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   Data TitleIssue Date 
 In 2014, the auto sales game will be won in the trenches 01/13/14
 NADA's new chief economist returns to his roots 01/13/14
 Porsche nixes entry-level roadster, small crossover PORSCHE 01/13/14
 Dealers DEALER AWARDS 01/13/14
 Toyota gears up for more fuel-cell vehicles TOYOTA 01/13/14
 Hyundai-Kia offsets 2013 retail drop with fleet sales SALES 01/13/14
 BYD says Chinese cars headed to U.S. in late 2015 CHINA 01/13/14
 China sales top 20 million CHINA 01/13/14
 Latecomer Ford pushes past Toyota in China FORD 01/13/14
 Beijing should favor health over tech edge CHINA 01/13/14
 The 4 stages of 'crossing the chasm' SILICON VALLEY 01/13/14
 Infiniti seeks to gain from buzz about Q50 Q50 01/13/14
 Get free unlimited access to our Web site for Detroit show DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/13/14
 Ex-boxer Akerson goes out jabbing GENERAL MOTORS 01/13/14
 Mulally clears air; it's time to talk about the vehicles FORD 01/13/14
 Volvo chief got many lessons from sports VOLVO 01/13/14
 Volvo to show Concept XC Coupe at Detroit auto show DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/13/14
 BMW, Toyota agree on joint sports car platform, report says TOYOTA 01/13/14
 After 25 years, product is still king DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/13/14
 Ford's big aluminum gamble DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/13/14
 Redone 200 shows new look for Chrysler DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/13/14
 Canyon using Sierra's styling to woo conquests DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/13/14
 Concept may hint at VW's strategy to boost fleet mpg DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/13/14
 Small crossover, big pickup segments sizzle SEGMENTS 01/13/14
 Why is GM not talking? GM 01/13/14
 GM picks Paul Edwards to lead Chevy's U.S. marketing MARKETING 01/13/14
 Say what?!?! Nissan softens ad language NISSAN 01/13/14
 VW ads: Same voice, with a more German accent SHAHANI 01/13/14
 Honda launches review of digital advertising, marketing work DIGITAL 01/13/14
 And now, speculation on Mulally speculation FORD 01/13/14
 Bob Stevens OBITUARY 01/13/14
 Guide to Industry Executives - January 2014 01/13/14
 At Volvo Cars N.A., Nicolosi gets formal CEO nod VOLVO 01/13/14
 Acura Reveals TLX Prototype 01/13/14
 GM's Reuss: 'I want to get my hands on' Ford's new pickup GM 01/13/14
 Kia calls GT4 a 'throwback' to era of untamed sports cars KIA 01/13/14
 625 hp Vette Z06 hits 'supercar' performance CHEVROLET 01/13/14
 CEO, chairman summit 01/13/14
 Behind the design of the Toyota FT-1 concept CALTY AND THE TOYOTA FT-1 01/13/14
 Ghosts, sleek, gawkiness and the Audi A7: What people think of new Chrysler 200 CHRYSLER 01/13/14
 Just a small difference 01/12/14
 Red, white or something new? 01/12/14
 The night before ... 01/12/14
 Battle of the big message III 01/12/14
 Battle of the big message II 01/12/14
 Battle of the big message I 01/12/14
 Mercedes' youth movement is working 01/12/14
 Getting to know Mary Barra 01/12/14
 A night at the Urban Wheel Awards 01/12/14
 Respect for a rival 01/12/14
 Mercedes' destiny 01/12/14
 Class warfare 01/12/14
 Audi's awd hybrid concept previews TT design, SUV plans DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/12/14
 Toyota press conference 01/12/14
 VW to bring CrossBlue-based SUV to U.S. in 2016 DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/12/14
 Audi's concept previews TT design, SUV plans AUDI 01/12/14
 GMC Canyon offers big-truck looks in smaller package GMC 01/12/14
 Lentz: Toyota Motor Sales' 2014 U.S. sales to rise by 100,000 TOYOTA 01/12/14
 U.S. sales expected to rise 5% to 16.3M in 2014, analyst says SALES 01/12/14
 Q&A: VW's new marketing chief will 'carry the torch' of cute ads VW 01/12/14
 Will incentive discipline hold? Watch the mid-sized car segment SALES 01/12/14
 Jaguar Land Rover posts 19% gain in global sales JAGUAR LAND ROVER 01/12/14
 In Japan, Detroit demands broad access but targets narrow niche DETROIT 01/12/14
 Detroit automakers face test of leadership in 2014 DETROIT 01/12/14
 Global auto sales forecast rosy, with reservations, for 2014 SALES 01/12/14
 Sexy performance meets 'green' ethic at show DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/12/14
 December's rising incentives could signal dangers ahead INCENTIVES 01/12/14
 The 'sporty, sinister' Dodge Dart Blacktop 01/12/14
 Jaguar Land Rover sales rise to record, helped by China demand JAGUAR LAND ROVER 01/12/14
 Celebrating diversity at the Urban Wheel Awards DEALERS 01/12/14
 Making a splash in the snake pit 01/12/14
 Tesla faces toughest challenge yet to meet expansion goals TESLAS RETAIL CHALLENGE 01/11/14
 Automakers show blitz for advertising's big game SUPER BOWL 01/11/14
 Ready to go racing 01/11/14
 Porsche unveils new 911 Targa 01/11/14
 Will your new Lincoln be made of wood? LINCOLN 01/11/14
 Heads up, D.C.: Here comes pickup lite THE BELTWAY 01/11/14
 Bentley's next target 01/11/14
 VW sells record 9.7 million cars in 2013 on Audi, Porsche and China demand VOLKSWAGEN 01/11/14
 Looking back: What's been hot and cold at the Detroit show DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/11/14
 Engineers - A Scarce Commodity: How to find, attract and hire the help you need 01/10/14
 First Shift: Farley: 'Wrong impression' VIDEO 01/10/14
 VW expects to build new SUV in U.S. plant, reports say VOLKSWAGEN 01/10/14
 Chrysler Group press conference 01/10/14
 As automakers use more aluminum, can providers expand fast enough? SUPPLIERS 01/10/14
 The race to market the connected car DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/10/14
 GM recalls 303,000 new Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra pickups for engine fire risk GENERAL MOTORS 01/10/14
 Hottest Golf R ever revs up for Motor City debut VW 01/10/14
 Barra's chance to tell GM's story to the world GM 01/10/14
 Ford's work with aluminum-bodied vehicles goes back decades FORD 01/10/14
 In Korea, free trade still not balanced trade KOREA 01/10/14
 Chinese glass supplier to reopen part of GM Moraine plant MANUFACTURING 01/10/14
 UAW VP General Holiefield faces arrest warrant in wife's accidental shooting UAW 01/10/14
 Ford's Farley backs down: 'We do not track our customers in their cars' FORD 01/10/14
 U.S. judge clears way for China's Wanxiang to bid for Fisker GREEN CARS 01/10/14
 Tesla to upgrade wall adapters after reports of garage fires TESLA 01/10/14
 Turning drivers into geeks: Dealers debate need for technology specialists DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/10/14
 Mopar invades Motown CHRYSLER 01/10/14
 Fowlerville Ford settled FTC complaint rather than pay 'prohibitive' court fees DEALER 01/10/14
 Canada light-vehicle sales by model - Dec. & YTD 01/10/14
 Golf demand helps boost VW-brand sales 3% in 2013 VOLKSWAGEN 01/10/14
 NADA alerts members to review their advertising ADVERTISING 01/10/14
 Nissan says Datsun brand may generate operating margins of 7% DATSUN 01/10/14
 Skoda plans fresh cars every six months in push for sales growth SKODA 01/10/14
 Spain tops up car subsidy scheme by 175 million euros SCRAPPAGE 01/10/14
 Cadillac, Uber partner to offer taxi rides CADILLAC 01/10/14
 AutoNews Now: Tesla tackles charger woes VIDEO 01/10/14
 Fisker assets to be sold at auction after lender bid limited FISKER 01/10/14
 Canada light-vehicle sales by make, Dec. & YTD 01/10/14
 U.S. car and light-truck inventories, on Jan. 1 01/10/14
 North America car and truck production - 01/13/14 01/10/14
 Rolls-Royce edging closer to decision on adding SUV ROLLS ROYCE 01/10/14
 Why Ghosn favors separate CEOs for Renault and Nissan RENAULT-NISSAN 01/10/14
 Fiat may issue bond to boost liquidity after Chrysler merger, Marchionne tells paper FIAT 01/10/14
 S&P ups Chrysler rating to match Fiat on VEBA deal CHRYSLER 01/10/14
 Valeo aims to boost global lighting presence SUPPLIERS 01/10/14
 Mercedes's 2013 sales growth beats gains at Audi MERCEDES-BENZ 01/10/14
 Another rosy forecast 01/10/14
 A bigger crowd this year 01/10/14
 Ford news streamed live 01/10/14
 Audi at the Detroit Auto Show 01/09/14
 First Shift: Union's eye on Toyota VIDEO 01/09/14
 Can the new aluminum F-150 deliver? Clues from the P.O. FORD 01/09/14
 GM's diesel Chevy could make waves DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/09/14
 Hopes run high as Detroit show draws near DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/09/14
 U.S. automakers call for currency rule in Pacific trade pact TRADE 01/09/14
 Courtesy Auto denies FTC accusations DEALERS 01/09/14
 Bosch probed by EU antitrust authorities BOSCH 01/09/14
 Audi joins Mercedes to lure mainstream buyers with cheaper sedans SALES 01/09/14
 Lexus unveils the RC F 01/09/14
 Mazda delays Skyactiv diesel launch in U.S. again MAZDA 01/09/14
 Dealerships settle deceptive advertising charges in FTC sweep ADVERTISING 01/09/14
 Volvo sales rise 1% in 2013 as China deliveries offset falling U.S. demand VOLVO 01/09/14
 U.S. study of automotive location data raises privacy concerns TECHNOLOGY 01/09/14
 Google, smartwatches, self-driving cars dominate at CES AUTOMAKERS 01/09/14
 Detroit is the Audi Q3's second coming-out party AUDI 01/09/14
 What will Mary say, and where's Krafcik? BLOG 01/09/14
 AutoNews Now: Dealership ad crackdown VIDEO 01/09/14
 Ford sales chief expects SUV push will drive brand back to profitability in Europe FORD 01/09/14
 VW, GM, Toyota gain as China vehicle sales top 20 million CHINA 01/09/14
 Rolls-Royce global car sales rise 2% in 2013 on Wraith demand ROLLS ROYCE 01/09/14
 Porsche sales rise 15% in 2013 as demand for Boxster line doubles PORSCHE 01/09/14
 VW’s Audi, Porsche, Bentley report record sales in 2013 VOLKSWAGEN 01/09/14
 Chevy moves Hispanic ad work to McCann's Casanova from LatinWorks GM 01/09/14
 Ford lifts dividend 25% to 12.5 cents a share FORD 01/09/14
 GM's Akerson says Barra's selection transforms automaker's image GM 01/09/14
 Think the CFPB’s tough? It’s not the only one F&I 01/08/14
 F&I managers, consider capping product prices TIPS 01/08/14
 Calif. group preps ballot proposal to ban dealer markup on interest rates F&I 01/08/14
 Automakers shrug off subprime worries F&I 01/08/14
 GM sees 'huge opportunity' in returning lessees F&I 01/08/14
 Lexus RC F guns for high-performance big boys from BMW, Mercedes BLOG 01/08/14
 Lamborghini unveils Gallardo replacement LAMBORGHINI 01/08/14
 N. American vehicle output tops 16 million in 2013 PRODUCTION 01/08/14
 RouteOne Offers Dealers Free Trial Of FinanceConnect Product F&I 01/08/14
 U.S. House votes to cut red tape on car, truck sales DEALERS 01/08/14
 Mexico auto output, exports hit record for 4th year MEXICO 01/08/14
 Union seeks certification vote at 2 Toyota plants in Canada TOYOTA 01/08/14
 2014 Nissan Leaf to get $180 price hike NISSAN 01/08/14
 Fiat's Mirafiori production revamp imminent, union sources say FIAT 01/08/14
 Fiat considered for Moody's downgrade on Chrysler deal FIAT 01/08/14
 Ford's Mulally says he won't leave for Microsoft FORD 01/08/14
 Audi's Stadler says production vehicle will get laser headlights AUDI 01/08/14
 Porsche sales boss expects China will be brand's No. 1 market PORSCHE 01/08/14
 Next Audi TT to feature virtual cockpit AUDI 01/08/14
 Skoda on target to sell 1 million cars in 2014 SKODA 01/08/14
 Bentley sales rise 19% in 2013 as Americas demand offsets China decline BENTLEY 01/08/14
 First Shift: Mulally: No Microsoft move VIDEO 01/08/14
 Ford's next dividend hike could see family reap $34 million FORD 01/08/14
 Reynolds F&I Compliance Expert to Present Workshop at 2014 NADA Convention DEALERS 01/08/14
 Passat-based VW concept gets 42 mpg VW 01/08/14
 AutoNews Now: What's driving Buick's rise VIDEO 01/08/14
 Akerson: Barra's selection transforms GM's image GM 01/08/14
 W. European 2013 sales beat forecast SALES 01/08/14
 Buick sells 1.03 million vehicles globally, breaks record set in '84 GENERAL MOTORS 01/08/14
 Chrysler deal prompts Moody's to consider Fiat for rating downgrade FIAT 01/08/14
 AutoNation CFO Mike Short leaves, citing personal reasons EXECUTIVE 01/08/14
 Outgoing NHTSA chief Strickland to join D.C. law firm EXECUTIVE 01/08/14
 Biden, Obama Cabinet members to attend show, report says DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/08/14
 Lamborghini unveils Gallardo replacement LAMBORGHINI 01/08/14
 Federal-Mogul to acquire Honeywell's brake friction business for $155 million SUPPLIERS 01/08/14
 Bentley sales up 19% in 2013 on Flying Spur demand BENTLEY 01/08/14
 Porsche sales boss expects China to top U.S. as brand's No. 1 market PORSCHE 01/08/14
 Economist: Used-vehicle prices will remain healthy, but could fluctuate MANHEIM 01/08/14
 Certified used-vehicle sales, Dec. & YTD 01/08/14
 BMW, Audi will introduce laser headlamps this year TECHNOLOGY 01/07/14
 Nissan's redesigned taxi readies for battle with London's iconic black cabs TAXI 01/07/14
 Turkish auto sales rise 10% in 2013 TURKEY 01/07/14
 Adam helps lift Opel/Vauxhall's European market share OPEL 01/07/14
 Magna contributes to new Mercedes CLA's aerodynamics ANECUTAWAY 01/07/14
 Luxury ads take backseat to Toyota Tundra 01/07/14
 AutoNews Now: Chevy's U.S. marketing chief VIDEO 01/07/14
 DADA adds fancy afterglow at Detroit show's Charity Preview DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/07/14
 KC auto dealers pour tens of millions of dollars into upgrades 01/07/14
 Russ Humberston Sr., longtime Oregon car dealer, dies 01/07/14
 How car dealerships deal with mountains of snow 01/07/14
 UK car sales rose 11% last year; best result since 2007 UK 01/07/14
 Brazil auto sales down in 2013, first time in a decade GLOBAL 01/07/14
 GM has record China sales in 2013 CHINA 01/07/14
 GM picks Paul Edwards to lead Chevy's U.S. marketing GENERAL MOTORS 01/07/14
 Audi's Stadler says production vehicle will get laser headlights AUDI 01/07/14
 First Ram 1500 EcoDiesels expected at dealerships in February RAM 01/07/14
 Nippon Seiki to pay $4.56 million in supplier price-fixing settlement SUPPLIERS 01/07/14
 Honda launches review of digital advertising, marketing work HONDA 01/07/14
 U.S. Fleet Sales, Dec. & YTD 01/07/14
 Nissan plucks one of Hyundai's sales stars NISSAN 01/07/14
 How Nissan thought outside the Amazon box NISSAN 01/07/14
 Ford's Mulally says he won't leave for Microsoft FORD 01/07/14
 Seat boss bullish on brand's surge in Europe SEAT 01/07/14
 First Shift: Move to curb D.C. diesels VIDEO 01/07/14
 Mazda pins improved mpg on Skyactiv 2 MAZDA 01/06/14
 Through the years: What was hot or not at the Detroit show DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 '13 sales story: Ford scored big FORD 01/06/14
 GM in talks with Chinese companies about introducing 4G LTE GM 01/06/14
 Jeep Wrangler fire-risk investigation ordered by China JEEP 01/06/14
 Garmin Dash Cam touted as a driver’s ‘personal witness’ TECHNOLOGY 01/06/14
 Bosch develops self-parking technology with phone app SUPPLIERS 01/06/14
 Supply-chain collaboration, image of industry are OESA chief's top tasks SUPPLIERS 01/06/14
 AutoNation says new-vehicle retail sales gained 6% in December RETAIL 01/06/14
 Ford, State Farm sign up with Pandora for ads aimed at drivers FORD 01/06/14
 Jeep sets global sales record, up 4% over record 2012 JEEP 01/06/14
 Remembering Henry Ford's $5 day for line workers FORD 01/06/14
 Google rolls out auto alliance to bring Android into car systems TECHNOLOGY 01/06/14
 Samsung sees opportunity in autos: 'A gigantic smartphone on wheels' TECHNOLOGY 01/06/14
 Ford China sales soar 49% in 2013, pushing it past Toyota for No. 5 CHINA 01/06/14
 Can't we make things a bit simpler? TELEMATICS 01/06/14
 Fiat-Chrysler likely to list stock in New York, further sidelining Italy FIAT 01/06/14
 Check out the ANE monthly e-magazine AUTOMAKERS 01/06/14
 Fiat-UAW deal ends IPO distraction CHRYSLER 01/06/14
 Mercedes beats BMW in luxury race MERCEDES-BENZ 01/06/14
 Detroit is well worth the trip KEITH CRAIN 01/06/14
 JLR recalls Range Rovers in U.S. for potential airbag issue LAND ROVER 01/06/14
 A fresh start for a new year EDITORIAL 01/06/14
 4 ways Krafcik might get back on the fast track after Hyundai KRAFCIK 01/06/14
 Ex-GM exec Butler takes Ford tech job FORD 01/06/14
 'A big deal' for aspiring artists DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 'The first one who says it, gets it' DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 'Utter chaos': On with the show in the snow of '99 DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 Detroit's international show keeps getting stronger DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 Detroit's rise forced other shows to improve DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 Detroit: The naked truth DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 Global attendance boosts Detroit's economy DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 Refreshed Cobo becomes a center of attention DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 Remembering the Detroit show as it used to be DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 The 10 most memorable world debuts DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 Get ready for a speedy Internet connection TELEMATICS 01/06/14
 Studies: Auto industry-buyer communication uneven SOCIAL MEDIA 01/06/14
 Tesla, Apple speculation fills news void ACQUISITIONS 01/06/14
 Global stage offers opportunities for suppliers DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 A single refrigerant EDITORIAL 01/06/14
 Backup camera rule moves forward SAFETY 01/06/14
 Officials bust vehicle fraud ring RETAIL 01/06/14
 Chrysler's showbiz touch changed show unveilings DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 To be global, Detroit tapped Toyota, Nissan DETROIT AUTO SHOW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 01/06/14
 Dealers DEALER AWARDS 01/06/14
 Get free, unlimited access to our Web site for Detroit show AUTOMOTIVE NEWS 01/06/14
 Obituaries OBITUARIES 01/06/14
 N.A. output tops 16 million PRODUCTION 01/06/14
 How Granatelli broke the code, saved his life FINAL ASSEMBLY 01/06/14
 Suppliers to the 2014 BMW X5 BMW 01/06/14
 Suppliers to the 2014 Chevrolet Traverse CHEVROLET 01/06/14
 No tractor -- but that young Ford looks awfully familiar FORD 01/06/14
 Iacocca shares Mustang memories IACOCCA 01/06/14
 Feedback from enthusiastic early adopters shapes EVs of the future BMW 01/06/14
 OnStar gets 4G relaunch ONSTAR 01/06/14
 Mercedes beats BMW in U.S. luxury race MERCEDES-BENZ 01/06/14
 Chinese authorities urge Fiat to investigate Jeep Wrangler fire risk JEEP 01/06/14
 Europe's car sales forecast to rise 3% in 2014, but price war to linger SALES 01/06/14
 First Shift: December winners, losers VIDEO 01/06/14
 Reveal of Corvette Z06 and C7.R 01/06/14
 Hyundai stores use tech to lure new buyers back HYUNDAI 01/06/14
 BYD says Chinese cars headed to U.S. in late 2015 BYD 01/06/14
 Toyota gears up for more fuel-cell vehicles, will add stations TOYOTA 01/06/14
 Manheim waives online fees for snowed-in buyers AUCTION 01/06/14
 Ford, GM take opposite routes to engine fuel economy ENGINES 01/06/14
 Detroit show director recalls growing pains, unveilings DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/06/14
 Car-sales rise in southern Europe fails to halt regional decline in 2013 SALES 01/06/14
 AutoNews Now: How Detroit found its dazzle VIDEO 01/06/14
 Colo. dealership dispenses on-site medical care BEST PRACTICES 01/06/14
 Chevy to offer performance recorder on '15 Corvette CHEVROLET 01/05/14
 Fiat-Chrysler likely to list stock in New York, further sidelining Italy CHRYSLER 01/05/14
 Nissan plans big push for Nismo parts NISSAN 01/05/14
 Diesel struggles to clear air on dirty reputation THE BELTWAY 01/05/14
 Aluminum F-150, sporty cars from Chevy, BMW, Lexus add pizzazz DETROIT AUTO SHOW 01/05/14
 GM's ending of the sales spin-and-grin is a puzzling decision GM 01/04/14
 Laser headlamps poised to hit the market this year AUDI 01/04/14
 Costco tests new used-car sales model USED CARS 01/04/14
 Ford names ex-GM exec Butler to lead global connected vehicle unit FORD 01/03/14
 Cox buys back 25 percent stake in AutoTrader MARKETING 01/03/14
 Carl Icahn buys up to 40 million shares of Hertz, report says FLEET 01/03/14
 Cuban hopes dashed as new and used cars go on sale GLOBAL 01/03/14
 Chevrolet prices 2014 Camaro Z/28 at $75,000 GM 01/03/14
 Hyundai plans Google Glass 'pre-drive' app for 2015 Genesis sedan HYUNDAI 01/03/14
 Land Rover recalls SUVs in U.S. for potential airbag issue LAND ROVER 01/03/14
 3 things we learned from December sales SALES 01/03/14
 U.S. light-vehicle sales by nameplate, Dec. & YTD 01/03/14
 U.S. light-truck sales, Dec. & YTD 01/03/14
 U.S. total vehicle sales by make, Dec. & YTD 01/03/14
 U.S. car sales, Dec. & YTD 01/03/14
 North America car and truck production - 01/06/14 01/03/14
 U.S. sales barely rise as storms, Nov. payback take toll SALES 01/03/14
 First Shift: Camera rule in sight? VIDEO 01/03/14
 AutoNews Now: Hot sales year, chilly Dec. VIDEO 01/03/14
 What was hot, cold in 2013 SALES 01/03/14
 Worker poaches $94,000 from car dealer 01/03/14
 Friend recovers stolen Thunderbird 01/03/14
 How Granatelli broke the code, saved his life EXECUTIVES 01/03/14
 Audi, Porsche set U.S. records for 2013; VW sinks VOLKSWAGEN GROUP 01/03/14
 Canada sales highest in decade; Ford still tops SALES 01/03/14
 F series, Fusion drive Ford gains FORD 01/03/14
 Flat December fails to tarnish 'another great year for auto sales' SALES 01/03/14
 Jeep Cherokee, Ram ProMaster propel Chrysler CHRYSLER 01/03/14
 Mercedes outlasts BMW's late surge to grab U.S. luxury crown SALES 01/03/14
 New capacity helps Nissan roll to records SALES 01/03/14
 Subaru's latest record: a 26% jump in 2013 SUBARU 01/03/14
 Toyota ends 2013 down while Lexus rises SALES 01/03/14
 Hyundai Motor says U.S. sales rose 6 percent in December HYUNDAI 01/03/14
 GM ends monthly sales call with analysts, media GM 01/03/14
 GM share slips in '13 as Dec. sales, pickups fall SALES 01/03/14
 Customer Incentives 01/03/14
 BMW launches U.S. marketing and advertising blitz for 2014 Winter Olympics BMW 01/03/14
 Automotive News SAAR - 2013 01/03/14
 Ford adds solar cells to recharge electric C-Max concept GREEN CARS 01/02/14
 Detroit increases U.S. share in 2013 as optimism grows SALES 01/02/14
 AutoNews Now: Cars invade 'gadget' show VIDEO 01/02/14
 Fiat shares jump 16% on Chrysler merger deal FIAT 01/02/14
 Marchionne completes Fiat-Chrysler deal on a Florida beach FIAT 01/02/14
 Marchionne completes Fiat-Chrysler deal on a Florida beach FIAT 01/02/14
 Fiat shares jump 16% on Chrysler merger deal FIAT 01/02/14
 NHTSA moves ahead on backup-camera regulation SAFETY 01/02/14
 Fisker seeks rejection of Chinese suitor it blames for its bankruptcy FISKER 01/02/14
 Accidental shooting at home of UAW's Holiefield, police say EXECUTIVE 01/02/14
 2013 was a banner F&I year F&I 01/02/14
 Workers at auto dealership come face to face with Obamacare trade-offs 01/02/14
 When car dealers use the old yo-yo tactic 01/02/14
 First Shift: Chrysler's 'defining moment' VIDEO 01/02/14
 Ally consent order leaves questions F&I 01/02/14
 Doing business in the age of technology, transparency INSURANCE 01/02/14
 5 F&I trends to watch in 2014 F&I 01/02/14
 F&I managers: Embrace the showroom floor F&I 01/02/14
 Lenders tackle compliance, CFPB F&I 01/02/14
 Fiat agrees to buy remaining Chrysler stake in $4.35 billion deal FIAT 01/01/14
 Fiat agrees to buy remaining Chrysler stake in $4.35 billion deal FIAT 01/01/14
 Hyundai-Kia forecast slowest sales growth in 8 years HYUNDAI 01/01/14
 Toyoda predicts emerging markets slowdown to persist this year TOYOTA 01/01/14
 Hertz shares jump after board adopts 'poison pill' stock plan REMARKETING 01/01/14
 Daimler electrics get fake 'vroom' to thwart silent threat GREEN CARS 12/31/13
 Hyundai crisscrosses globe for music video 12/31/13
 Chinese supplier Wanxiang makes last-minute Fisker bid GREEN CARS 12/31/13
 Daimler electrics get fake 'vroom' to thwart silent threat GREEN CARS 12/31/13
 Krafcik left strong legacy, and some unfinished business HYUNDAI 12/31/13
 Did new Chrysler spot show hot-selling Ram pickup with a nose job? RAM 12/30/13
 Incoming GM chairman Solso made tough calls as Cummins' CEO GENERAL MOTORS 12/30/13
 First Shift: Top stories from 2013 VIDEO 12/30/13
 Delphi to showcase automated driving technology at CES SUPPLIERS 12/30/13
 Court: Calif. store that inspected vehicle may be held liable for defect LEGAL FILE 12/30/13
 Notable departures in 2013 2013 LISTS OF 10 12/30/13
 Will autonomous mean anonymous? SELF-DRIVING 12/30/13
 Dealers DEALERSHIPS 12/30/13
 Quotables from notables in 2013 2013 LISTS OF 10 12/30/13
 Stories of the year AUTOMAKERS 12/30/13
 New faces, products, and benchmarks in 2013 2013 LISTS OF 10 12/30/13
 Marketing moments in 2013 2013 LISTS OF 10 12/30/13
 By the numbers in 2013 2013 LISTS OF 10 12/30/13
 Game changers in 2013 2013 LISTS OF 10 12/30/13
 A look back at 61 years of top stories STORIES OF THE YEAR 12/30/13
 Biggest blunders of the year 2013 LISTS OF 10 12/30/13
 Mustang, 370Z: No comparison MUSTANG 12/30/13
 A busy time of year for dealers KEITH CRAIN 12/30/13
 BMW, Toyota agree on joint sportscar platform, report says BMW 12/30/13
 Cooper Tire drops Apollo Tyres merger bid, citing financing SUPPLIERS 12/30/13
 Michigan dealer Bill Wright dead at 55 DEALERS 12/30/13
 Automakers' switch to new refrigerant will accelerate with EPA credits, European mandate SAFETY 12/30/13
 Ford brand widens U.S. sales lead over Toyota on Fusion, hybrids FORD 12/30/13
 Dealer acquisition spend doubles in first 3 quarters DEALERSHIPS 12/30/13
 'Dealer guy' takes Hyundai helm HYUNDAI 12/30/13
 Fisker founder, former directors sued by investor over collapse FISKER 12/30/13
 Auto financing: Time for an open, honest discussion ALLY 12/30/13
 Dealer's local ties drive typhoon aid effort BEST PRACTICES 12/30/13
 BMW, Toyota agree on joint sportscar platform, report says BMW 12/30/13
 People to watch in 2014 2013 LISTS OF 10 12/30/13
 Battery bottlenecks delay Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid launch MITSUBISHI 12/29/13
 Honda float to set Rose Parade record with nod to Acura NSX HONDA 12/29/13
 Remembering those who passed away in 2013 REMEMBER 12/28/13
 This time, 16 million sales forecast is on merit SALES 12/28/13
 Chrysler developing better folding minivan seats CHRYSLER 12/28/13
 Five signs of new life in post-crash Detroit RECKONING TO REVIVAL 12/27/13
 First Shift: Top blunders of 2013 VIDEO 12/27/13
 Audi to invest $30.3 billion through 2018 on product expansion AUDI 12/27/13
 Hyundai, Kia appoint new global r&d chief to 'solidify' quality QUALITY 12/27/13
 GM recalls nearly 1.5 million cars in China over fuel pump bracket GM 12/27/13
 Hyundai challenges VW's Skoda for Czech crown in key European test HYUNDAI 12/27/13
 Ford, Ram trucks square off in fuel economy, tech race BLOG 12/27/13
 Dave Zuchowski named CEO of Hyundai Motor America, succeeding John Krafcik HYUNDAI 12/27/13
 Audi boosts investments to help win luxury leadership AUDI 12/27/13
 Hyundai challenges Skoda for Czech crown in key European test HYUNDAI 12/27/13
 Recalled: Insourcing workers from Detroit to bring a plant back to life RECKONING TO REVIVAL 12/26/13
 Cherokee's success out of gate sparks a recipe hunt CHRYSLER 12/26/13
 Customer Incentives 12/26/13
 VW set to beat GM for China sales crown CHINA 12/26/13
 U.S. judge dismisses apartheid claims against Daimler SOUTH AFRICA 12/26/13
 VW set to beat GM for China sales crown CHINA 12/26/13
 5 trends we watched in 2013. How’d they do? F&I 12/26/13
 CarMax to test lending to subprime customers F&I 12/26/13
 F&I managers, credit unions make peace F&I 12/26/13
 CFPB, regulation were hottest topics in '13 F&I 12/26/13
 After Ally pact, could dealers face liability? F&I 12/26/13
 CPS Announces $183 Million Senior Subordinate Asset-Backed Securitization F&I 12/26/13
 Dealertrack Credit Application Network Tops 1,400 Lender Connections F&I 12/26/13
 National Credit Default Rates Remain Stable in November 2013 According to the S&P/Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices F&I 12/26/13
 Reynolds, VADA Announce Creation of LAW Virginia F&I Library F&I 12/26/13
 California luxury car dealerships hit by thieves 12/26/13
 If you've been thinking of buying a car, now's the right time 12/26/13
 Chinese students major in luxury cars 12/26/13
 Japan's carmakers brace for China backlash from shrine visit CHINA 12/26/13
 First Shift: Styling standouts of 2013 VIDEO 12/26/13
 Ally, more independent, can better focus on dealers F&I 12/26/13
 For Detroit 3, obstacles were closer than they appeared RECKONING TO REVIVAL 12/25/13
 GM hopes treasured Holden endures when plants Down Under go dark GM 12/25/13
 How workers rebuilt the U.S. auto industry RECKONING TO REVIVAL 12/24/13
 Watch out Mercedes chicken! Jaguar has, well, a jaguar 12/24/13
 NHTSA upgrades probe of Mercedes C class for taillamp failure MERCEDES 12/24/13
 Brazil to slowly roll back tax breaks on cars in 2014 SALES 12/24/13
 Hyundai, Kia reach settlements over inflated mpg ratings HYUNDAI 12/23/13
 Tesla says Model S to retain 5-star rating amid NHTSA safety review TESLA 12/23/13
 AutoNews Now: Certified-used sales soar VIDEO 12/23/13
 A first strike on dealer reserve ALLY 12/23/13
 Keep sales and F&I separate SALES PEOPLE 12/23/13
 Ally wins U.S. approval to alter holding structure to keep insurance, vehicle-auction site ALLY 12/23/13
 Party with the Porsches at Ohio store BEST PRACTICES 12/23/13
 Ford rolls dice with aluminum F-150 FORD 12/23/13
 Mexico car and truck sales - November & YTD 12/23/13
 Average wholesale used-vehicle prices, November 12/23/13
 Seinfeld on his deliberately bad spots for Acura ACURA 12/23/13
 The people problem RECRUITMENT 12/23/13
 Nov. output rises 3% MANUFACTURING 12/23/13
 Colorado: Size it, price it right COLORADO 12/23/13
 Suppliers narrow focus: Go big or go home EDITORIAL 12/23/13
 Dealers DEALER AWARDS 12/23/13
 Chevy exec overhaul continues with Perry exit CHEVROLET 12/23/13
 Honda makes big bet on small Vezel crossover VEZEL 12/23/13
 Digital marketing vendors attract capital DIGITAL 12/23/13
 Big to-do list for new N.A. head of Jag, Land Rover JAGUAR 12/23/13
 The psychological price of buying and selling stores EMOTION 12/23/13
 Taking the temperature of a deal EMOTION 12/23/13
 Certified-used sales soar, and '14 looks even better USED CARS 12/23/13
 Car dealer employee charged with fraud 12/23/13
 Holiday buying surge may make December biggest month for auto sales 12/23/13
 Opel sees enough sales growth to avoid more cost cuts GM 12/23/13
 Bosch, Continental, Denso fined by South Korea for price fixing SUPPLIERS 12/23/13
 First Shift: Partying with the Porsches VIDEO 12/23/13
 Coming Tuesday: How workers rebuilt the U.S. auto industry CHRYSLER 12/23/13
 Hyundai, Kia expect to top 2013 global sales goal HYUNDAI 12/23/13
 Opel sees enough growth to avoid cost cuts, CEO Neumann tells paper OPEL 12/23/13
 Bosch, Continental, Denso fined by South Korea for price fixing SUPPLIERS 12/23/13
 What to do with the empty ships NORTH AMERICA 12/23/13
 Nissan's new agency has a far-reaching role NISSAN 12/22/13
 Saab's bet on EVs, China faces long odds SAAB 12/22/13
 Saab's bet on EVs, China faces long odds SAAB 12/22/13
 Dealertrack buys into online ad growth RETAIL 12/21/13
 Washington's verdict: Bailout? What bailout? THE BELTWAY 12/21/13
 Local dealers whet Iran's appetite for U.S. muscle cars TRADE 12/21/13
 Daimler hedges against drop in Tesla share price TESLA 12/21/13
 Ally, U.S. reach $98M settlement over lending bias ALLY 12/20/13
 Better Nov. car sales herald European growth in 2014, forecaster says SALES 12/20/13
 Suppliers to the 2013 Toyota Avalon SUPPLIERS 12/20/13
 Suppliers to the 2014 Toyota Corolla SUPPLIERS 12/20/13
 Suppliers to the 2014 Nissan Sentra SUPPLIERS 12/20/13
 One wish -- just make it simpler BLOG 12/20/13
 CarMax's third-quarter profits rise on higher used-car volume, financing CARMAX 12/20/13
 Fiat resumes talks to buy Chrysler stake from UAW trust, report says CHRYSLER 12/20/13
 Mitsubishi lifts profit outlook on weakening yen MITSUBISHI 12/20/13
 GM reshuffle will test Opel CEO's turnaround skills OPEL 12/20/13
 GM reshuffle will test Opel CEO's turnaround skills OPEL 12/20/13
 Japanese car exports to U.S. get boost from weak yen CURRENCY 12/20/13
 Toyota Europe CEO plans profit growth as hybrid-car sales expand TOYOTA 12/20/13
 First Shift: Next-gen Chrysler minivan? VIDEO 12/20/13
 Fiat says Italian plants strategy is showing 'positive' results FIAT 12/20/13
 Lamborghini's next raging bull arrives in spring NEW PRODUCT 12/20/13
 North America car and truck production - 12/23/13 12/20/13
 VW to feature finicky German engineers in Super Bowl spot VW 12/20/13
 Post-holiday push to drive December U.S. sales higher SALES 12/20/13
 GM, Ford extend holiday shutdowns at several N.A. plants PRODUCTION 12/20/13
 Nissan names VW exec Willcox as new Europe head NISSAN 12/20/13
 U.S. still concerned about Russian car levy TRADE 12/20/13
 AutoNews Now: How self-driving cars 'see' VIDEO 12/20/13
 Tesla retail model faces new legal challenge in Ohio TESLAS RETAIL CHALLENGE 12/19/13
 Customer Incentives 12/19/13
 Honda to introduce redesigned Fit, Acura TLX in Detroit HONDA 12/19/13
 Cuba opens up sale of new, used vehicles RETAIL 12/19/13
 Mazda rotary gets new lease on life MAZDA 12/19/13
 Dealertrack to buy in $1 billion deal DEALERS 12/19/13
 First Shift: What's new in small Hondas VIDEO 12/19/13
 TI Automotive near deal to sell to Bain for $2 billion, report says SUPPLIERS 12/19/13
 Fisker won't build cars at former GM plant, Del. senator says FISKER 12/19/13
 Daimler will take 5% stake in Aston Martin in cooperation pact ASTON MARTIN 12/19/13
 Honda will launch Euro-version of Vezel crossover in 2015 HONDA 12/19/13
 Audi's top designer Egger will move to Italdesign on Feb. 1 AUDI 12/19/13
 AutoNews Now: Cuba car-buying revolution VIDEO 12/19/13
 Honda bets big on small Vezel crossover, eyes turbo for U.S. HONDA 12/19/13
 EU launches WTO dispute against Brazil to challenge car taxes TRADE 12/19/13
 U.S. medium & heavy truck sales, November & YTD 12/19/13
 Playboy car dealer gets 7 years for stealing millions 12/19/13
 What car models fly off dealers' lots? 12/19/13
 U.S. asks if car dealers ganged up on shopping website TrueCar 12/19/13
 Tesla vs. 'Te Si La': Brand's Chinese launch hits a snag TESLA 12/19/13
 Daimler to acquire Aston Martin stake under technology, engine pact ASTON MARTIN 12/19/13
 Chrysler plans new product at Windsor, Ontario, plant, report says CHRYSLER 12/19/13
 Audi's top designer Egger will move to Italdesign on Feb. 1 AUDI 12/19/13
 Mercedes plans long-wheelbase C class for China MERCEDES 12/19/13
 Martinrea shares fall after supplier misreports income SUPPLIERS 12/19/13
 Toyota Camry regains Consumer Reports' favor after crash test results TOYOTA 12/19/13
 Kia preps sports car concept for Detroit KIA 12/18/13
 Notice to readers F&I 12/18/13
 Fewer cash buyers, more F&I opportunity F&I 12/18/13
 Mercedes names Fulton head of U.S. financial unit F&I 12/18/13
 Credit clinics are about selling, helping F&I 12/18/13
 The lender lineup: How many is too many? LENDERS 12/18/13
 Why Toyota Financial took its time to launch branded tire-and-wheel F&I 12/18/13
 Auto lending outlook positive for 2014 F&I 12/18/13
 To sell service plans, remind customers about insurance hikes F&I 12/18/13
 Tougher criteria thin ranks of IIHS' top safety picks SAFETY 12/18/13
 Ford predicts 2014 profit drop on busiest year for new models FORD 12/18/13
 Prius tops Consumer Reports' cost-per-mile study TOYOTA 12/18/13
 Estimated Europe registrations by country, Nov. & YTD 12/18/13
 GM workers hit by Australia exit to be supported by $89 million fund GM 12/18/13
 Record U.S. auto exports fill ships, help carmakers with costs MANUFACTURING 12/18/13
 BorgWarner buys German exhaust-gas technology specialist SUPPLIER 12/18/13
 JCI estimates per-share profit will grow to $3.15-3.30 next fiscal year SUPPLIERS 12/18/13
 Toyota seeks more input from multicultural ad agencies TOYOTA 12/18/13
 F&I and the female work force, what an attraction F&I 12/18/13
 The Chicken War: Mercedes, Jaguar battle to rule the roost MARKETING 12/18/13
 Estimated Europe registrations by make, Nov. & YTD 12/18/13
 Former Chrysler exec Eberhardt named president of Jaguar Land Rover N.A. JAGUAR 12/18/13
 Chevy U.S. marketing boss Chris Perry resigns GM 12/18/13
 Automakers call for backup in quest to align EU, U.S. safety standards TRADE 12/18/13
 Delphi helps keep the new Range Rover safe ANECUTAWAY 12/18/13
 Audi will increase spending on new models, plants to catch BMW, report says AUDI 12/18/13
 First Shift: Prius called best value VIDEO 12/18/13
 Former Chrysler exec Eberhardt named president of Jaguar Land Rover N.A. JAGUAR 12/18/13
 China decides not to renew tariffs on U.S.-made vehicles CHINA 12/18/13
 Tesla Model S charging system may have started garage blaze, fire dept. says TESLA 12/18/13
 AutoNews Now: Safety mandate coming? VIDEO 12/18/13
 Volvo readies concept to preview next XC90 VOLVO 12/17/13
 Hyundai gears up for the 2014 World Cup 12/17/13
 Mercedes names Fulton head of U.S. financial unit MERCEDES 12/17/13
 Fiat takes aim at Daimler to win car-sharing customers in Italy FIAT 12/17/13
 How Cooper-Standard plans to seal more M&A deals SUPPLIERS 12/17/13
 Automakers call for backup in quest to align U.S., EU safety standards TRADE 12/17/13
 Mercedes extends work hours to meet demand for S class, other models MERCEDES 12/17/13
 GM to cut S. Korean jobs as Chevy pullout looms in Europe GM 12/17/13
 Microsoft expects to name new CEO in early 2014 FORD 12/17/13
 Chevy hikes ’15 Suburban, Tahoe prices $1,000-$3,000 GM 12/17/13
 Europe car sales up for 3rd month in row, area 'slowly stabilizing' SALES 12/17/13
 European car sales rise as VW, Renault make Nov. gains SALES 12/17/13
 AutoNews Now: Akerson on fixing GM VIDEO 12/17/13
 Toyota returns to Super Bowl with Highlander spot TOYOTA 12/17/13
 Ford rolls out dealer training to its 7,500 global dealers FORD 12/17/13
 First Shift: Chrysler's guessing game VIDEO 12/17/13
 Nissan targets Russia's first-time car buyers with Datsun DATSUN 12/17/13
 Mercedes extends work hours on S-class demand DAIMLER 12/17/13
 UAW wants to eliminate two-tier wage system, official says LABOR 12/17/13
 Ford store's location is strategic asset BEST PRACTICES 12/16/13
 2013 Automotive News Market Classifications 12/16/13
 Tight race for top job at Fiat-Chrysler CHRYSLER-FIAT 12/16/13
 Renault will build SUVs in China with Dongfeng RENAULT 12/16/13
 First Shift: Lincoln MKC price set VIDEO 12/16/13
 The rise and fall of the Finnisher FINNISHER 12/16/13
 North America car and truck production by plant, November 12/16/13
 North America car and truck production by model, November 12/16/13
 A historic rise, but barriers to women remain THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/16/13
 The unchosen few THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/16/13
 Key Barra asset: Battle-tested communication skills THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/16/13
 The old GM on the new CEO THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/16/13
 Data mining, ad targeting to tease dealers in 2014 DATA MINING 12/16/13
 VW looks inward to solve U.S. sales puzzle VOLKSWAGEN 12/16/13
 Ford 'lifers' get second chance as CEO readies exit FORD 12/16/13
 Mulally-Microsoft buzz seen as overshadowing Ford vehicle introductions in busy 2014 FORD 12/16/13
 Tight race for top job at Chrysler-Fiat CHRYSLER-FIAT 12/16/13
 2015 Lincoln MKC crossover priced below rivals FORD 12/16/13
 Database tracks parts through auto supply chain SUPPLIERS 12/16/13
 Renault will build SUVs in China with Dongfeng RENAULT 12/16/13
 Toyota weighs adding truck capacity TOYOTA 12/16/13
 CEO's legacy: Strong profits, products THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/16/13
 First look at the new C class MERCEDES-BENZ 12/16/13
 Suppliers shed struggling noncore units CORE 12/16/13
 Dodge Viper probe closed by U.S. regulators SAFETY 12/16/13
 Mazda U.S. dealer network faces shake-up MAZDA 12/16/13
 GM to invest $1.3 billion in 5 assembly, powertrain plants GM 12/16/13
 2015 Mercedes C class moves upscale in features MERCEDES 12/16/13
 How tale of heroism turned into trouble for Houston dealership DEALERS 12/16/13
 '14 Highlander: Same engines, much more juice HIGHLANDER 12/16/13
 Time to revive the Rampage? RAMPAGE 12/16/13
 A busy week at General Motors THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/16/13
 Car supply hits 17-year monthly high CAR SUPPLY 12/16/13
 New generation must maintain the momentum THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/16/13
 Akerson cleared the path; Barra must forge ahead THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/16/13
 AutoNation boss Jackson to join Atlanta Fed board of directors FINAL ASSEMBLY 12/16/13
 Might the GM shuffle have ripples at Chrysler-Fiat? FINAL ASSEMBLY 12/16/13
 Ex-Chevy vet Dewar shifts to NASCAR FINAL ASSEMBLY 12/16/13
 BMW's Willisch: A farm boy who wears Hermes ties BMW 12/16/13
 Honda commits to 2nd-gen Ridgeline RIDGELINE 12/16/13
 Strickland resigns as NHTSA boss STRICKLAND 12/16/13
 Auctions serve multiple partners AUCTIONS 12/16/13
 More choice for rep management DEALERS 12/16/13
 Stop the phony 'sales' EDITORIAL 12/16/13
 VW: Fast feedback lifts quality FEEDBACK 12/16/13
 Dealers DEALER AWARDS 12/16/13
 European suppliers seize new U.S. opportunities MUBEA 12/16/13
 2008 Timeline: Dark December 5 YEARS LATER 12/16/13
 New Mercedes C class moves upscale in features MERCEDES 12/16/13
 Mercedes-Benz names Exler head of U.S. sales MERCEDES 12/16/13
 Akerson in D.C.: GM still has 'a lot to prove' GM 12/16/13
 AutoNews Now: GM investing in 5 plants VIDEO 12/16/13
 GM CEO sees greater 'bandwidth' for paying dividends in 2014 GM 12/16/13
 Mitsubishi chief: Automaker's growth starts now OSAMU MASUKO 12/16/13
 Nissan recalls some Infiniti Q50 sedans with steer-by-wire software glitch INFINITI 12/16/13
 GM raises the bar on dealership bonus program BONUS 12/16/13
 'Resilient' Fiat dealer Lisa Copeland's rise VIDEO 12/16/13
 From 'lifeline' to 'worst' fear: How the rescue was viewed 5 YEARS LATER 12/15/13
 Holden name won't die when production ends in Australia FINAL ASSEMBLY 12/15/13
 Heroic tale turns into trouble for Houston dealership FINNISHER 12/15/13
 GM's grueling comeback sets the stage for new CEO to think big THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/14/13
 Suppliers race to hire engineers HIRING 12/14/13
 Toyota wants to keep drivers in control TOYOTA 12/14/13
 Who moved the beef? A tale of flux at GM THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/14/13
 Michelin recalls 1.2 million tires in U.S. SUPPLIERS 12/14/13
 Polish-Canadians aim to awaken a sleeping mermaid AUTOMAKERS 12/13/13
 Audi to showcase A3 sedan in Super Bowl spot AUDI 12/13/13
 AutoNews Now: What's driving MPG gains VIDEO 12/13/13
 Ford joins quest to bring driverless cars to the market FORD 12/13/13
 GM yet to reap full benefits of PSA alliance, European partnerships GM 12/13/13
 First Shift: Nissan poised for MPG title VIDEO 12/13/13
 VW may build Seat SUV at Skoda plant SEAT 12/13/13
 Magna Steyr expects to boost auto output to 140,000 MAGNA 12/13/13
 VW group sales rise 4% boosted by China, U.S. demand VOLKSWAGEN GROUP 12/13/13
 Plastic Omnium opens China technical center SUPPLIER 12/13/13
 VW replaces Browning as U.S. boss with company veteran VW 12/13/13
 Chevrolet sweeps Autoweek's 2014 Best of the Best awards GM 12/13/13
 VW recalls 3,837 Jetta Hybrids to replace gearbox oil VW 12/13/13
 Honda recalls 19,197 Acura MDX SUVs to inspect, repair propeller shaft HONDA 12/13/13
 North America car and truck production - 12/16/13 12/13/13
 Peugeot shares slump after GM move to sell 7% stake GM 12/13/13
 Toyota to begin settlement talks over acceleration suits TOYOTA 12/13/13
 Building blocks and cars aren't just boys' toys anymore THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/13/13
 2015 Chrysler 200 spied; photos surface CHRYSLER 12/13/13
 Certified used-vehicle sales, Nov. & YTD 12/12/13
 Ford plans to add thousands of jobs, 3 plants and 23 vehicles FORD 12/12/13
 GM yet to reap full benefits of Peugeot alliance, European partnerships GM 12/12/13
 Federal-Mogul names new CFO SUPPLIERS 12/12/13
 Strickland stepping down as head of NHTSA NHTSA 12/12/13
 EPA says fuel economy of 2012 models sold in U.S. hit record 23.6 mpg FUEL ECONOMY 12/12/13
 Firm created by Microsoft co-founder invests $30M in TrueCar MARKETING 12/12/13
 General Motors sells Ally stake for $900 million GM 12/12/13
 Ford board to press Mulally on future plans, report says MULALLY 12/12/13
 Hyundai aims higher with new i10 HYUNDAI 12/12/13
 GM to sell PSA stake GM 12/12/13
 Browning quits as head of VW of America VW 12/12/13
 First Shift: Spotlight on Mulally's future VIDEO 12/12/13
 Toyota wants TNGA platform to close gap with VW, Hyundai TOYOTA 12/12/13
 Daimler focuses on pricing over volume in China PRICING 12/12/13
 Skoda sales rise 5% in Nov. on strong demand for new Octavia SKODA 12/12/13
 Guide to Global Automotive Partnerships - Dec. 2013 12/12/13
 Canada light-vehicle sales by model, Nov. & YTD 12/12/13
 In Japan, Honda pegs wage hikes to profit despite government appeals HONDA 12/12/13
 Mercedes warns dealers of tight CLA supplies MERCEDES 12/12/13
 Hyundai preps Super Bowl pitches for Genesis, Elantra HYUNDAI 12/12/13
 AutoNews Now: Day of shakeups, sell-offs ... VIDEO 12/12/13
 Batey to remain head of Chevy as he becomes GM N.A. president THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/12/13
 Ford joins driverless car stampede FORD 12/12/13
 Daimler to name ex-BMW CEO Pischetsrieder to supervisory board, report says DAIMLER 12/12/13
 Hyundai reveals Europe-designed Intrado fuel cell concept HYUNDAI 12/12/13
 SGL says up to 300 jobs affected by cost-cutting program SUPPLIER 12/12/13
 A Range Rover, a ski jump and a leap of faith LAND ROVER 12/12/13
 GM gives PSA backing for Dongfeng deal ALLIANCES 12/12/13
 No car? No problem for Lexus ad spot TOYOTA 12/12/13
 Opel, PSA end plans for shared subcompact platform OPEL 12/12/13
 GM to unload 7% stake in French automaker PSA Peugeot GM 12/12/13
 Canada light-vehicle sales by make, Nov. & YTD 12/12/13
 Browning out as head of VW of America; Michael Horn named president and CEO VW 12/12/13
 AutoNews Now: Reshaping the General VIDEO 12/11/13
 Westlake's dealership, prime-risk push pays off F&I 12/11/13
 Regulation stays on F&I forefront for 2014 F&I 12/11/13
 TD Auto pares dealership network F&I 12/11/13
 GM exodus would put Australian auto industry near extinction THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/11/13
 First Shift: Barra to lead elite club THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/11/13
 Ally Financial Reinforces its Commitment to Mobility Distributors, Consumers by Joining BraunAbility's Finance Provider Network F&I 12/11/13
 Infiniti Q50 offers auto first: steer-by-wire INFINITI 12/11/13
 BMW said to mull first engine plant in U.S. or Mexico BMW 12/11/13
 Ford exec blames Chevy Europe's downfall on 'mixed messages' FORD 12/11/13
 Hyundai says it will not defend Europe market share at all costs HYUNDAI 12/11/13
 BMW said to mull first engine plant in U.S. or Mexico BMW 12/11/13
 Barra's promotion to GM CEO welcomed in Germany OPEL 12/11/13
 Toyota targets 5,000 to 10,000 fuel cell sales a year TOYOTA 12/11/13
 Toyota Financial Services Helps Customers Survive the Mean Streets of Potholes, Nails, Blowouts, and Other Dreaded Road Hazards F&I 12/11/13
 Next GM president Ammann aims to prove he is not just a 'bean counter' GENERAL MOTORS 12/11/13
 Incoming GM CEO Barra seen as winner early in career GM 12/11/13
 Briton Batey to head GM's most profitable region GM 12/11/13
 Why dealers should hire teachers, not tech guys, to deliver cars SERVICE 12/11/13
 Pony car offers plenty of F&I opportunities F&I 12/11/13
 GM doesn't owe $450M in retiree medical benefits, judge rules GM 12/11/13
 Former GM exec Brent Dewar named NASCAR COO EXECUTIVE 12/11/13
 PSA and Dongfeng agree deal outline, report says ALLIANCES 12/11/13
 Customer Incentives 12/11/13
 Porsche sales rise 10% in November on strong China, Europe demand PORSCHE 12/10/13
 U.S. sells last of GM shares, ending 'Government Motors' era GM 12/10/13
 France's Air Liquide plans for long-term growth in hydrogen-powered cars FUEL CELL VEHICLE 12/10/13
 2013 Guide to Automotive Partnerships AUTOMAKERS 12/10/13
 Chinese cities limit car sales but growth is still possible REGULATION 12/10/13
 Golf demand helps boost VW-brand sales 3% in Nov. VOLKSWAGEN 12/10/13
 Mercedes tops Audi in Nov. global sales; BMW defends luxury lead SALES 12/10/13
 Turkish auto output rises 12% in November PRODUCTION 12/10/13
 Stingray, Cadillac CTS, Mazda3 named 'Car of Year' finalists; Cherokee, Silverado, Acura MDX are top trucks FUTURE PRODUCT 12/10/13
 Fisker's quick sale through bankruptcy remains on track FISKER 12/10/13
 Pioneers reflect on the meaning of Barra's promotion THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 Looking forward to 2015’s 100 Leading Women THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 GM blazes a new trail with a product expert as CEO THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 Barra: Disciplined and determined to change GM’s ways THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 GM's Akerson: 'We had to right the ship' THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 Reuss hands key North America reins to Batey THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 Teddy Roosevelt, engineering rises again and 'girl power' -- what people are saying about GM moves THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 RECAP: GM's executive changes THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 GM names Barra as CEO, succeeding Akerson THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 Promotions of Barra, Reuss, Batey receive dealers' praise THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 AutoNews Now: Barra shatters 'glass ceiling' THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/10/13
 Chevy's viral hits kick off holiday season 12/10/13
 U.S. car and light-truck inventories, on Dec. 1 12/10/13
 GM account gets new lead executive at media buyer Carat GM 12/10/13
 Group 1 buys 5 Ga. dealerships DEALERS 12/10/13
 GM names Barra as CEO, succeeding Akerson GM 12/10/13
 GM Holden asks for help as it considers future in Australia GM 12/10/13
 First Shift: A new era for GM VIDEO 12/10/13
 Honda commits to second generation Ridgeline pickup HONDA 12/10/13
 GM to end vehicle, engine manufacturing in Australia GM 12/10/13
 Asbury appoints new CFO EXECUTIVE 12/10/13
 Former Cummins CEO Solso will become GM's nonexecutive chairman GM 12/10/13
 How salespeople erode ties with the finance office FINANCE AND INSURANCE 12/09/13
 Doing business in the age of technology, transparency INSURANCE 12/09/13
 4 old-school F&I tactics that experts say must go F&I 12/09/13
 F&I managers, credit unions make peace F&I 12/09/13
 Credit clinics are about selling, helping CREDIT 12/09/13
 Webinar series looks at vital '14 F&I issues ACCESS F&I 12/09/13
 The silver lining in the industry's tiff with the CFPB CFPB 12/09/13
 Sales staff handles F&I, store thrives FINANCE AND INSURANCE 12/09/13
 Should sales staff initiate F&I? SALES 12/09/13
 The lender lineup: How many is too many? LENDERS 12/09/13
 Lean, healthy Ally Financial moves toward stock offering ALLY 12/09/13
 Hyundai strips arbitration clause from warranty HYUNDAI 12/09/13
 Employees come first for refugee dealer Girjel BEST PRACTICES 12/09/13
 U.S. Fleet Sales, Nov. & YTD 12/09/13
 Ghosn says Nissan might build Datsuns in Mexico MEXICO 12/09/13
 Sources: Lichte to replace Egger at Audi AUDI 12/09/13
 Ghosn: Nissan must raise the bar for design, quality NISSAN 12/09/13
 Sprinter awd van likely in U.S. by 2015 MERCEDES-BENZ 12/09/13
 U.S. safety agency may expand Hyundai Elantra airbag recall HYUNDAI 12/09/13
 Detroit auto show's app accesses world auto shows DETROIT 12/09/13
 Russia car sales fall for 9th consecutive month RUSSIA 12/09/13
 First Shift: Buying car with 'Bitcoins' VIDEO 12/09/13
 Study: GM, Chrysler bailouts generated 8-to-1 savings BAILOUT 12/09/13
 U.S. sells last of GM shares, ending 'Government Motors' era THE BARRA ERA AT GM 12/09/13
 Inside, loads of tech and efficient use of space 2015 MUSTANG 12/09/13
 An image-booster for Europe, but no big numbers MUSTANG 12/09/13
 A Mustang makeover guide MUSTANG 12/09/13
 Will new pony car attract global buyers? MUSTANG 12/09/13
 Humans optional: A vending-machine concept to sell used cars CARVANA 12/09/13
 Designer: '15 version 'Lower, wider, more exotic' 2015 MUSTANG 12/09/13
 AutoNews Now: Kia's Soul-selling sprint VIDEO 12/09/13
 Left-hand-drive lineup stifles GM in Japan GM 12/09/13
 Saab targets China as 9-3 output resumes SAAB 12/09/13
 Subaru sticks with plan to expand in Indiana SUBARU 12/09/13
 Facebook exec joins speakers FACEBOOK 12/09/13
 Speedy exit of China boss was in the master plan, GM says CHINA 12/09/13
 Fortune helps Musk continue his banner year ELON MUSK 12/09/13
 McDowell to retire as BMW shifts N.A. leaders BMW 12/09/13
 2015 Corvette Stingray Z06 will debut at Detroit auto show CORVETTE 12/09/13
 Detroit-bound concept previews next-gen Audi TT AUDI 12/09/13
 Audi to join small-crossover club in 2016 with sporty Q1 AUDI 12/09/13
 Jag joins the crossover club JAGUAR 12/09/13
 Ford gives 2015 Mustang a fastback 2015 MUSTANG 12/09/13
 Elmiraj's buff book buzz is nice, but the brass buzz is even better ELMIRAJ 12/09/13
 Saleen plans to develop EV ELECTRIC VEHICLES 12/09/13
 Nissan tests new Leaf battery recipe NISSAN 12/09/13
 California proposes regs for self-driving-car tests SELF-DRIVING 12/09/13
 After long delay, a big start for the Jeep Cherokee JEEP 12/09/13
 U.S. sales through November 2013 RIVALRIES 12/09/13
 GM, Chrysler sales lifted by strong demand SALES 12/09/13
 Camry poised to keep No. 1 spot in the U.S. Nick Bunkley CAMRY 12/09/13
 Quirky BuzzFeed lists lure millennials, car marketers SOCIAL MEDIA 12/09/13
 NADA guide: '08-'09 prices will stay firm NADA 12/09/13
 Dealers DEALER AWARDS 12/09/13
 Dealership buy and sell DEALERSHIPS 12/09/13
 A missed opportunity for GM, or a fresh start? CHEVROLET 12/09/13
 OEMs press Alcoa to share aluminum-bonding process MANUFACTURING 12/09/13
 Acura gets more out of RLX hybrid motors ACURA 12/09/13
 Lexus: No interest in $30,000 models LEXUS 12/09/13
 Volvo eases pressure for upgrades VOLVO 12/09/13
 Likely from Santa: Soaring SAAR for December, big '14 SALES 12/09/13
 Ohio dealer shuns status quo VIDEO 12/09/13
 Japanese auto leaders stand strong as survivors FRIENDSHIP 12/09/13
 2014 Rising Star nominations sought PEOPLE 12/09/13
 Bosch sees big opportunity for lithium ion batteries LITHIUM ION 12/09/13
 A wolf in sheep's clothing KEITH CRAIN 12/09/13
 GM's wise move EDITORIAL 12/09/13
 Kia's race to sell off '13 Souls KIA 12/09/13
 Industry must steer clear of the off-lease trap GM's wise move EDITORIAL 12/09/13
 JCI tech chief predicts 5kg weight cut for front seats JOHNSON CONTROLS 12/09/13
 Ford is right not to follow Fiat 500 with new Ka FORD 12/09/13
 Audi's sales rise 7% in November on China, U.S. demand AUDI 12/09/13
 Audi concept hints at small crossover AUDI 12/09/13
 Fiat said to invest 9 billion euros to end Europe dip, revive Italy plants FIAT 12/09/13
 Want to sell a vehicle? Attach a video BEST PRACTICES 12/09/13
 At high end, Germans waging a war of roar LUXURY 12/08/13
 Star power still sells -- if choice is smart MARKETING 12/08/13
 SS puts Chevy back in rwd sedan segment for duel with SRTs SS 12/08/13
 PSA mulls closing lines at 2 French plants PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN 12/08/13
 Car hacking: Remote possibility, looming fear THE BELTWAY 12/07/13
 GM wins conquests through Costco COSTCO 12/07/13
 M-B prepares to update dealership standards MERCEDES-BENZ 12/07/13
 Audi seeks edge in global sales race with non-blinding high beams TECHNOLOGY 12/07/13
 BMW has high hopes for i3 BMW 12/06/13
 Chevrolet pullback in Europe will end Opel, Vauxhall overlap GM 12/06/13
 Ghosn's quest for 10% U.S. Nissan share VIDEO 12/06/13
 Audi teases tiny crossover for Detroit show AUDI 12/06/13
 AutoNews Now: Lexus sits out price war VIDEO 12/06/13
 Wilbur Ross will postpone IPO for supplier IAC, report says SUPPLIERS 12/06/13
 GM's massive missed opportunity in Europe CHEVROLET 12/06/13
 Volvo sales up 6% in Nov. on China, Europe boost VOLVO 12/06/13
 Nissan presses Jatco to end CVT glitches JATCO 12/06/13
 GM's massive missed opportunity in Europe CHEVROLET 12/06/13
 First Shift: Akerson tackles 'retro GM' VIDEO 12/06/13
 Customer Incentives 12/06/13
 GM considers shipping more South Korean exports to Australia, report says GM 12/06/13
 Toyota begins production of 2014 Highlander in Indiana TOYOTA 12/06/13
 Auto industry remembers Mandela; 'an inspiration and example to us all' EXECUTIVES 12/06/13
 Renewable fuel backers try to change EPA's mind at hearing FUEL 12/06/13
 Average new-vehicle mileage rises to 24.8 mpg SALES 12/06/13
 North America car and truck production - 12/09/13 12/06/13
 Chevrolet aims 2015 Corvette Z06 at Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R GM 12/06/13
 PSA's Varin will succeed Marchionne as ACEA president AUTOMAKERS 12/06/13
 REACTION: Twitter users weigh in on 2015 Mustang MUSTANG 12/05/13
 Ford plans to launch new Ka in Europe in 2015 FORD 12/05/13
 GM to drop Chevrolet in Europe to focus on Opel GENERAL MOTORS 12/05/13
 Toyota moves closer to wireless charging TOYOTA 12/05/13
 GM's Holden may exit Australia as early as 2016, reports say GM 12/05/13
 Mulally to stay 'through the end of 2014,' Edsel Ford II says FORD 12/05/13
 Jaguar Land Rover to start Brazil output in 2016 JAGUAR 12/05/13
 Mulally staying 'through the end of 2014,' Edsel Ford II says FORD 12/05/13
 Ford says a convertible 2015 Mustang is on the way, too FORD 12/05/13
 Honda offers dealers cash if December sales top 2012 levels HONDA 12/05/13
 First Shift: Chevy to exit Europe VIDEO 12/05/13
 More than half of new-car shoppers would consider CPO, study says FORD 12/05/13
 Chevy pullback in Europe will end Opel, Vauxhall overlap GM 12/05/13
 GM's Holden may exit Australia as early as 2016, local reports say GM 12/05/13
 AutoNews Now: Mustang's big moment VIDEO 12/05/13
 Toyota moves closer to wireless charging TOYOTA 12/05/13
 Turkey's Inci aims to be top 100 supplier by 2023 SUPPLIERS 12/05/13
 BMW promotes two European execs to key U.S. roles BMW 12/05/13
 Mercedes sales rise 11% in November on robust China, U.S. demand MERCEDES-BENZ 12/05/13
 Renault-Dongfeng joint venture approved by China regulator RENAULT 12/05/13
 BMW i3 London test drive easier to arrange than expected BMW 12/05/13
 Fiat's loveless marriage to Alfa ALFA ROMEO 12/05/13
 GM likely to cut Korea output by nearly 20% in 2015, researcher says GM 12/05/13
 Wilbur Ross will postpone IPO for supplier IAC, report says SUPPLIERS 12/05/13
 U.S. to help China crack down on vehicle emissions REGULATION 12/05/13
 Did jailed New York auto dealer Pat Bombard pay elderly woman $48,000, or is he going to state prison? 12/05/13
 Car dealer charged in $1.6M fraud 12/05/13
 Renault-Dongfeng JV approved by China regulator RENAULT 12/05/13
 Ford sees Mustang as image booster in Europe FORD 12/05/13
 Soft, evocative, fused and masterful: What people are saying about '15 Mustang FORD 12/05/13
 Ford Mustang repolished for 2015 with global ambitions FORD 12/05/13
 From Shanghai to Times Square, Mustang stampedes in 6-part spectacle FORD 12/05/13
 Audi's top designer Egger will move to Italdesign, reports say AUDI 12/05/13
 Tesla's plan to sell in Ohio dodges bullet TESLAS RETAIL CHALLENGE 12/04/13
 Auto payments hold flat in Q3 F&I 12/04/13
 CarFinance Capital continues expansion F&I 12/04/13
 Behind the dealer push to hold credit clinics F&I 12/04/13
 Big off-lease battle brewing F&I 12/04/13
 A word of caution about F&I posts F&I 12/04/13
 Mercedes CLA helps widen U.S. luxury-sales lead over BMW SALES 12/04/13
 F&I Express® Adds Universal Lenders - ZERO Plan to Its Aftermarket eContracting Platform F&I 12/04/13
 Goose meets gander in UAW's proposed dues boost UAW 12/04/13
 Customer cash hurts residuals more than finance, lease incentives, NADA finds RETAIL 12/04/13
 General Motors said to plan sale of stake in Ally, report says GM 12/04/13
 AutoNation new-vehicle sales rise 13% SALES 12/04/13
 China car lobby opposes move to ease restrictions on foreign automakers CHINA 12/04/13
 GM to invest $24 million to convert landfill gas to electricity at 2 plants GM 12/04/13
 GM gets investment from Hayman Capital as U.S. exits, report says GM 12/04/13
 Coming Thursday: The 2015 Ford Mustang FORD 12/04/13
 Saleen planning to develop EV, show models early in 2014 GREEN CARS 12/04/13
 Ford redesigns Camaro-chasing Mustang to woo global buyers FORD 12/04/13
 Nissan increases reliance on UK execs, Sunderland plant NISSAN 12/04/13
 Lamborghini parts ways with U.S. boss LAMBORGHINI 12/04/13
 Peugeot 504: A French warhorse in Africa PSA/PEUGEOT-CITROEN 12/04/13
 PSA's hits and one miss PSA/PEUGEOT-CITROEN 12/04/13
 China car lobby opposes move to ease restrictions on foreign automakers CHINA 12/04/13
 How PSA and France ran out of gas PSA PEUGEOT CTIROEN 12/04/13
 PSA versus Ford in a tale of two layoffs PSA/PEUGEOT-CITROEN 12/04/13
 First Shift: November winners, losers VIDEO 12/04/13

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