGEOT-CITROEN 06/12/06
 Bernhard: VW risks being 'marginalized' VW 06/12/06
 VW slows US diesels VW 06/12/06
 Japanese dominate Power's UK survey RETAIL 06/12/06
 Frustrated Opel union boss appeals to EU OPEL 06/12/06
 ZF sets aside millions to expand SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 GM to announce Russian plant construction GM 06/12/06
 D/C said no to sheiks, yes to the US DCX 06/12/06
 Second chance for by-wire brakes TECHNOLOGY 06/12/06
 Skoda to gain with VW's new plant in Russia VW 06/12/06
 What does Carlos cost? RENAULT 06/12/06
 Porsche makes sports car push in China PORSCHE 06/12/06
 Fiat to dealers: Use Ikea furniture DEALERS 06/12/06
 BMW/DaimlerChrysler/General Motors alliance is ready to launch hybrids TECHNOLOGY 06/12/06
 DaimlerChrysler scores with giant poster DCX 06/12/06
 A new world of relations SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 Renault targets international markets with 3-box Laguna RENAULT 06/12/06
 Epica shows Chevrolet's design direction GM 06/12/06
 Pininfarina has a new chairman PININFARINA 06/12/06
 Mazda holds CX-7 Web contest MARKETING 06/12/06
 AutoNation puts price data upfront FINANCE AND INSURANCE 06/12/06
 New Nissan boss calls it F&Aieee! BRIEFLY 06/12/06
 Dealers seek options to newspaper ads MARKETING 06/12/06
 GM upbeat, holders restless GM 06/12/06
 Students rev up dealer's marketing MARKETING 06/12/06
 Saab had a reason for using a 9 LETTER 06/12/06
 Georgetown's extreme makeover TOYOTA 06/12/06
 Jackson: Big 3 must cut networks RETAIL 06/12/06
 Alphanumerics are great for kids LETTER 06/12/06
 Chrysler's quandary: How to redo the Cruiser CHRYSLER 06/12/06
 Survey: Suppliers face gap in IT skills SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 Demand is strong for U.S. hybrid engineers TECHNOLOGY 06/12/06
 Michelin's legacy OPINION 06/12/06
 GM sells DirecTV stake MARKETING 06/12/06
 Toyota gives Fridays off to ease overtime burden TOYOTA 06/12/06
 Burt Automotive launches ads MARKETING 06/12/06
 Chevy wanted 'C,' so it was Camaro LETTER 06/12/06
 Countach is cool, and Diablo fits LETTER 06/12/06
 GM's Reilly tackles China's challenges GM 06/12/06
 Delphi is hiring to fill hourly jobs of retirees DELPHI 06/12/06
 Hybrid history TECHNOLOGY 06/12/06
 Nissan enters hybrid arena with truck NISSAN 06/12/06
 Sprinter price up $650 RETAIL 06/12/06
 'Nonvehicular uses'? No, oil's the problem LETTER 06/12/06
 Don't ignore the shop's potential KEITH CRAIN 06/12/06
 Magna Steyr will paint Jeeps DCX 06/12/06
 Brothers buy Mich.L-M store DEALERS 06/12/06
 Dealer ad spending drops as it shifts MARKETING 06/12/06
 Hayes' red ink rises in quarter SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 Needed: A big stick for Big Oil ED LAPHAM 06/12/06
 American Axle to open Poland plant SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 GM names general counsel GM 06/12/06
 JCI to close 2 Mich. sites, outsource SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 GM will revamp Duramax to meet new diesel rules GM 06/12/06
 Magneti Marelli sees growth as U.S. suppliers falter SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 Suzuki will add pickup, hybrid SUZUKI 06/12/06
 Give us a break: Skip the numbers LETTER 06/12/06
 Teamsters start strike vote at car hauler SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 Suppliers fret over health care inaction SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 Look to France, too, for design leadership LETTER 06/12/06
 AIADA's next chief seeks to restore credibility to group PEOPLE 06/12/06
 GM wants to keep Solstice, G6 ragtops scarce PONTIAC 06/12/06
 As gas prices rise, prices of used SUVs fall REMARKETING 06/12/06
 Key to Camry's redesign: Be laid back TOYOTA 06/12/06
 Dealers want secure connections RETAIL 06/12/06
 Galpin Auto Sports to help 'Pimp My Ride' MARKETING 06/12/06
 On Capitol Hill, small steps can make a difference OPINION 06/12/06
 Hyundai adds hatchback to Accent lineup for '07 HYUNDAI 06/12/06
 Moonshine for motorists FINAL ASSEMBLY 06/12/06
 The final tally FINAL ASSEMBLY 06/12/06
 New Rolls factory is for the birds ROLLS-ROYCE 06/12/06
 Suppliers: Big 3 relationships are getting better SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 Court: Dealership isn't obliged to buy back rental cars LEGAL 06/12/06
 Buy a car, bike to the Gore movie DEALERS 06/12/06
 Dealership group CEO is killed in crash DEALERS 06/12/06
 Labor dispute delays Elantra HYUNDAI 06/12/06
 Ford puts an Edge on its targeted marketing approach FORD 06/12/06
 Survey: Hyundai's the real deal RETAIL 06/12/06
 Mini will offer Visa credit card MINI 06/12/06
 Canada sales rebound in May SALES 06/12/06
 Enclave aims to take Buick upscale BUICK 06/12/06
 When the probe goes deeper, the scores go lower RETAIL 06/12/06
 These names belong with the good guys LETTER 06/12/06
 Dealers: Hispanic sales are built on respect MARKETING 06/12/06
 VW: No apologies for ads VW 06/12/06
 Iacocca always thinking, and willing to share ED LAPHAM 06/12/06
 Gettelfinger to UAW: We'll fight Delphi 'on every possible front' UAW 06/12/06
 At last, Japan's luxury market is poised to grow OPINION 06/12/06
 What price gasoline? Who cares? SALES 06/12/06
 Dealers DEALERS 06/12/06
 Industry trims days supply SALES 06/12/06
 Back to the diesel drawing board JEEP 06/12/06
 Obituary OBITUARY 06/12/06
 N.A. output rises in May PRODUCTION 06/12/06
 New-vehicle service plan sales dip FINANCE AND INSURANCE 06/12/06
 Eberspaecher picks new U.S. chief SUPPLIERS 06/12/06
 Pontiac runs ads on Google MARKETING 06/12/06
 From scion to Scion, she lives cars TOYOTA 06/12/06
 Ford won't cut Fusion marketing FORD 06/12/06
 What we need is another Mrs. Peel ED LAPHAM 06/09/06
 Enclave aims to take Buick upscale BUICK 06/09/06
 Pump prices up, but crude oil slips GAS 06/09/06
 GM will offer buyouts to more Delphi workers DELPHI 06/09/06
 Some readers ask: What have I been smoking? DALE JEWETT 06/08/06
 Business is great, but watch your back! ED LAPHAM 06/08/06
 Porsche, Hyundai score big gains in Power quality survey RETAIL 06/07/06
 Today Big Oil, tomorrow Big Ethanol ED LAPHAM 06/07/06
 Magna Steyr to paint Jeeps in Toledo DCX 06/06/06
 Wagoner: Pontiac and Buick will get fewer products, more focused image GM 06/06/06
 Writers write, and lawyers obfuscate with intent to clarify ED LAPHAM 06/06/06
 GM, Ford are about to get smoked again DALE JEWETT 06/06/06
 Fuel prices climb, but lower than last month FUEL 06/06/06
 Chief IUE-CWA negotiator with Delphi dies unexpectedly DELPHI 06/06/06
 AutoNation CEO: Raise gasoline tax RETAIL 06/06/06
 Lusk heads AIADA on June 19 PEOPLE 06/06/06
 New Skoda Fabia armed with VW features GAIN 06/05/06
 Edscha creates Far East subsidiary GAIN 06/05/06
 ZDK president: Tax increase is 'poison' to German auto industry GAIN 06/05/06
 Skoda chief Wittig gives Yeti green light GAIN 06/05/06
 Bentley considers new coupe, more powerful engines GAIN 06/05/06
 Lotus seeks niche car contracts GAIN 06/05/06
 Mercedes tightens research and development GAIN 06/05/06
 Seat pursues new brand strategy, adds new models GAIN 06/05/06
 Dealer boss dismisses multibrand franchise concept GAIN 06/05/06
 Ford Galaxy arrives late for its premiere GAIN 06/05/06
 The customer isn't always right GAIN 06/05/06
 Lexus will get its own showrooms GAIN 06/05/06
 Custo-mized H3 HUMMER 06/05/06
 Nissan exec: GM's living in a fuel's paradise MARKETING 06/05/06
 Volvo recalls SUVs for ball joints, wiper arms RECALLS 06/05/06
 Kaizen: Nissan N.A. calls for backup NISSAN 06/05/06
 Nissan fears Altima, Sentra fires NISSAN 06/05/06
 A Harlem renaissance for autos DEALERS 06/05/06
 A declaration of oil dependence FINAL ASSEMBLY 06/05/06
 Nissan will build Suzuki a pickup for N.A. NISSAN 06/05/06
 BMW subtracts to add flexibility in S.C. NAM 06/05/06
 The mob's automotive hit list FINAL ASSEMBLY 06/05/06
 Suppliers to give D.C. piece of their mind SUPPLIERS 06/05/06
 QUESTION & ANSWER: Nissan takes global approach to buying parts NAM 06/05/06
 Hey, look me over, Caddy and Lincoln LETTER 06/05/06
 With demand up, VW will send U.S. fewer diesels VW 06/05/06
 Asia sales strong; GM still on top SALES 06/05/06
 QUESTION & ANSWER: Parcell's goal: Landing new business for plant NAM 06/05/06
 Toyota's Ky. plant leads transplants in output NAM 06/05/06
 Labor background gives Clarke edge GM 06/05/06
 Low-sulfur diesel arrives FUEL 06/05/06
 Mitsubishi seeks wide-track niche MITSUBISHI 06/05/06
 Access to dealer information is crucial, data miners tell Reynolds DEALERS 06/05/06
 Canada gains a curling fan NAM 06/05/06
 Report: U.S. automakers make productivity gains but lag Japan MANUFACTURING 06/05/06
 Flexibility helped supplier win M-B business NAM 06/05/06
 Chrysler group store in N.C. gets new owner DEALERS 06/05/06
 3 greatest: Riviera, T-Bird, Suburban LETTER 06/05/06
 The bleeding continues at Delphi DELPHI 06/05/06
 Imports bowl over Big 3 in 1st-quarter ad spending MARKETING 06/05/06
 Not all premium features will go mainstream TECHNOLOGY 06/05/06
 M-B design chief: Styling drives brand image MERCEDES 06/05/06
 Make room for hybrids NAM 06/05/06
 GM upgrades transmission plant GM 06/05/06
 Poor May sales could test Big 3 resolve on rebates SALES 06/05/06
 Dot-coms: The boom resumes SALES 06/05/06
 Dealer is held liable for loan guarantees LEGAL 06/05/06
 Legend was a legend; Acura TL isn't LETTER 06/05/06
 Mitsubishi: We won't leave U.S. MITSUBISHI 06/05/06
 20 years later, Cho still pushes U.S. self-reliance NAM 06/05/06
 'Deal ... or no deal?' VW style GM 06/05/06
 Leading parts-catalog business may be sold DEALERS 06/05/06
 Mercedes plant handles parts distribution, too NAM 06/05/06
 CarsDirect founder back, this time to aid retailers DEALERS 06/05/06
 AutoNation updates Web site DEALERS 06/05/06
 Auction company combines divisions REMARKETING 06/05/06
 Product was key to CAMI's transformation NAM 06/05/06
 LaSorda still applies lessons from CAMI NAM 06/05/06
 Volvo stages treasure hunt to promote movie VOLVO 06/05/06
 BMW will offer 4 years of free telematics service BMW 06/05/06
 Nason is new NHTSA head NHTSA 06/05/06
 Chrysler group's Jeff Bell to join Microsoft DCX 06/05/06
 Michelin's death won't stop car rally PEOPLE 06/05/06
 Audi names PR chief AUDI 06/05/06
 Group 1 names senior vice president DEALERS 06/05/06
 The final say GM 06/05/06
 Premium goes mainstream TECHNOLOGY 06/05/06
 Isn't it really the Big 2 now? KEITH CRAIN 06/05/06
 Calif. leads the way in fleet fuel cell tests FUEL 06/05/06
 For Detroit 3, bleak May could turn into black June and July SALES 06/05/06
 N.Y. investment fund takes wheel maker's stock for a spin SUPPLIERS 06/05/06
 2 GM sedans top rollover test GM 06/05/06
 Michigan local votes to strike car hauler SUPPLIERS 06/05/06
 Amid product changes, Ford to keep on truckin' FORD 06/05/06
 Would you buy a Cadillac Et cetera? LETTER 06/05/06
 Hardtop convertible Eos fills Cabrio niche for VW VW 06/05/06
 The final talley: Luxury loyalty SALES 06/05/06
 Clarke: A coach, not a table-pounder GM 06/05/06
 Wanted: A clear role OPINION 06/05/06
 Ford dealers are hungry; how about an Italian recipe? FORD 06/05/06
 Teaching Toyota's methods - without Japanese trainers NAM 06/05/06
 Imperial: Here's my advice for Chrysler LETTER 06/05/06
 Personnel PERSONNEL 06/05/06
 Capitalizing on Crossovers TECHNOLOGY 06/05/06
 Mpg angst holds promise for Japanese suspension supplier SUPPLIERS 06/05/06
 Nissan exec is Nashville-bound BRIEFLY 06/05/06
 Toyota recalls Priuses TOYOTA 06/05/06
 Visteon opens Slovak plant SUPPLIERS 06/05/06
 Noble will raise dividend SUPPLIERS 06/05/06
 Podcast tells Fusion owners about features FORD 06/05/06
 Ford will offer high-tech diesels in Super Duty trucks FORD 06/05/06
 GM subsidizes gas guzzlers; it's the wrong slant OPINION 06/05/06
 Dealers DEALERS 06/05/06
 Fields demands bold styling FORD 06/05/06
 Avon agrees to buyout SUPPLIERS 06/05/06
 Dealers seek bigger share of truck aftermarket DEALERS 06/05/06
 Nissan stops sales of some Altimas, Sentras NISSAN 06/02/06
 Delphi confident of win on union contracts DELPHI 06/02/06
 Toyota recalls Priuses TOYOTA 06/02/06
 Audi names PR chief AUDI 06/02/06
 2 GM sedans top rollover test GM 06/02/06
 A leader at ease ED LAPHAM 06/02/06
 AutoNation updates Web site DEALERS 06/02/06
 Pump prices remain steady, for now FUEL 06/02/06
 Nissan marketing chief blasts industry for new-media timidity NISSAN 06/01/06
 Harbour Report: Nissan most efficient N.A. manufacturer MANUFACTURING 06/01/06
 Toyota, Honda set records; trucks pull U.S. automakers' sales south SALES 06/01/06
 Tenneco expands emission control center SUPPLIERS 05/31/06
 Delphi reports $181 million loss in April DELPHI 05/31/06
 Happier dealers, but fewer of them ED LAPHAM 05/31/06
 Union chiefs seek answer to dwindling western Europe auto jobs EASTERN EUROPE 05/30/06
 Study: More used-car shoppers find vehicles online than in print RETAIL 05/30/06
 New Orleans, because it's the right thing to do ED LAPHAM 05/30/06
 Dura will close Ontario plant SUPPLIERS 05/30/06
 Industry by numbers INDUSTRY BY NUMBERS 05/29/06
 'Boss, did I mention ...' BMW 05/29/06
 Tomkins' Trico will export wipers from China SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Carmakers expand dealer network RUSSIA 05/29/06
 Five years ago 5 YEARS AGO 05/29/06
 Four new models could expand Opel lineup GM 05/29/06
 Hey carmakers, don't hide your designers BMW 05/29/06
 Italian dealers prefer Ford DEALERS 05/29/06
 Simon Lamarre, Volvo DESIGN 05/29/06
 Gilles Vidal, Citroen DESIGN 05/29/06
 Sweden loses engine work GM 05/29/06
 Studio's mission: Fix Opel interiors OPEL 05/29/06
 Suppliers to the Alfa Romeo Brera SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Robert Lesnik, Volkswagen DESIGN 05/29/06
 Czech village stuck in middle OPINION 05/29/06
 Spain dealers seek CECRA rival DEALERS 05/29/06
 Toyota sees hybrid profits TOYOTA 05/29/06
 Show time for Wales CONFIDENTIAL 05/29/06
 Porsche thinks Russia will love the Panamera PORSCHE 05/29/06
 Formica joins speakers at ANE Congress EUROPE 05/29/06
 Hybrids will define Lexus in Europe LEXUS 05/29/06
 Mahle profits from engine development SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Antara aims high, Captiva low GM 05/29/06
 Chinese also joining market RUSSIA 05/29/06
 GM picks site for Russia plant RUSSIA 05/29/06
 Anders Warming, BMW DESIGN 05/29/06
 Hyundai narrows gap on Nissan HYUNDAI 05/29/06
 Volker Mornhinweg, Mercedes-AMG chairman MERCEDES 05/29/06
 VW develops Dodge concept DCX 05/29/06
 Toyota's rival to Logan built in Russia? TOYOTA 05/29/06
 Lowie Vermeersch, Pininfarina DESIGN 05/29/06
 Foreign cars seize Russia's imagination RUSSIA 05/29/06
 The duel in Spain CONFIDENTIAL 05/29/06
 Automotive News Europe Car Cutaways CUTAWAY 05/29/06
 Euro suppliers go shopping SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Citroen plans C4 sedan for Europe CITROEN 05/29/06
 Martin Uhlarik, Nissan Europe DESIGN 05/29/06
 Fiat unit downsizes engines FIAT 05/29/06
 Raul Pires, Bentley DESIGN 05/29/06
 Magna seeks renewal of BMW deal SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Eberspächer succeeds in North America SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Andreas Deubzer, Johnson Controls DESIGN 05/29/06
 Filippo Perini, Lamborghini DESIGN 05/29/06
 M-B design chief balances tradition, innovation MERCEDES 05/29/06
 Karl Elmitt, BMW DESIGN 05/29/06
 Magna Steyr expands engineering in China CHINA 05/29/06
 Lose on Sunday, sell on Monday SALES 05/29/06
 Valeo's Morin: Only fittest will survive SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 VW loses money on Fox VW 05/29/06
 Fiat raises profit forecast FIAT 05/29/06
 Omer Halilhodzic, Mitsubishi DESIGN 05/29/06
 Nissan Europe focuses on profits, not sales NISSAN 05/29/06
 Custo's custom Hummer HUMMER 05/29/06
 One part at a time CONFIDENTIAL 05/29/06
 New cars boost VW, Fiat sales SALES 05/29/06
 Engine plant? What engine plant? TOYOTA 05/29/06
 Small cities lead the way in China sales boom CHINA 05/29/06
 Honeywell sheds a safety unit SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Cooper will close fluid systems plant SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Prestige again tops magazine's list of black-owned dealership groups RETAIL 05/29/06
 CarMax names CEO RETAIL 05/29/06
 Mexico sales fall in April RETAIL 05/29/06
 The more the merrier PSA/PEUGEOT-CITROEN 05/29/06
 Chrysler plant lures suppliers to Windsor SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Blue Water acquires plastics unit SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Now he's king of the road DCX 05/29/06
 Infiniti may be miffed, but GT-R is Nissan's OPINION 05/29/06
 Learning the nuts and bolts FORD 05/29/06
 Banker backs Bricklin's vision DEALERS 05/29/06
 Magazines link auto ads, digital media MARKETING 05/29/06
 VW working on small car for Dodge DODGE 05/29/06
 Nice price RETAIL 05/29/06
 Dealers DEALERS 05/29/06
 Group 1 plans dividend increase DEALERS 05/29/06
 BMW will limit M variants BMW 05/29/06
 GM intensifies meet-and-greet for fleet GM 05/29/06
 Saturn hits 4 million mark PRODUCTION 05/29/06
 U.S. suppliers open China plants, plan additional investments CHINA 05/29/06
 Toyota: New structure will aid suppliers TOYOTA 05/29/06
 GM's stock rises GM 05/29/06
 Euro suppliers go shopping in U.S. SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Toyota to sponsor football on NBC MARKETING 05/29/06
 3 compete for Opel/Vauxhall ads MARKETING 05/29/06
 Sale of Robb Report could shake up luxury-car ad world MARKETING 05/29/06
 From cornfield to kaizen TOYOTA 05/29/06
 Ex-dealer blasts Ford, Neb. giant LETTER 05/29/06
 Magazines play catch-up in auto ad wars MARKETING 05/29/06
 GM's 'Then and Now' ad is back 'Again' MARKETING 05/29/06
 Camry starts Toyota's catch-up bid in China CHINA 05/29/06
 Magazines go online to chase auto ads MARKETING 05/29/06
 It was the best of honors, and worst DEALERS 05/29/06
 Top dealer cited for fund-raising, and more DEALERS 05/29/06
 Noble will raise dividend SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Pontiac: Nothing but rwd cars? PONTIAC 05/29/06
 Gay group salutes Utley LETTER 05/29/06
 Reynolds unit to buy British firm DEALERS 05/29/06
 Duncan tale is a sad story LETTER 05/29/06
 Mitsubishi's bold statement: Need a hit ... or we might quit MITSUBISHI 05/29/06
 New research tells who's watching ads MARKETING 05/29/06
 Chung's jailing shackles Hyundai strategy HYUNDAI 05/29/06
 Call it the 'Protecting Papa' Act DEALERS 05/29/06
 Court: Store isn't liable for bankrupt Daewoo's service pledge LEGAL 05/29/06
 High-octane GM refund is a premium for regular folks GM 05/29/06
 New Country buys Mercedes of Palm Beach DEALERS 05/29/06
 AIADA: Back to re-drawing board DEALERS 05/29/06
 Magic's trick after hoops: All-star entrepreneur MARKETING 05/29/06
 Corvette roofs come unglued RECALLS 05/29/06
 Study: Brands with clear strategies fare best RETAIL 05/29/06
 Automaker's best asset -- the dealer KEITH CRAIN 05/29/06
 Rance Crain doesn't dig people under 60 LETTER 05/29/06
 Software flop cuts into Reynolds' earnings SUPPLIERS 05/29/06
 Automotive CEOs should be paid the Ghosn rate OPINION 05/29/06
 Sonic boom: Teamsters triumph DEALERS 05/29/06
 The lucrative life after GM GM 05/29/06
 AIADA regroups after PAC flap DEALERS 05/29/06
 Edmunds' Anwyl: Print, online ads are converging MARKETING 05/29/06
 GM picks N.A. info chief GM 05/29/06
 E85 in the news - but not in most stations, just yet FUEL 05/26/06
 Drivers ready for cheaper gas this Memorial Day weekend FUEL 05/26/06
 Honda to build $25 million parts center in Ohio HONDA 05/25/06
 Lawmakers' fuel intentions will be short-lived ED LAPHAM 05/25/06
 Audi hires Mercedes manager for marketing position AUDI 05/24/06
 AIADA eyes former lobbyist as president DEALERS 05/24/06
 Here's an idle thought while you're stuck in line DALE JEWETT 05/23/06
 Import or domestic? It can be hard to tell ED LAPHAM 05/23/06
 GM offers to pay part of gasoline bill for California, Florida consumers GM 05/23/06
 Hicks steps down as AIADA chairman DEALERS 05/23/06
 GM will move engine production from Sweden to Germany GAIN 05/22/06
 Siemens VDO takes off after Bosch GAIN 05/22/06
 Toyota expects it will need a new plant in Europe GAIN 05/22/06
 Porsche expects to generate 2,000 jobs with Panamera GAIN 05/22/06
 Siemens VDO mulls heads-up displays for all car sizes GAIN 05/22/06
 BMW angers its German dealers GAIN 05/22/06
 VW: The inside story GAIN 05/22/06
 ElringKlinger tinkers locally, acts globally GAIN 05/22/06
 Size doesn't guarantee dealer profits GAIN 05/22/06
 Mitsubishi placates its German dealers GAIN 05/22/06
 Ford defends new English slogan GAIN 05/22/06
 VW offers Fox incentives in Germany GAIN 05/22/06
 Four new models could expand Opel lineup GAIN 05/22/06
 Estimated Europe registrations by make, April & YTD 05/22/06
 Estimated Europe registrations by country, 4 mos. 05/22/06
 Who pays for brand temples? GAIN 05/22/06
 Metaldyne builds on business from Chrysler SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Fields: Get dealers in the loop FORD 05/22/06
 Mazda CX-7: Roomy, sporty and spiffy MAZDA 05/22/06
 McInerney: Why I left AIADA LETTER 05/22/06
 Texas fold 'em: Reynolds sells stake in dealership FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/22/06
 Raising CAFE is not the answer LETTER 05/22/06
 Lutz: Saturn will be GM's hot brand this year GM 05/22/06
 Ford shrinks stickers for 2007 models FORD 05/22/06
 S&P downgrades American Axle SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Daewoo gets G2X, its version of Saturn Sky GM 05/22/06
 Even in bankruptcy, cash can flow to CEOs SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Used-vehicle prices decline in April REMARKETING 05/22/06
 Subaru wants 250,000 U.S. sales by 2010 SUBARU 05/22/06
 Wheel maker Superior reports inferior earnings SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 GM expands Web marketing for certified used-vehicle plan REMARKETING 05/22/06
 Help Ford, GM? U.S. won't even try KEITH CRAIN 05/22/06
 COMMENT: Maybe GM cosmos needs a north star FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/22/06
 Behr plans Mexico plant SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Delphi product cuts will be felt in Europe DELPHI 05/22/06
 Then there's Plan C: Buy no ads and just yell "buy!" FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/22/06
 Behr CEO expects 6% growth by 2009 SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 GM, Ford have heavy V-8 mix SALES 05/22/06
 Fields focuses on Ford strategy with UAW FORD 05/22/06
 What's the rub? VW sales are up LETTER 05/22/06
 Dealers get a break on cash-reporting law DEALERS 05/22/06
 Don't expect solutions to come from auto summit OPINION 05/22/06
 Hyundai delays hybrids, blames currency trouble HYUNDAI 05/22/06
 Audi will build Q5 small SUV AUDI 05/22/06
 VW, Fiat brighten an awful April SALES 05/22/06
 Looking good PEOPLE 05/22/06
 Fields on Fields: 'A yin and a yang' FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/22/06
 GM might close 3 of 9 European plants GM 05/22/06
 VW Eos starts at $28,625 VW 05/22/06
 Four-bangers get a big boost SALES 05/22/06
 Fuel prices spur Honda to spend big on small cars HONDA 05/22/06
 UAW gets Delphi strike OK DELPHI 05/22/06
 Bill and Hillary FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/22/06
 Uncertainty surrounds Kia's U.S. plant plans KIA 05/22/06
 GM: Ethanol can become a mainstream fuel GM 05/22/06
 Keep engineers away from car design LETTER 05/22/06
 Wiper maker opens China plant; U.S. plant safe CHINA 05/22/06
 'This is not going to be instant pudding' FORD 05/22/06
 Intermet recasts business plan to break into 5 stand-alone units SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Bye-bye, Budd: Supplier to shut historic plant SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Personnel PEOPLE 05/22/06
 Toyota must step up OPINION 05/22/06
 What's in a name? Here are 16 of the best SALES 05/22/06
 Lutz: 'I would give myself a B+ or an A-' GM 05/22/06
 GM deletes dot-com era brand name GM 05/22/06
 3 GM models will get new six-speed GM 05/22/06
 Nader to White House: I can help PEOPLE 05/22/06
 GM ponders small global crossovers GM 05/22/06
 RV shipments rise in March SALES 05/22/06
 Survey: Consumers may pay for telematics MARKETING 05/22/06
 Don't blast VW ads; they're working LETTER 05/22/06
 Study: Personal touch boosts auction bids REMARKETING 05/22/06
 Mitsubishi has new TV spots MARKETING 05/22/06
 Heavy-truck sales rise in April SALES 05/22/06
 Porsche invests $153 million in factory for Panamera PORSCHE 05/22/06
 Magna CEO tops annual pay list SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Dealers DEALERS 05/22/06
 Obituaries OBITUARIES 05/22/06
 Magna Steyr poised for growth in China SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Timely sale of assets funds French supplier's expansion SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Ford hybrid chief: We're committed to this FORD 05/22/06
 Taking account at GM FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/22/06
 Ford hybrid manager's goal: Boosting fuel economy FORD 05/22/06
 R8 is key launch for Audi unit AUDI 05/22/06
 Visteon wins more Jaguar work SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Collins & Aikman is given more time to reorganize SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Reporter's mother knew best LETTER 05/22/06
 Federal-Mogul buys majority stake SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Ford 'war rooms' deflect potshots at pickups FORD 05/22/06
 Dealers get a break on cash-reporting law DEALERS 05/22/06
 Dana gets OK to pay suppliers SUPPLIERS 05/22/06
 Honda's pioneer bites the dust FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/22/06
 This summer, GM won't get 'desperate' for sales GM 05/22/06
 Report: Honda scouts site near Columbus, Ohio, for plant HONDA 05/19/06
 VW Eos sticker set at $28,620 VW 05/19/06
 Which are the red automakers, and which are the blue? ED LAPHAM 05/19/06
 Texas Ford dealer Jerry Reynolds to leave business RETAIL 05/18/06
 Going to 80 can be a smart move DALE JEWETT 05/18/06
 Ford has a few things going for it in the near term ED LAPHAM 05/18/06
 Target marketing for the rest of us ED LAPHAM 05/17/06
 Honda cans the Insight, plans new hybrid for '09 HONDA 05/17/06
 Honda adds plants to boost sales by one-third HONDA 05/17/06
 Honda to add hybrid-only car HONDA 05/17/06
 Honda to build new plants in U.S., Canada HONDA 05/16/06
 A new Camaro -- love but not lust DALE JEWETT 05/16/06
 Well past 2000, Ford is Back to Basics on its Way Forward FORD 05/16/06
 Renault commit to F1 after commercial deal RENAULT 05/15/06
 Spain's Seat expands into Ukraine SEAT 05/15/06
 Mitsubishi will export Colt convertible outside Europe MITSUBISHI 05/15/06
 Tower shuffles executives PERSONNEL 05/15/06
 Fiat asks Suzuki for more Sedicis FIAT 05/15/06
 Plastic Omnium fears Delphi strike SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Suppliers to the new Ford Galaxy SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Keep focus on business OPINION 05/15/06
 Delphi plans cuts in Europe SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Nissan will develop hybrid technology NISSAN 05/15/06
 GME's 'horror catalog' GM 05/15/06
 Opel pulls out of Japanese market OPEL 05/15/06
 My sister is much prettier CONFIDENTIAL 05/15/06
 Opel, Saturn core models will be identical OPEL 05/15/06
 VW emphasizes products over cash incentives VW 05/15/06
 Härter to succeed Goll as ZF CEO PERSONNEL 05/15/06
 Audi believes in the A6 allroad Quattro AUDI 05/15/06
 Ross's IAC is a top 25 supplier in Europe SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Hyundai to sign HYUNDAI 05/15/06
 'Baby' Rolls-Royce could debut in 2009 ROLLS-ROYCE 05/15/06
 GM Daewoo starts diesel production GM 05/15/06
 Up to three GM plants in danger GM 05/15/06
 Callum's new task: Bring Mazda magic to Ford FORD 05/15/06
 Stop-start seeks rebound TECHNOLOGY 05/15/06
 Scheiben to head Rüsselsheim plant PERSONNEL 05/15/06
 Let engineers make the cars KEITH CRAIN 05/15/06
 GM's global strategy was a costly flop OPINION 05/15/06
 BMW wants fewer dealers to sell its cult Mini car BMW 05/15/06
 The E class needs to be a success MERCEDES 05/15/06
 Toyota wants Lexus plant in Europe TOYOTA 05/15/06
 Chery could build Chrysler small car CHRYSLER 05/15/06
 Poland to make Astra sedan OPEL 05/15/06
 A shopping spree SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Haldex will make awd in Mexico SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Industry by Numbers INDUSTRY BY NUMBERS 05/15/06
 Cool cops, hot Subarus CONFIDENTIAL 05/15/06
 Schlicht helped start Lexus in Canada PEOPLE 05/15/06
 Five Years Ago 5 YEARS AGO 05/15/06
 Seeing double CONFIDENTIAL 05/15/06
 Kia wants more in Slovakia KIA 05/15/06
 How about dinner? CONFIDENTIAL 05/15/06
 Carens will debut at Madrid show KIA 05/15/06
 Visteon aims to shed EU units SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 PSA wants more SUVs from Japan PSA 05/15/06
 Skoda will boost CKD exports SKODA 05/15/06
 GM plans to export Astras to US GM 05/15/06
 Choosing Chennai BMW 05/15/06
 Ross jolts supplier industry PEOPLE 05/15/06
 Tata head joins Fiat board FIAT 05/15/06
 Ghosn: US will remain vital profit center NISSAN 05/15/06
 Brands with clear strategies do best, report says MARKETING 05/15/06
 Guide to engine and transmission plants in Europe TECHNOLOGY 05/15/06
 Renault and Nissan build a second joint engine RENAULT 05/15/06
 Did Pischetsrieder give too much? VW 05/15/06
 S-Max could be Ford savior FORD 05/15/06
 Nice plant. Whose land? CONFIDENTIAL 05/15/06
 BMW wants to be No. 1 in India BMW 05/15/06
 Audi wants to be even sportier AUDI 05/15/06
 Aluminum drives Kolbenschmidt's growth SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 VW looks to make Passat in Mexico VW 05/15/06
 Behr CEO promises return to boom years SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Continental sets up engineering unit SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 COMMENT: BMW tells its German dealers: Be like the Americans FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/15/06
 GM raises prices of aging Sierra, Silverado pickups GM 05/15/06
 DIGEST: DealerTrack acquires Global Fax INFO TECH 05/15/06
 Ex-AIADA exec joins Bricklin firm PEOPLE 05/15/06
 XK chief engineer mastered aluminum JAGUAR 05/15/06
 Bar is being set low for Big 3-Bush meeting RETAIL 05/15/06
 Sold-out Sky is the star of Saturn ad campaign SATURN 05/15/06
 Automotive News has more than cars LETTER 05/15/06
 Cars lead drop in days supply INVENTORY 05/15/06
 Readers defend appeal of VW ads LETTER 05/15/06
 Toyota goal: Cut electronic complexity, costs TOYOTA 05/15/06
 For older buyers, Volvo shifts flagship ads to TV, print MARKETING 05/15/06
 Automakers, TV gird for 'upfront' talks MARKETING 05/15/06
 Minority foam supplier Lorro goes out of business SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 N.A. passes 6 million mark PRODUCTION 05/15/06
 GM leads slide in Canada SALES 05/15/06
 D.C. dealers check on other land uses LETTER 05/15/06
 BMW taps landfill methane to help power S.C. plant BMW 05/15/06
 Dealers DEALERS 05/15/06
 Students wow car execs with their clever press kits MARKETING 05/15/06
 Bob, you're such a tease FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/15/06
 Minn. technicians end strike DEALERS 05/15/06
 Lutz: GM can sell 100,000 Camaros GM 05/15/06
 Dodge thinks stand-up will help Caliber stand out MARKETING 05/15/06
 QUESTION & ANSWER: New technology may provide better radio ad data MARKETING 05/15/06
 Toyota chief: There's room for improvement TOYOTA 05/15/06
 Toyota's culture proved itself in sex scandal OPINION 05/15/06
 Ford division sees big bucks in sponsorship of bull riding MARKETING 05/15/06
 How small-town Ford store dominates region, rankles rivals RETAIL 05/15/06
 Suppliers grapple with e-records SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Unions: A new tack OPINION 05/15/06
 Don't say 'campaign'; Ford's 'Bold' theme is long-term FORD 05/15/06
 Magna seeks renewal of BMW assembly deal SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 $3 a gallon, 500 hp . and $15,000 over sticker FORD 05/15/06
 TV car ads turn up on iPods, cell phones MARKETING 05/15/06
 Dealer chair to Acura: Tout technology ACURA 05/15/06
 Why locomotives are not hybrids LETTER 05/15/06
 How small-town Ford store dominates region, rankles rivals DEALERS 05/15/06
 Supplier uptick: An encouraging sign? SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Honda, Mazda update small cars to attract youth MARKETING 05/15/06
 Union: Too few E-class workers DCX 05/15/06
 'Gorgeous' campaign gets retail touch JAGUAR 05/15/06
 QUESTION & ANSWER: Cable weather network finds new channels MARKETING 05/15/06
 Emerging supplier giant Ross says he'll focus on Europe first SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 Senator tells dealers to aim lower on repeal of estate tax DEALERS 05/15/06
 The Final Tally FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/15/06
 Deja vu: GM could be Delphi's daddy DELPHI 05/15/06
 QUESTION & ANSWER: Ford media exec forecasts flat advertising 'upfront' MARKETING 05/15/06
 Dealers, carmakers get new ad channel MARKETING 05/15/06
 We must live with rising fuel prices KEITH CRAIN 05/15/06
 DCX won't yank Sprinter van from Freightliner DODGE 05/15/06
 Personnel GM 05/15/06
 Time for a scooter? FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/15/06
 Toyota pumps up rebate cash RETAIL 05/15/06
 Toyota hawks 'cheeky' Yaris to youth MARKETING 05/15/06
 GM will charge rental companies more GM 05/15/06
 Chrysler will be flexible with incentives DCX 05/15/06
 Opel is leaving Japan GM 05/15/06
 Ford to pay Padilla $592,080 as consultant FORD 05/15/06
 Big 3 date with president pushed to June 2 PEOPLE 05/15/06
 Gotta put some hip in hybrid FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/15/06
 Subaru looks to Japan for growth SUBARU 05/15/06
 DIGEST: Chrysler group gets new CIO INFO TECH 05/15/06
 From top seller to top feller FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/15/06
 Audi promotes cable premiere with no ads MARKETING 05/15/06
 Lotus revives another classic -- Michael Kimberley LOTUS 05/15/06
 German exhaust maker scores big at DCX, courts other OEMs SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 As fuel rises, BorgWarner's sales should, too SUPPLIERS 05/15/06
 VW eyes building Passats in Mexico VW 05/15/06
 Cars gain -- but don't call it a comeback SALES 05/15/06
 Chrysler group adds shift in Illinois DCX 05/15/06
 QUESTION & ANSWER: Software gets inside designs INFO TECH 05/15/06
 Subaru's new top executive helped launch U.S. plant SUBARU 05/15/06
 Maybe the time is right for GM to look north ED LAPHAM 05/15/06
 Toyota plans to step up investments TOYOTA 05/15/06
 Study: Car brands are strong -- but fading MARKETING 05/15/06
 Small-car marketing shifts to fun, fuel savings MARKETING 05/15/06
 Pontiac aims to build excitement again MARKETING 05/15/06
 That's a big deal: From gator bait to heroic tale PEOPLE 05/15/06
 Lutz: GM is eager for Delphi deal DELPHI 05/15/06
 Jury clears Ford in Taurus design defect suit FORD 05/15/06
 Jaguar needs sales boost from XK JAGUAR 05/15/06
 Honda expands Ga. investment HONDA 05/15/06
 4,400 buyouts at Ford FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/15/06
 Toyota sees hybrid profits in 2 years TOYOTA 05/15/06
 Delphi investor won't go away DELPHI 05/15/06
 H1 production will end HUMMER 05/12/06
 GM to close suburban Detroit parts plant in '07 GM 05/12/06
 Automakers dodge a CAFE bullet CAFE 05/11/06
 Lotus revives another classic -- Michael Kimberley LOTUS 05/11/06
 The big picture doesn't favor hybrids ED LAPHAM 05/11/06
 Delphi strike better now than in 2007, executive says DELPHI 05/10/06
 BMW tells German dealers: Be like U.S. ED LAPHAM 05/10/06
 Chrysler to hire 1,000 workers, add third shift at Belvidere plant DCX 05/10/06
 Press promoted to president of Toyota Motor North America TOYOTA 05/09/06
 Subaru's new boss helped launch Indiana plant SUBARU 05/09/06
 Opel leaving Japan GM 05/09/06
 Cooper-Standard to close Ontario plant SUPPLIERS 05/09/06
 Audi wants to be even more sporty GAIN 05/08/06
 Pischetsrieder will lead talks to cut costs at VW's parts plants GAIN 05/08/06
 Toyota's challenge to German automakers can be overcome GAIN 05/08/06
 VW cuts out the extra features GAIN 05/08/06
 New wage agreement in metal-working, electrical industries varies pay raises GAIN 05/08/06
 Smart ForTwo grows up GAIN 05/08/06
 BMW wants more entrepreneurs GAIN 05/08/06
 Opel sets new design course GAIN 05/08/06
 Delphi to cut administrative jobs GAIN 05/08/06
 VW introduces entry-level version of Multivan GAIN 05/08/06
 Service partners can keep BMW logo GAIN 05/08/06
 Porsche has ambitious goals for 911 Turbo GAIN 05/08/06
 Toyota could build Lexus cars in Europe GAIN 05/08/06
 Mercedes charts course between tradition and innovation GAIN 05/08/06
 Nuernberger Insurance sells dealership stakes GAIN 05/08/06
 Continental becomes a service provider GAIN 05/08/06
 Opel to export Astras to United States GAIN 05/08/06
 Intel 05/08/06
 Intel 05/08/06
 Versa fills small-car opening at Nissan NISSAN 05/08/06
 PRESS RELEASE: Toyota Motor North America names new leadership team, appointing Yuki Funo chairman and CEO, and Jim Press president TOYOTA 05/08/06
 Study: Product prices should be based on value SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Mercedes expects another U.S. sales record MERCEDES 05/08/06
 Supplier strike ends at CAMI SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Hauler Allied gets a break -- and a threat SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 No '06 Crossfires, but Chrysler promises '07 model CHRYSLER 05/08/06
 Audi will place limits on its product options AUDI 05/08/06
 Obituaries OBITUARIES 05/08/06
 GM plans to replace Saturn Ion with Opel car SATURN 05/08/06
 Why Bill Ford doesn't want GM to go bankrupt ED LAPHAM 05/08/06
 Dealers DEALERS 05/08/06
 Yes, there are cars for aging boomers LETTER 05/08/06
 GM's global strategy was a costly flop OPINION 05/08/06
 Audi's top U.S. exec seeks sustainable growth AUDI 05/08/06
 We must get serious about energy LETTER 05/08/06
 Army taps automaker for Arizona test track TECHNOLOGY 05/08/06
 Sex-harassment law violators in Japan draw light penalties PEOPLE 05/08/06
 Rate hikes curb public retailer profit DEALERS 05/08/06
 Japan's U.S. exports up 29% in qtr. SALES 05/08/06
 Makers must stop making dealers pay for price cuts OPINION 05/08/06
 Students meet challenge to design in plastic DESIGN 05/08/06
 Ford of Europe plant chief: 'I see great opportunities' FORD 05/08/06
 Ford's U.S. plan: Take a Scot from Japan . . . FORD 05/08/06
 Business outlook bleak for MSX, analyst warns SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Chrysler considers Chery for small car CHRYSLER 05/08/06
 Mazda mulls 2nd North America plant MAZDA 05/08/06
 UnitedAuto splits stock RETAIL 05/08/06
 Contest aims to cure pain at the pump DESIGN 05/08/06
 Lithia buys Latham Motors RETAIL 05/08/06
 Ghosn: U.S. will remain vital NISSAN 05/08/06
 Sex scandal puts staid Toyota in the tabloids TOYOTA 05/08/06
 Side effects DESIGN 05/08/06
 NedCar plant has struggled since its 1968 opening EUROPE 05/08/06
 Aston Martin's latest production: Bondmobile FORD 05/08/06
 In wild, wild Web, dealers crave rules MARKETING 05/08/06
 Import brands boost share in April SALES 05/08/06
 PT Bargain CHRYSLER 05/08/06
 Wachovia takes bigger role in auto finance F&I 05/08/06
 Chrysler adds spiffs to thin stocks SALES 05/08/06
 Lexus modifies coverage of certified used vehicles LEXUS 05/08/06
 Next move for Girsky: A summer vacation GM 05/08/06
 Honda strives to become 'emotional, edgier' HONDA 05/08/06
 Lifetime warranty pumps sales, service F&I 05/08/06
 Autoliv opens China airbag plant SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Chrysler picks 3 to vie for Hornet CHRYSLER 05/08/06
 Electronics supplier off slightly SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 GM builds Escalade ESV in Texas PRODUCTION 05/08/06
 Mittal Steel expands in Cleveland SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Koreans commit to satellite radio; will others follow? TECHNOLOGY 05/08/06
 Magna chief initiates union talks SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Suppliers will pass on costs of materials SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Supplier personnel SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Personnel PERSONNEL 05/08/06
 L-M spends $24 million to push SUVs MARKETING 05/08/06
 Control the search OPINION 05/08/06
 Ford ads take 'Bold' theme FORD 05/08/06
 Trucks take the brunt of Ford dealer-discount cuts FORD 05/08/06
 Mitsubishi lobbyist jumps to Toyota MITSUBISHI 05/08/06
 When chips were down, GM delivered GM 05/08/06
 Let the engineers rule the cars KEITH CRAIN 05/08/06
 Key Safety to help Chery meet U.S. standards SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Toyota hybrid production is maxed out TOYOTA 05/08/06
 With Hyundai chairman behind bars, 'This will wreak havoc on us' HYUNDAI 05/08/06
 Ryder takes on Lear Corp.'s supply chain SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Kia wants to give Optima identity KIA 05/08/06
 M-B wants a say in Delphi hearings DELPHI 05/08/06
 CAFE menu remains muddled CAFE 05/08/06
 Family fight rips apart Ford dealer RETAIL 05/08/06
 Despite profit, Visteon will close more plants SUPPLIERS 05/08/06
 Mazda considering second U.S. plant MAZDA 05/05/06
 Supplier strike settled at CAMI GM 05/05/06
 New life for old tooling ED LAPHAM 05/05/06
 Superior Industries' first quarter earnings tumble TECHNOLOGY 05/04/06
 S&P cuts American Axle credit rating into junk territory SUPPLIERS 05/04/06
 Car hauler CEO passes on bankruptcy bonus SUPPLIERS 05/04/06
 Steve Girsky to leave GM GM 05/04/06
 Chrysler considers hiring Chery to build small car for international sale DCX 05/04/06
 UnitedAuto to split stock 2-for-1 RETAIL 05/04/06
 Getting bloody, but not too hurt ED LAPHAM 05/04/06
 Intel 05/03/06
 Intel 05/03/06
 Intel 05/03/06
 Intel 05/03/06
 Intel 05/03/06
 Intel 05/03/06
 Pischetsrieder: More VW cuts in Germany will come VW 05/03/06
 States go to court over truck fuel economy rules NHTSA 05/03/06
 UAW wants strike authorization at Delphi DELPHI 05/03/06
 Mineta: CAFE can't remedy gasoline-price woe CAFE 05/03/06
 Fund asks court to be on Delphi committee DELPHI 05/03/06
 Is Flint's past a blueprint for GM's future? GM 05/03/06
 It's a party -- fasten your seat belts DALE JEWETT 05/03/06
 Pischetsrieder will head VW for another 5 years VW 05/02/06
 It's all about the fuel prices SALES 05/02/06
 Top Toyota executive in U.S. faces sexual harassment lawsuit TOYOTA 05/02/06
 Seat will launch in South Africa SEAT 05/01/06
 5 years ago 5 YEARS AGO 05/01/06
 Law, costs slow adaptive control TECHNOLOGY 05/01/06
 Chinese carmaker's global quest faces hurdles CHINA 05/01/06
 GAZ will build Chrysler sedans SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Bosch ready to supply hybrid parts SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 My train is green CONFIDENTIAL 05/01/06
 Audi's TT gets lightweight body AUDI 05/01/06
 Fiat must find dealers outside Italy FIAT 05/01/06
 Ford nurtures Chinese suppliers FORD 05/01/06
 Continental opens Brazil tire plant SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Freelander will be LR2 in the US LAND ROVER 05/01/06
 New London auto show battles history AUTO SHOW 05/01/06
 From flash to fast CONFIDENTIAL 05/01/06
 Henkel sells rubber coating business SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Design school homework DESIGN 05/01/06
 Toyota makes changes at the top TOYOTA 05/01/06
 British engineers help SAIC CHINA 05/01/06
 Hyundai and Kia will share a pool of suppliers HYUNDAI 05/01/06
 VW takes stake in dealer group VW 05/01/06
 A Saturn Astra? OPEL 05/01/06
 Belgian-Dutch industry learns flexibility EUROPE 05/01/06
 Suppliers to the new Nissan Note CUTAWAY 05/01/06
 Third party may sell Smart in US SMART 05/01/06
 Infiniti will debut in 2008 INFINITI 05/01/06
 Plastic Omnium will go to China SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Koreans move fast, but learn even faster HYUNDAI 05/01/06
 How Ford handles supplier headaches in China FORD 05/01/06
 Subaru will close European center SUBARU 05/01/06
 Denso expands in Turkey SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 UK hemming firm gets new owner SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Ford looks at c. Europe production FORD 05/01/06
 Beijing buys Fiat's CNG engines FIAT 05/01/06
 Leoni CEO knows how to beat the giants SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 4X4 makers, beware CITROEN 05/01/06
 Magna Steyr finds better way to communicate TECHNOLOGY 05/01/06
 Renault to double Russian Logan output RENAULT 05/01/06
 Jeep moves on-road JEEP 05/01/06
 Fiat lifts target to 8% share FIAT 05/01/06
 Hyundai may delay Czech plant HYUNDAI 05/01/06
 Ralf-Otto Limbach, Autogerma CEO VW 05/01/06
 NedCar's troubled existence MITSUBISHI 05/01/06
 VW pins its China hopes on the 'cool' Sagitar sedan VW 05/01/06
 Audi moves away from VW in US AUDI 05/01/06
 Car brands are strong, but fading MARKETING 05/01/06
 Healthiest suppliers base price parts on value SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 TomTom maps route to success SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Japan joins EU's China protest CHINA 05/01/06
 Suppliers pass along raw material costs SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Poland: Where new cars go to be taken apart EUROPE 05/01/06
 Oil at $75 a barrel RETAIL 05/01/06
 Brabus unit will tune cars for Korean automakers HYUNDAI 05/01/06
 Industry by numbers INDUSTRY BY NUMBERS 05/01/06
 Fiat markets its Compact platform FIAT 05/01/06
 What Fiat Auto brands are doing FIAT 05/01/06
 Save Earth, buy a Rolls ROLLS-ROYCE 05/01/06
 Ford expects 65 percent conquest sales for S-Max FORD 05/01/06
 Study highlights SUV boom in Europe RETAIL 05/01/06
 E3.6bn of Delphi's GM work is available DELPHI 05/01/06
 The stuff of dreams NISSAN 05/01/06
 Volvo avoids Internet for S80 launch VOLVO 05/01/06
 Peugeot splits service, parts unit PEUGEOT 05/01/06
 Old Guard's gone; it's Bill's team FORD 05/01/06
 Michelin seeks 'green' labels for tires SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 PR honcho apologizes for pay-for-publicity mess FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/01/06
 GM dealers are pinching pennies DEALERS 05/01/06
 Morton rises in Nissan power vacuum NISSAN 05/01/06
 750 Nissan staffers won't move NISSAN 05/01/06
 No more Fords to be built in Japan FORD 05/01/06
 Dealer personnel DEALERS 05/01/06
 VW thinks small but pushes performance MARKETING 05/01/06
 QUESTION & ANSWER: Japan can import its small-car advantage MARKETING 05/01/06
 It's just poetic license, Steve FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/01/06
 Adcock leaves Subaru for Nissan NISSAN 05/01/06
 Innovation? It's imported FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/01/06
 Haldex will make awd in Mexico SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Analysts forecast April sales slide SALES 05/01/06
 Allen joins staff of Automotive News PEOPLE 05/01/06
 Obituaries OBITUARIES 05/01/06
 They better learn to parallel park RETAIL 05/01/06
 Autobytel CFO will leave PEOPLE 05/01/06
 Bush opposes capping hybrid, diesel tax credits RETAIL 05/01/06
 Mitsubishi will export Galants from Illinois to Latin America MITSUBISHI 05/01/06
 Strong N.A. sales spark record earnings at Nissan and Honda SALES 05/01/06
 Yes, 2 plus 2 always equals 4 LETTER 05/01/06
 Bad fastener can lead to limping Camry TOYOTA 05/01/06
 UAW exec's take on Tower talks is heartening SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Land Rover creates online network MARKETING 05/01/06
 Lean times at the UAW, too FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/01/06
 COMMENT: Volkswagen's new ads are about as bad as they can be MARKETING 05/01/06
 Every maker needs quality, message LETTER 05/01/06
 Mazda names design chief MAZDA 05/01/06
 Cash for Camaros? Too soon, GM says DEALERS 05/01/06
 Inefficient auto industry should be rebooted LETTER 05/01/06
 BMW assigns dealer ad work MARKETING 05/01/06
 Ford price cuts will squeeze dealer margins FORD 05/01/06
 Ghosn: Nissan will develop hybrid technology NISSAN 05/01/06
 Dealerships lose out to condos DEALERS 05/01/06
 Delphi seeks low-wage workers for Ala. plant DELPHI 05/01/06
 Off the Mark OPINION 05/01/06
 Dealers DEALERS 05/01/06
 U.S. output tops 4 million PRODUCTION 05/01/06
 Nissan merges media, interactive MARKETING 05/01/06
 Mazda, Suzuki report record profits, see gains SALES 05/01/06
 Lawmakers talk about gas - burn some, too FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/01/06
 Slick book, great art, and plenty of red ink GM 05/01/06
 GM, Delphi workers get more time to decide on buyouts GM 05/01/06
 Beware of Congress OPINION 05/01/06
 DCX collaborator: 'It's amazing what you can achieve' PEOPLE 05/01/06
 Too many dealers? Editorial is off-base LETTER 05/01/06
 Ford shuffles North American design leaders FORD 05/01/06
 OnStar helps build dealer service business RETAIL 05/01/06
 Avalon shows dent in Toyota quality TOYOTA 05/01/06
 Lucerne price strategy: So far, so good GM 05/01/06
 Nissan shifts Hispanic ad account NISSAN 05/01/06
 Thinking outside the econobox MARKETING 05/01/06
 Transmission gives SUVs mpg boost TECHNOLOGY 05/01/06
 Hyundai chairman faces charge HYUNDAI 05/01/06
 Manheim does consumer sales in China CHINA 05/01/06
 Mitsubishi vows support for U.S. advertising -- sort of MITSUBISHI 05/01/06
 Porsche sales zoom as lineup expands PORSCHE 05/01/06
 S. California is not a paradise for GM LETTER 05/01/06
 Keith Crain Jr. named AutoWeek ad director PEOPLE 05/01/06
 Chrysler group sales tactics cut into profits CHRYSLER 05/01/06
 Lamborghini chases sales, dealers worldwide SALES 05/01/06
 SUV backlash helps revive a slighted niche MARKETING 05/01/06
 I'm tired of all the excuses KEITH CRAIN 05/01/06
 Chrysler looks to Imperial to go upscale CHRYSLER 05/01/06
 The spy who loved real estate FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/01/06
 Wage cuts spark strike at Minn. dealerships RETAIL 05/01/06
 GM gives dealers reprieve on 5% parts surcharge GM 05/01/06
 Judge rules car hauler Allied can cut wages SUPPLIERS 05/01/06
 Political heat warms car CAFE SALES 05/01/06
 Safety gear exists; we must use it OPINION 05/01/06
 DaimlerChrysler reviews C class MARKETING 05/01/06
 Acura, moving upscale, kills the RSX coupe ACURA 05/01/06
 Mazda boosts ad spending MARKETING 05/01/06
 American Idle? Ford gets real FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/01/06
 If China wants piece of U.S. market, GM and Ford would be good points of entry FINAL ASSEMBLY 05/01/06
 Sales drop, but loyalists won't quit big SUVs MARKETING 05/01/06
 Has a Hemi, but maybe no actor MARKETING 05/01/06
 Audi to consumers: 'Less is more' when it comes to A3 MARKETING 05/01/06
 G class face-lift debuts in Paris MERCEDES 05/01/06
 Transmission parts idle 7 Ford plants FORD 04/28/06
 Judge to rule Monday on car hauler's wage cut plan SUPPLIERS 04/28/06
 My road map for peace actually involves cars ED LAPHAM 04/28/06
 Let's get small DALE JEWETT 04/28/06
 GM executive pay plunged in 2005 GM 04/28/06
 UAW moves to exclude many creditors from Delphi labor hearing DELPHI 04/27/06
 Analysts: April sales slow to bloom RETAIL 04/27/06

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