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   Data TitleIssue Date 
 North America, Europe demand boosts Magna's Q1 profit 05/08/14
 Tesla faces new hurdle as Missouri weighs direct sales ban TESLAS RETAIL CHALLENGE 05/08/14
 Fiat Chrysler headquarters will be in London, Marchionne says FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/08/14
 Hyundai, Honda execs prepared for more scrutiny on safety THE GM RECALL 05/08/14
 Omnicom, Publicis call off proposed $35 billion ad merger 05/08/14
 Mulally says 'no regrets' as Ford shareholders cheer him 05/08/14
 GM recalls 2014 Malibus, LaCrosses THE GM RECALL 05/08/14
 Toyota move yields political fallout in Calif. 05/08/14
 North America, Europe demand boosts Magna's Q1 profit 05/08/14
 GM asks Texas court to bar depositions of executives THE GM RECALL 05/08/14
 Jeep brings back summer -- and Michael Jackson -- in new push 05/08/14
 DealerSocket, Vista Equity Partners in investment talks 05/08/14
 Tesla shares fall 11% day after posting Q1 loss 05/08/14
 Visteon Q1 revenue up 7% as vehicle demand rises 05/08/14
 Ghosn aims for No. 3 spot for Renault-Nissan 05/08/14
 Ghosn aims for No. 3 spot for Renault-Nissan 05/08/14
 First Shift: Penalty cuts Toyota earnings VIDEO 05/08/14
 VW may be ready to give its SUV a home 05/08/14
 Toyota fourth-quarter earnings hit by U.S. settlement 05/08/14
 Used-vehicle prices rise on strong retail demand, fewer off-rental units 05/08/14
 AutoNews Now: A big score for Jeep VIDEO 05/08/14
 Never use 'best' to describe finance rate 05/07/14
 Outsmart the fake pay stub F&I 05/07/14
 How one Texas dealer harnesses scanners to thwart ID theft F&I 05/07/14
 Ally boosts used-car loans, diversifies business 05/07/14
 Tenn. Chrysler store wins dismissal of suit for 'finance' fraud F&I 05/07/14
 U.S. car and light-truck inventories, on May 1 05/07/14
 Dealer reserve is here to stay … right? F&I 05/07/14
 Fiat Chrysler will need more cash to reach targets, analysts say 05/07/14
 Marchionne asks for 3 more years of patience 05/07/14
 NHTSA won't urge GM drivers to park recalled cars THE GM RECALL 05/07/14
 Fiat stock tumbles as investors question Marchionne's plan FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/07/14
 U-M to build 'simulated urban environment' to test connected cars 05/07/14
 Tesla should ditch carmaking business for batteries, bond manager says 05/07/14
 Fiat targets doubling profit by 2018 on upscale models 05/07/14
 Fiat stock tumbles as investors question Marchionne's plan 05/07/14
 First Shift: Marchionne to 'stay the plan' VIDEO 05/07/14
 Nissan's next EVs: More mainstream, better battery 05/07/14
 Daimler resumes production at Mercedes plant in Hungary after bomb threat 05/07/14
 PSA names new chiefs for Citroen and DS brands 05/07/14
 For a new GM culture, pinpoint responsibility THE GM RECALL 05/07/14
 Schaeffler refinances 3.5 billion euros of debt 05/07/14
 Sergio's open playbook 05/07/14
 UK new-car sales rise 8% in April 05/07/14
 Illinois' red light on Sunday car sales 05/07/14
 Car dealers lose millions in flood 05/07/14
 As economy slows, Chinese expect used-car sales to blossom 05/07/14
 Marchionne asks for 3 more years of patience FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/07/14
 Ford to buy back $1.8 billion in stock 05/07/14
 AutoNews Now: Moments with Marchionne VIDEO 05/07/14
 Canada light-vehicle sales by make, April & YTD 05/07/14
 Canada light-vehicle sales by nameplate, April & YTD 05/07/14
 U.S. Fleet Sales, April & YTD 05/07/14
 GM hires former PR head Harris to help with recall crisis THE GM RECALL 05/07/14
 Tesla posts Q1 net loss of $49.8 million 05/07/14
 Gannett mulls bid for all of, report says 05/07/14
 Sergio's open playbook FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 GM’s China April sales rise at slowest pace in 14 months 05/06/14
 Marchionne follows the money 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler targets Europe, Africa, Mideast for double-digit sales growth FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler predicts average N.A. dealership will sell 798 units in 2018 FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Chrysler brand to double lineup, become Fiat Chrysler's 'mainstream North American' marque FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler maps out expanded N.A. production, sales FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Chrysler brand gets biggest push in Marchionne's overhaul FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Jeep to expand global lineup, production FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Ram delays major changes to pickup until 2017 FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler to replace 4-cylinder engines with new powertrain family FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler aims to save $2.1 billion on parts standardization FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Dodge boss Kuniskis takes charge of SRT performance line FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Dodge will 'purify' brand, drop Grand Caravan FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Ferrari to refresh models but cap sales FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Fiat brand to add crossover, specialty vehicle in North America FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler to invest $7 billion to grow Alfa Romeo FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Maserati to add Alfieri coupe in 2016, cabrio in 2017 FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 GM recalls 56,214 Saturn Auras for transmission cable issue THE GM RECALL 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler targets Europe, Africa, Mideast for double-digit sales growth FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 ADESA's online, dealer-owned vehicle sales rise 05/06/14
 KPMG acquires majority of corporate turnaround firm BBK 05/06/14
 Porsche plans sporty Cayenne coupe to rival BMW X6 05/06/14
 Michelin to close truck tire plant in Hungary 05/06/14
 Conti can afford another big acquisition, CFO says 05/06/14
 Tribute video for deceased F1 driver gets clicks 05/06/14
 Marchionne follows the money FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 BMW Group Q1 profit rises 3% on SUVs 05/06/14
 Mercedes' next G class will be wider, greener 05/06/14
 Fiat focuses on profit in Europe 05/06/14
 Ferrari to refresh models but cap sales 05/06/14
 AutoNews Now: Fiat Chrysler war on 'mediocrity' VIDEO 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler projects major boost in U.S. market share FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler targets 850,000 vehicle sales in China in 2018 FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Marchionne to lead Fiat Chrysler through 2018 FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Merger links Lutz's VL with Virginia governor's EV venture 05/06/14
 Congressional probe looks at Barra's, GM executives' links to switch, report says THE GM RECALL 05/06/14
 Mercedes sales rise 14% in April on C-class, compacts 05/06/14
 Alfa to add 8 models as part of 5 billion euro relaunch 05/06/14
 VW Group design boss fears CO2 rules will overcomplicate exteriors 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler targets Europe, Africa, Mideast for double-digit sales growth 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler posts first-quarter net loss, trading profit stable 05/06/14
 Turkish auto sales fall 28% in April 05/06/14
 Fiat Chrysler will 'write a completely new book,' Marchionne says 05/06/14
 Marchionne to lead Fiat Chrysler through 2018 FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Maserati to add Alfieri coupe in 2016, cabrio in 2017 05/06/14
 First Shift: The trouble with Venezuela VIDEO 05/06/14
 Chevy dealer in Arizona being probed for sale of recalled car THE GM RECALL 05/06/14
 Marchionne Q&A: CEO discusses Alfa, aluminum and UAW wages FIVE YEAR PLAN 05/06/14
 Bank turns to flat fee 05/05/14
 Ford suspends vehicle output in Venezuela 05/05/14
 Nokia invests $100 million in car connectivity 05/05/14
 A pretty profit for panned GM pickups 05/05/14
 Another hit to dealers' bottom line? 05/05/14
 French court overturns Mercedes sales ban 05/05/14
 GM's new survey strategy: Keep it short 05/05/14
 As Lincoln dealers yearn, Hyundai's flagship rolls 05/05/14
 GM engineer who led 2012 ignition switch analysis retires THE GM RECALL 05/05/14
 Godzilla pops Fiats like candy in new 30-second commercial 05/05/14
 Nokia to invest $100 million on intelligent-car technology 05/05/14
 Ford recalls 3,976 Super Duty pickups for transmission issue 05/05/14
 Volvo's April sales grow 11% 05/05/14
 After losing Europe as an export market, unit cuts output, eyes new markets 05/05/14
 AutoNation's Pit Stop open to all 05/05/14
 Geniuses smart move for dealers, BMW says 05/05/14
 Record-setting Subaru aims to be top 10 'in everything' 05/05/14
 Nissan brand is prospering, but Munoz wants more 05/05/14
 M-B may split on-, off-road crossovers 05/05/14
 German car sales fall for first time in five months 05/05/14
 Car styling undergoes shake-up 05/05/14
 Marchionne to outline strategy for growth 05/05/14
 French court overturns Mercedes sales ban REGULATION 05/05/14
 Marchionne aims to double Jeep's global sales by 2018 05/05/14
 Jeep wants to double global sales by '18 05/05/14
 First Shift: Global ambitions for Jeep VIDEO 05/05/14
 What's so tempting about Texas to Toyota? TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 05/05/14
 AutoNews Now: Retail giants' latest lures VIDEO 05/05/14
 Infiniti's U.S. boss gets new products, positioning 05/05/14
 Cannon: 'Amazing product' drives Mercedes' sales 05/05/14
 BMW's big recall: 'It's all about the scheduling' 05/05/14
 How VW keeps its products fresh in customers' minds 05/05/14
 16 million? It's looking good 05/05/14
 A great legacy, a smooth transition 05/05/14
 M-B EV targets BMW but takes different course 05/05/14
 Mini diesels may be on way to U.S. 05/05/14
 Marketing chief exits Subaru 05/05/14
 For diehard fans, loving Olds never gets old 05/05/14
 Toyota's making a smart move toward autonomy TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 05/05/14
 Stepping up to serve 05/05/14
 Dealers 05/05/14
 Foxx: Make top NHTSA fine $300M 05/05/14
 Red ribbons fly as Chinese consumers buy 05/05/14
 Startup expects pushback over test-drive centers 05/05/14
 Suppliers to the 2014 Cadillac ELR 05/05/14
 Shops use standard inspections to help boost repair orders 05/05/14
 Foreign brands race to develop vehicles for Chinese consumers 05/05/14
 M-B eyes 350,000 Beijing capacity 05/05/14
 Ford dealers throng training on how to fix aluminum F-150 THE ALUMINUM F-150 05/05/14
 Krafcik driving TrueCar now 05/05/14
 Fuel economy report shows cruisers, stragglers 05/05/14
 Heading to the heart of truck country TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 05/05/14
 Where Toyota goes, will support firms follow? TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 05/05/14
 Audi climbs in April, and Mercedes stays ahead of BMW 05/05/14
 Full-sized pickups outdo U.S. market again in April 05/05/14
 Frank Gesualdo, Chicago dealer group owner, dies at 90 05/05/14
 Land Wind may get blowback from Land Rover 05/05/14
 Sprinter commercial van's cargo claims just didn't hold water 05/05/14
 Texas pols, be careful what you wish for TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 05/05/14
 Will Ford’s transition buck history? 05/05/14
 Kia decides sponsorship of Clippers no longer slam-dunk 05/05/14
 Jaguar Land Rover dealer staff gets taste of luxury 05/05/14
 Alfa Romeo ponders a higher-performance 4C 05/05/14
 Top Kia exec casts doubts on Schreyer's hopes for roadster 05/05/14
 Infiniti, Bartsch take on 'the establishment' VIDEO 05/05/14
 Fields: Ford can't slip to reverse 05/05/14
 Tracking GM engineer's about-face THE GM RECALL 05/05/14
 Sales of green cars down, but great strides in fuel economy 05/05/14
 Hearing the true sound of music in your car 05/05/14
 Rising Stars ready to shine 05/05/14
 Check out the ANE monthly e-magazine 05/05/14
 After losing Europe, GM Korea eyes new markets 05/05/14
 Volvo sales growth continues, boosted by China, Europe 05/05/14
 Ex-Porsche CEO Wiedeking's manipulation-probe ruling appealed 05/05/14
 Skyrocketing store values complicate dealer exits 05/05/14
 How dealer Rick Case thrives on 'wow factors' DEALERS 05/05/14
 Suppliers to the 2014 Ram ProMaster 05/05/14
 Outsource your staffing 05/05/14
 TrueCar expects IPO price of $12-$14 per share 05/05/14
 Dodge, Land Rover, Lamborghini draw youngest new-vehicle buyers, IHS report says 05/05/14
 Tune in for Chrysler's 5-year plan 05/04/14
 GM's ignition switch crisis may bring end to antiquated ignition key THE GM RECALL 05/04/14
 Minority dealers buy stores with Ford loans 05/04/14
 Jeep hitch output starts this week 05/04/14
 Palmer: Infiniti considering a compact crossover 05/04/14
 Politics begins to steer driverless car's future THE BELTWAY 05/04/14
 Toyota looks to Nissan's move – with some concern TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 05/03/14
 Barra gives advice on professional success to graduates THE GM RECALL 05/03/14
 GM recalls almost 52,000 SUVs for engine software THE GM RECALL 05/03/14
 Sonic plans to leave haggling far behind 05/03/14
 Jeep's sales keep climbing in Japan 05/03/14
 Will rivals snap up Toyota talent that stays behind? TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 05/03/14
 ANE monthly e-magazine goes live Monday 05/02/14
 ADAC auto club tests car safety in Germany 05/02/14
 Jaguar Land Rover shares knowledge on aluminum with Mercedes, Audi 05/02/14
 Peugeot sales set to rise fast in China 05/02/14
 Daimler names Brecht as company's top workforce representative 05/02/14
 New Lotus CEO is industry veteran Gales 05/02/14
 Auto recovery takes firmer hold in France 05/02/14
 First Shift: April winners, losers VIDEO 05/02/14
 Japan’s worst auto sales in 16 months show hangover begins 05/02/14
 Dealer wants auto makers to pay for melting dashboards because the parts are defective 05/02/14
 Hendrick to build new car dealership at former Kmart in South Carolina 05/02/14
 Quiz: Toyota's move, Tesla's gigafactories and the L.A. Clippers 05/02/14
 Can I request a Jeep Gladiator in the plan? 05/02/14
 AutoNews Now: Subaru marketing chief leaves VIDEO 05/02/14
 Former Fisker creditors seek OK to file liquidation plan 05/02/14
 Toyota goes where the jets fly TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 05/02/14
 Subaru U.S. marketing chief Evans departs 05/02/14
 U.S. bankruptcy judge urges settlement on GM ignition defects THE GM RECALL 05/02/14
 Visteon pays Cerberus to take control of interiors unit 05/02/14
 American Honda recalls 24,889 Odyssey vans in the U.S. 05/02/14
 American Axle earnings get boost from Jeep Cherokee, Ram pickup 05/02/14
 AutoNation unit sales up 14% in best April since 2006 05/02/14
 Barra's commencement speech is still on, as it should be 05/02/14
 North America car and truck production - 05/05/14 05/02/14
 Production kinks curb supply of GM SUVs, pickups 05/02/14
 GM begins talks over faulty switch claims THE GM RECALL 05/02/14
 Ford's product pipeline will remain full, Fields says 05/02/14
 Marchionne faces tough task in fixing Fiat in Europe 05/02/14
 Porsche to offer 'greener' Macan in UK 05/01/14
 Bill Ford basks in harmonious transition 05/01/14
 GM recalls 2013 Cadillac SRX on lagging acceleration issue 05/01/14
 GM wants customers to agree to suspend suits within 10 days THE GM RECALL 05/01/14
 BorgWarner raises 2014 forecast as Q1 profits rise 12% 05/01/14
 Former Hyundai chief Krafcik named president of TrueCar 05/01/14
 A3 jumps out of the gate for Audi as VW suffers SALES 05/01/14
 Ford cars struggle in April, but pickups, crossovers minimize the damage SALES 05/01/14
 U.S. light-vehicle sales by nameplate, April & YTD 05/01/14
 U.S. total vehicle sales by make, April & YTD 05/01/14
 Nissan sets April record, loses round against Honda SALES 05/01/14
 GM rides trucks and SUVs to 7% April gain SALES 05/01/14
 U.S. light-truck sales, April & YTD 05/01/14
 U.S. car sales, April & YTD 05/01/14
 Playing ‘Pros & Cons’ BLOG 05/01/14
 'Very solid' April drives Toyota to 13% advance SALES 05/01/14
 Japan's worst car sales in 16 months usher in tax hangover 05/01/14
 Canada sales climb 4%; Chrysler, Ford tussle at top SALES 05/01/14
 Chrysler up 14% on Ram, best-ever Jeep sales SALES 05/01/14
 Honda posts first increase of the year SALES 05/01/14
 Miss. dealership devastated by tornado but open for business 05/01/14
 Ford names Fields to replace Mulally as CEO on July 1 05/01/14
 Ally Q1 net income declines in first report since IPO 05/01/14
 Bill Ford basks in harmonious transition 05/01/14
 First Shift: Ford likely to beat jobs goal VIDEO 05/01/14
 UAW can still unionize VW's U.S. plant after failed drive, experts say 05/01/14
 U.S. government says it lost $11.2 billion on GM bailout 05/01/14
 Audi TT, minicars on the rise 05/01/14
 TrelleborgVibracoustic helps cut CO2 in Porsche Macan 05/01/14
 Sweden's Investor will tender Scania stake to VW 05/01/14
 Mitsubishi ends Europe profit drought 05/01/14
 Automotive News SAAR - 2014 05/01/14
 April's U.S. sales story lines: Go-go, so-so and no-no SALES 05/01/14
 AutoNews Now: A green light to lead Ford VIDEO 05/01/14
 Sergio defies skeptics, achieves 5-year plan VIDEO 05/01/14
 Sales rise 8% as spring thaw gains momentum 05/01/14
 GM sweetens incentives to owners of recalled cars, sees sales rise SALES 05/01/14
 Ford names Fields to replace Mulally as CEO on July 1 05/01/14
 Ewanick's Calif. startup wins $27.6M grant for hydrogen filling stations 05/01/14
 Audi climbs; Mercedes keeps slim lead over BMW SALES 05/01/14
 Volvo, Google begin testing self-driving cars on city streets 04/30/14
 Dealers say Italy's EV incentives are flawed 04/30/14
 Bosch sees up to 5% sales growth in 2014 amid strategy shift 04/30/14
 VW's Scania bid nearing success as buyout offer extended 04/30/14
 TFS: Toyota to Establish New North American Headquarters 04/30/14
 VisionMenu adds five more Product Providers to its vRate platform 04/30/14
 Tax refund as down payment? Why not? F&I 04/30/14
 AutoNews Now: Memories of Oldsmobile VIDEO 04/30/14
 U.S. government says it lost $11.2 billion on GM bailout 04/30/14
 Ford likely to exceed pledge to hire 12,000 workers by 2015 04/30/14
 Auto advertising execs reveal what's in their garages 04/30/14
 UAW can still unionize VW plant after failed drive, experts say 04/30/14
 Lead generator expects factory trouble over test drive center at mall 04/30/14
 Revamped Chrysler 200 expected to fuel company's winning streak 04/30/14
 Bosch projects 3-5% sales growth, plans Internet technology push 04/30/14
 Delphi reviewing possible 'improper payments' in China 04/30/14
 Ex-Visteon chief Stebbins named CEO of Superior Industries 04/30/14
 CLEPA CEO Gales steps down 04/30/14
 GM Financial tests prime-risk auto loans F&I 04/30/14
 Make sure customer signatures are valid 04/30/14
 N.Y. regulators sue Condor Capital, accusing it of withholding refunds 04/30/14
 BMO Harris Bank switches to flat fees in fair lending push F&I 04/30/14
 Public retailers reap first-quarter F&I gains F&I 04/30/14
 Test loopholes take gloss off Europe's cleaner cars 04/30/14
 Daimler Q1 profit up on Mercedes compact car demand 04/30/14
 First Shift: Barra saluted for 'courage' VIDEO 04/30/14
 Magna expands Mexico powertrain operations for Audi AWD 04/30/14
 Tenneco profits slip on restructuring moves 04/30/14
 TRW profit rises 23% in Q1; 2014 revenue forecast raised 04/30/14
 Ford launches Transit production at Kansas City plant 04/30/14
 What's left for Torrance? TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 04/30/14
 Mercedes plans 'on-road' SUV line 04/29/14
 BMW joins Mercedes defying Brazil auto-market decline 04/29/14
 Deaths on Europe's roads halve in a decade, report says 04/29/14
 VW to launch 10 green cars in China by 2018 04/29/14
 PSA begins stock sale after Dongfeng, France buy stakes 04/29/14
 Mercedes recalls 284,000 C-class sedans in U.S., Canada for taillight issue 04/29/14
 First Shift: The push to drop ignition keys VIDEO 04/29/14
 Mercedes plans 'on-road' SUV line 04/29/14
 Ode to Olds: Remembering brand a decade later 04/29/14
 GM was reluctant to recall 1.2 million vehicles for airbag issue THE GM RECALL 04/29/14
 AutoNews Now: Winners, losers in Toyota move VIDEO 04/29/14
 Tesla plans at least 2 battery sites in U.S., Musk says 04/29/14
 Volvo, Google begin testing self-driving cars on city streets 04/29/14
 Ford Otosan Q1 net profit rises 15 percent 04/29/14
 Cummins profit up 20%; revenue forecast raised 04/29/14
 Watch Nissan's self-cleaning car in action 04/29/14
 A Brooklyn car dealer agreed to pay nearly $100,000 fine for bogus Hurricane Sandy ads 04/29/14
 Sprinklers put out fire at Boise car dealership 04/29/14
 Buying into Tesla makes point, if not money 04/29/14
 NBA ban on Clippers owner clears path for sponsors Kia, M-B, CarMax to return 04/29/14
 Foxx wants to hike NHTSA penalty cap to $300M 04/29/14
 VW profit jumps 22% in Q1, boosted by Audi, Porsche 04/29/14
 Magna expands Mexico powertrain operations for Audi AWD 04/29/14
 China’s BYD hailed in California as Toyota exits to Texas 04/29/14
 TRW profit rises 23% in Q1; 2014 revenue forecast raised 04/29/14
 Mercedes recalls 284,000 C-class sedans in U.S., Canada for taillight issue 04/29/14
 GM dealers will do a lot of recall repairs, but not all of them THE GM RECALL 04/29/14
 VW Q1 profit jumps 22%, boosted by Audi, Porsche 04/29/14
 Texas politicians: Be careful what you wish for and what you hand out TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 04/29/14
 Toyota's move relied on in-house study rather than Perry pitch TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 04/29/14
 McLaren rules out adding SUVs to its lineup 04/28/14
 Chrysler: No rest despite success 04/28/14
 Ford's Callum steers design on tight road 04/28/14
 Analysts: Lower used-car prices just around corner 04/28/14
 No secrets at Solihull; visitors rush to learn about aluminum THE ALUMINUM F-150 04/28/14
 Kia, M-B dealers and CarMax pull plug on L.A. Clippers sponsorships 04/28/14
 Alfa Romeo will become stand-alone company, sources say 04/28/14
 Alfa will become stand-alone company, sources say 04/28/14
 Lexus NX crossover goal: 2,200 sales per month 04/28/14
 Mulally dangles the possibility of Escort compact's return to U.S. 04/28/14
 50th edition Mustangs: Hot cuz there's not a lot 04/28/14
 Black Book replaces KBB as's used-vehicle value provider 04/28/14
 First Shift: Toyota U.S.A. moving to Texas VIDEO 04/28/14
 Maroone: AutoNation would rather invest in its own brand 04/28/14
 Public retailers want to take the wheel on leads 04/28/14
 Asbury's 'Q auto' stores to sell used cars 04/28/14
 Dealer found liable for fraud, defamation of former manager 04/28/14
 Erlanger office, Toyota's earlier consolidation effort, will be closed 04/28/14
 PSA chief Tavares to keynote Brussels congress 04/28/14
 VW decides on budget car concept and design 04/28/14
 VW readies a rival for Mercedes CLA 04/28/14
 In reality, it's just 1 car at a time 04/28/14
 Tenacity serves Tesla CEO well TESLAS RETAIL CHALLENGE 04/28/14
 Thanks for the look at Wagoner's legacy 04/28/14
 How to bring in buyers 04/28/14
 Expecting a flood of used vehicles? Learn to swim 04/28/14
 Pickups keep GM in the black; Ford expects stronger future 04/28/14
 April 2009 timeline: Cruel month 5 YEARS LATER 04/28/14
 GM beefs up its staff of product investigators THE GM RECALL 04/28/14
 Don Chalmers, former NADA committee chairman, died April 20 04/28/14
 Ford's next CEO is going to grow on you 04/28/14
 At 7 grand a day pretty soon we're talkin' real cash 04/28/14
 Korean heartthrob Kim snarls Beijing auto show floor, shuts out reporters BEIJING AUTO SHOW 04/28/14
 GM's top lawyer is no potted plant THE GM RECALL 04/28/14
 Ford tries to revive C-Max Hybrid sales 04/28/14
 M-B gets tough over customer service scores 04/28/14
 Ultimate car-guy cover boy salutes Barra 04/28/14
 Enlist the help of a shopping consultant 04/28/14
 Retreat at VW now may help UAW later 04/28/14
 PSA chief Tavares will be keynote speaker in Brussels 04/28/14
 Texas dealer sells natural gas, too 04/28/14
 How will Ford build the aluminum F-150? THE ALUMINUM F-150 04/28/14
 Chrysler in 2014 closely resembles what Marchionne said it would 5 years ago 04/28/14
 AutoNews Now: Toyota shifting 4,000 to Texas VIDEO 04/28/14
 Tenneco profits slip on restructuring moves 04/28/14
 Automotive investor returns were flat in the 1st quarter 04/28/14
 Fields' track record shows he has leadership chops to silence critics 04/28/14
 Mulally and Ford soared above skeptics 04/28/14
 Inside Land Rover's Solihull plant shows hint of F-150 production THE ALUMINUM F-150 04/28/14
 Toyota's image enhancement for Texas, and its governor TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 04/28/14
 Q&A: Toyota's Lentz on what triggered the move, and the upheaval ahead TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 04/28/14
 Toyota to consolidate most U.S. operations in Texas TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 04/28/14
 Compact crossover likely to be 4th entry in Audi's TT lineup 04/28/14
 Mexico light-vehicle sales by nameplate, March & YTD 04/28/14
 Mexico light-vehicle sales by make, March & YTD 04/28/14
 Detroit 3 rush to expand SUV lineups in China 04/27/14
 'Wisdom': How Dodge spun old into gold 04/27/14
 VW's forecast profit gain seen masking margin troubles 04/27/14
 Toyota to move U.S. sales HQ to Texas, sources say TOYOTA MOVES TO TEXAS 04/27/14
 Lexus weighs the best way to add 7-seat crossover 04/26/14
 CarMax is gearing up for store growth 04/26/14
 China's 24 million car market spurs trucking investment 04/26/14
 Infiniti seeks 'influencers' as part of ad account review 04/25/14
 In Subaru ad, a dog gets the last laugh and kicks 04/25/14
 GM doubles size of Korean design center, hub for small-car development 04/25/14
 Mazda targets $2.3 billion operating profit by 2015-16 04/25/14
 Does Gen Y hate driving? 04/25/14
 Ford Q1 net falls 39% on weaker pricing, higher warranty costs 04/25/14
 AutoNews Now: More clout for UAW at GM VIDEO 04/25/14
 Chrysler shifts IT contract to IBM 04/25/14
 UAW's Ashton nominated for GM board 04/25/14
 Chrysler shifts IT contract to IBM 04/25/14
 Lear's first-quarter profits rise 12%; 2014 outlook raised 04/25/14
 Honda forecasts sharp slowdown in profit growth 04/25/14
 Ex-Porsche CEO Wiedeking won't face criminal trial over VW bid 04/25/14
 Denso posts record profit for 2013-14 04/25/14
 Peugeot shareholders back plan for $4.2 billion capital hike 04/25/14
 EPA finds automakers 'off to good start' on cutting emissions 04/25/14
 GM reshapes executive incentive pay to target profits, market share, quality 04/25/14
 North America car and truck production - 04/28/14 04/25/14
 Quiz: Ford's Fields rises, the UAW retreats, and Chrysler's brand turns 100 04/25/14
 Honda taps Asimo for edge in driverless-car race 04/25/14
 Italy economy minister sees Marchionne's Fiat as success story 04/25/14
 Ford Q1 net falls 39%; Europe losses reduced 04/25/14
 Marchionne's Fiat-Chrysler seen as success story by Italy's economy minister 04/25/14
 Daimler workers protest over dealership revamp plans in Germany 04/25/14
 PSA shareholders back Dongfeng tie-up 04/25/14
 Lamborghini SUV will be built at VW's Slovakia plant, sources say 04/25/14
 PSA revenue rises 2% on China, Europe recovery 04/25/14
 VW to lay off 900 workers in Brazil 04/25/14
 Ex-Porsche CEO Wiedeking won't face criminal trial over VW bid 04/25/14
 Chipmaker Nvidia sees big increase in autos using its processors 04/25/14
 Continental raises profit forecast after first-quarter gains 04/25/14
 Honda profit forecast trails estimate as benefits from yen fade 04/25/14
 Autoliv sees slower growth in Q2 after strong first-quarter earnings 04/25/14
 First Shift: Ford net earnings drop 39% VIDEO 04/25/14
 AutoNews Now: How GM averted a loss VIDEO 04/24/14
 Musk's pay as Tesla CEO drops 99.9% to less than $70,000 04/24/14
 GM says government probes into recalls now include SEC, a state attorney general THE GM RECALL 04/24/14
 Nissan tests a car that cleans itself 04/24/14
 N.Y. regulators sue Condor Capital, accusing it of withholding refunds 04/24/14
 FTC officials: Ban on Tesla's direct sales 'bad policy' TESLAS RETAIL CHALLENGE 04/24/14
 GM profit plunges on recall costs THE GM RECALL 04/24/14
 Impala vs. Cobalt: Not all NHTSA probes are equal THE BELTWAY 04/24/14
 REACTION: The 'right call' to go for price over pickup share 04/24/14
 Nissan tests a car that cleans itself 04/24/14
 Renault sales slip as strong euro offsets delivery gains 04/24/14
 GM ekes out $125M first-quarter profit as recalls take toll THE GM RECALL 04/24/14
 Delphi profits jump on higher N.A., Asia parts demand 04/24/14
 Penske posts record continuing-operations income in Q1 04/24/14
 Group 1 Q1 profit rises 7%, revenue up 15% 04/24/14
 Lithia reports record Q1 profit, 19% revenue increase 04/24/14
 U.S. sales on track to rise 9% in April, 2 forecasts show 04/24/14
 Mitsubishi posts record annual operating profit 04/24/14
 First Shift: GM net profit falls 86% VIDEO 04/24/14
 Kia enhances Soul's SUV traits 04/24/14
 Johnson Controls profit rises 59% on increase in automotive business 04/24/14
 Sogefi posts loss on restructuring costs, currency woes 04/24/14
 Renault freezes plans for Russian van production on weak ruble 04/24/14
 UK car production returns to growth, boosted by increased European demand 04/24/14
 VW's Scania bid backed by big investor at Swedish truckmaker 04/24/14
 Hyundai Q1 profit hit by slow U.S. sales 04/24/14
 Valeo sales increase 6% as Europe rebounds 04/24/14
 Plugging the Leaks in F&I: How to Deal with Inefficiencies that put Profits at Risk 04/24/14
 Third-Party Sites and Online F&I 04/24/14
 How to spot a phony pay stub, speed loan approvals 04/23/14
 Mopar's F&I sales could spark 'almost 6 million' service visits F&I 04/23/14
 F&I results rise at 3 public retailers F&I 04/23/14
 AutoNation envisions quick, easy buying at digital store 04/23/14
 J.D. Power to buy Korrelate to measure digital ad spending effectiveness 04/23/14
 Toyota's global sales top VW, GM for 3rd straight quarter 04/23/14
 Corvette museum may keep some damaged 'Vettes, sinkhole on permanent display 04/23/14
 New Russian outlook: 'Slower, lower, weaker' 04/23/14
 Toyota outsells VW, GM for 3rd straight quarter 04/23/14
 Fields to take Ford wheel at prime stage 04/23/14
 BMW woos U.S. buyers with 2 series 04/23/14
 Siemens, BAIC to jointly build parts for green vehicles in China 04/23/14
 Toyota shifts gears to lift Prius' prospects in China 04/23/14
 Mulally said to line up board post after Ford 04/23/14
 VW faces rising opposition to Scania bid as Alecta rejects offer 04/23/14
 EFG First Product Provider to AFIP Certify Entire Field Services Team 04/23/14
 First Shift: Toyota still sales champ VIDEO 04/23/14
 AutoNews Now: GM: Parts on the way VIDEO 04/23/14
 Opel CEO targets No. 2 sales position in Europe in comeback drive 04/23/14
 Why Group 1 finds F&I a tougher sell overseas F&I 04/23/14
 VW Faces Rising Scania Bid Opposition as Alecta Rejects Deal 04/23/14
 2015 Ford Mustang order guide hints at key options 04/23/14
 Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford gain in blue-sky store values DEALERS 04/23/14
 Tesla seeks workers for ex-Chrysler property in Calif. 04/23/14
 CPO sales rise 11% in 1st quarter 04/23/14
 JCI Q1 profit rises 59% on increase in automotive business 04/23/14
 Showa latest supplier to plead guilty to price-fixing, will pay $19.9 million 04/23/14
 Asbury 1st-quarter sales, continuing-operations profit rise 04/23/14
 GM owners claim bankruptcy fraud to keep recall suits alive THE GM RECALL 04/23/14
 AutoNation swipes at third-party car sites as it builds digital footprint 04/23/14
 Asbury to open 2 used-vehicle stores; COO to retire 04/23/14
 GM's 1st-quarter profit to take hit from recalls 04/23/14
 Dodge turns 100, Honda ad turns tragic 04/22/14
 Rechtin reviews the Honda Fit VIDEO 04/22/14
 Rechtin and Beene tour the NY auto show VIDEO 04/22/14
 VW mid-sized coupe to challenge Mercedes CLA 04/22/14
 Sonic Q1 profit falls 9% on weather, used-car start-up costs 04/22/14
 Corvette museum may keep some damaged 'Vettes, sinkhole on permanent display 04/22/14
 Toyota shifts gears to lift Prius' prospects in China 04/22/14
 Mulally said to line up board post after Ford 04/22/14
 GM requests protection in N.Y. court against ignition switch lawsuits THE GM RECALL 04/22/14
 Why French automakers are poised to grab market share in China 04/22/14
 Daimler, BYD show production-ready Denza EV 04/22/14
 First Shift: GM again seeks legal shield VIDEO 04/22/14
 New Russian outlook: 'Slower, lower, weaker' 04/22/14
 GM faces NHTSA probe over '14 Chevy Impala automatic brakes 04/22/14
 Sen. Blumenthal wants to quiz former GM CEOs on recalls THE GM RECALL 04/22/14
 GM splits engineering into 2 divisions with new leaders; Calabrese to retire THE GM RECALL 04/22/14
 AutoNews Now: GM revamps engineering VIDEO 04/22/14
 Golf dominance, premium push intensify battle in compact segment 04/22/14
 Iacocca links Mustang's lines to Mark I 04/21/14
 Ford will soon name Fields next CEO, replacing Mulally, Bloomberg reports 04/21/14
 NHTSA closes 4-year probe into Saturn Ion power steering problems THE GM RECALL 04/21/14
 Gridlock and chaos on the Beijing auto show floor BEIJING AUTO SHOW 04/21/14
 As Sonata turns cautious, Camry flees good-but-frumpy image 04/21/14
 Payout czar set to dive into GM legal mess THE GM RECALL 04/21/14
 Blue sky high, acquisition action is, too 04/21/14
 Jackson: We'll get our own leads 04/21/14
 UAW withdraws objection to lost election at VW Chattanooga plant THE VOLKSWAGEN VOTE 04/21/14
 Tesla will build cars in China within 4 years, says Musk BEIJING AUTO SHOW 04/21/14
 NHTSA opens probe of Bosch EV chargers 04/21/14
 Plug Power, Hyundai steel supplier teaming up to make fuel cells 04/21/14
 Plaintiffs call GM bid to freeze ignition suit a 'red herring' THE GM RECALL 04/21/14
 North America car and truck production by model, March 04/21/14
 North America car and truck production by plant, March 04/21/14
 New system, but no quick fix for GM THE GM RECALL 04/21/14
 Hale works on makeover of Jag, Land Rover image 04/21/14
 109,000 Mazda Tributes recalled for rust-related steering issue 04/21/14
 NADA board member Don Chalmers dies 04/21/14
 Mulally overcame skepticism that a plane guy could revive Ford 04/21/14
 AutoNews Now: Report: Fields next Ford CEO VIDEO 04/21/14
 Russian fallout 04/21/14
 Cars become computers on wheels THE CONNECTED CAR 04/21/14
 Lots of buzz in New York 04/21/14
 Manufacturers brace for the used-car flood 04/21/14
 First Shift: GM's $12 billion China bet VIDEO 04/21/14
 Volkswagen New Midsize Coupe set to challenge Mercedes CLA 04/21/14
 Ford will soon name Fields next CEO, replacing Mulally, Bloomberg reports 04/21/14
 Daimler says new Beijing plant has potential capacity to build 350,000 Mercedes cars 04/21/14
 Take the time to teach 04/21/14
 Lincoln's China startup plans 20 stores by 2015 04/21/14
 Spring sales thaw spawns optimism for full year 04/21/14
 Subaru sees wider appeal for Outback NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/21/14
 Snow-covered sensors are no help 04/21/14
 Sounds like a plan: Nissan, dealers sidestep stair-steps 04/21/14
 Kill the Mustang? We 'went ballistic' 04/21/14
 Limited-run CTS-V coupe on the way NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/21/14
 New TLX is key to Acura's sedan revival 04/21/14
 More vehicles, walkers join accident prevention study THE CONNECTED CAR 04/21/14
 Nvidia adapts gaming chips to autos THE CONNECTED CAR 04/21/14
 Vehicles add computer power for high-tech tasks THE SUPPLIER SPEAKS 04/21/14
 Dealers 04/21/14
 Aluminum gains automotive momentum with F-150 THE SUPPLIER SPEAKS 04/21/14
 What can industry do to boost leases, residuals? 04/21/14
 Chevy expects big things from tiny crossovers NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/21/14
 Midcyle, Camry is overhauled to make it best 'ever built' NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/21/14
 Automakers grow cautious as output rises PRODUCTION LINE 04/21/14
 Next big thing for A123 may be shift to small batteries PRODUCTION LINE 04/21/14
 Nissan to offer smart mirror in U.S. NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/21/14
 Nissan, burned on taxi deal, teases N.Y. with a prototype 04/21/14
 Famed Mustang modifier Saleen will soup up Tesla's Model S 04/21/14
 What's powering market? Off-lease surge, says Webb 04/21/14
 Fiat's discount seeks parking-lot converts 04/21/14
 For the best of Burgundy's 70 Dodge takes, find a bootlegger 04/21/14
 When Scion's too tiny, Toyota pilot program allows a larger loaner 04/21/14
 Crossovers will be vital in Hyundai's 3-year product blitz NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/21/14
 Voice of the fans brings back Audi A3 sportback NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/21/14
 Warren Henry hires help to hire the help 04/21/14
 Land Rover Discovery Sport debuts line of 'versatile' SUVs 04/21/14
 BMW luxury concept gives a preview of 9-series sedan 04/21/14
 MKX Concept marks Lincoln's first overseas vehicle debut BEIJING AUTO SHOW 04/20/14
 After strong surge in 2013, Cadillac stumbles in Q1 NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/20/14
 GM recalls have had no 'measurable impact' on sales, Ammann says THE GM RECALL 04/20/14
 Ford Escort, revived in China, could land in U.S., Mulally says BEIJING AUTO SHOW 04/20/14
 GM to pump $12 billion into China, hike capacity 65% 04/20/14
 China is key to Winterkorn's new strategy for VW 04/20/14
 Jaguar Land Rover to start China production at the end of this year 04/20/14
 Audi's latest compact SUV to be part of TT family 04/20/14
 New reality: Think crash, not just flash 04/20/14
 'Slow to act' GM rankled NHTSA, e-mail shows THE GM RECALL 04/19/14
 AutoNation envisions quick, easy buying at digital store 04/19/14
 Lexus NX to offer a 235 hp turbo or 194 hp hybrid in U.S. 04/19/14
 Fiat reaches deal to start making Jeeps in China in 2015 04/19/14
 BMW unveils concept previewing 9-series flagship 04/19/14
 VW signals it will outsell GM in China for second straight year 04/19/14
 Rolls-Royce CEO predicts 5th year of record sales 04/19/14
 McLaren rules out making SUVs 04/19/14
 Volkswagen has agreed on budget car concept, design 04/19/14
 PSA needs the Citroen DS 6WR in Europe 04/19/14
 Ohio man's collection of '36 Fords going to auction 04/19/14
 Lear, others devise high-tech ways to support bad backs PRODUCTION LINE 04/19/14
 Ford shows 7-seat Everest Concept SUV in Beijing 04/19/14
 Ford showcases 7-seat Everest Concept SUV BEIJING AUTO SHOW 04/19/14
 Enhance Your Virtual Call Center and Never Miss Another Call! 04/18/14
 AutoNews Now: Big Apple showstoppers VIDEO 04/18/14
 First Shift: GM exploring victims' fund VIDEO 04/18/14
 VW plans major World Cup ad push to counter Hyundai 04/18/14
 Nissan pins Europe growth hopes on new compact car 04/18/14
 Renault uses Formula One to win Chinese buyers 04/18/14
 Continental named in GM recall suit 04/18/14
 French automakers are poised to grab market share in China 04/18/14
 CEO media scrums are as ineffective as they are dangerous 04/18/14
 3 face charges after IRS raids luxury-car dealership 04/18/14
 Bomb threat at Newark car dealer a hoax 04/18/14
 How Auto Execs Feel About Tesla's Direct-Car Sales 04/18/14
 U.S. dealers grapple with recall pain -- missing parts, overtime, lost sales 04/18/14
 North America car and truck production - 04/21/2014 04/18/14
 VW plans major World Cup ad push to counter Hyundai 04/18/14
 Ford faces renewed U.S. lawsuit over apartheid-era abuses 04/18/14
 Mazda recalls 109,000 Tributes over potential control-arm separation 04/18/14
 Audi starts digital agency review 04/18/14
 News quiz: Chevy's new nameplate and AutoNation's big investment 04/18/14
 A proud CEO 04/17/14
 Rolling art 04/17/14
 Alfa draws a gaggle 04/17/14
 'I can make it anywhere!' 04/17/14
 Asimo's star turn 04/17/14
 AutoNews Now: NY auto show highlights VIDEO 04/17/14
 First Shift: In NY, spotlight on luxury VIDEO 04/17/14
 European car sales rise 10% in March 04/17/14
 Coming soon to the Big Screen 04/17/14
 Subaru polishes Outback for 2015 NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/17/14
 AutoNation stepping away from third-party leads 04/17/14
 AutoNation says Q1 net income rose 15% to $95.1 million 04/17/14
 A rare misfire for Subaru with new Levorg wagon? 04/17/14
 At Chrysler Group, 2 brands seek new frontiers NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/17/14
 GM's global sales rise 2% to 2.42 million in Q1 04/17/14
 Estimated Europe registrations by make, March & YTD 04/17/14
 At Dodge, 2 reworked muscle cars hold the key 04/17/14
 2015 Challenger muscles up; interior revamped but retains retro look NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/17/14
 Chinese needs bring Infiniti a roomier sedan NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/17/14
 Honda HR-V subcompact crossover coming later this year NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/17/14
 Average wholesale used-vehicle prices, March 04/17/14
 Estimated Europe registrations by country, March & YTD 04/17/14
 Dodge Charger tames rough edges with 2015 nose job NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/17/14
 Why GM should put wireless connections in its trucks NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/17/14
 VW's Winterkorn plans new strategy called Future Tracks 04/17/14
 Labor dispute at Jeep supplier in Ohio ends after one-day walkout 04/17/14
 Lincoln maps out China strategy, sees learning lab for world 04/17/14
 Lamborghini helps give parent Audi a technical edge 04/17/14
 Ready for the checkered flag 04/17/14
 The red simulator 04/17/14
 Stately ride 04/17/14
 PSA will survive for now, but long-term challenges remain 04/17/14
 Mercedes starts production of electric B class 04/17/14
 Ford Escort to make a return at Beijing show 04/17/14
 BMW dealers with Product Geniuses boost profit and customer satisfaction 04/17/14
 A global honor for Audi A3 04/17/14
 Some New Yorkers really want that Nissan cab NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/17/14
 Camry draws a crowd 04/17/14
 For closer inspection 04/17/14
 Renault invests 240 million euros in Brazil 04/17/14
 GM doesn't have to order customers to park recalled cars, U.S. judge rules THE GM RECALL 04/17/14
 Cadillac global chief expected to resume former Washington lobbying job THE GM RECALL 04/17/14
 GM exploring compensation fund for victims of defective cars, says Feinberg THE GM RECALL 04/17/14
 GM says recalled cars safe, but has not tested for knee-bump danger THE GM RECALL 04/17/14
 To sell more F&I, build trust, add photos 04/16/14
 NADA's fixed-rate plan gets lawyers' backing 04/16/14
 Subprime lender adds markets, resists looser standards 04/16/14
 Ally IPO opens new options for subprime car loans 04/16/14
 GM ordered redesigned ignition switch from Delphi for Cadillac SRX THE GM RECALL 04/16/14
 AutoNews Now: Camry's mid-cycle overhaul VIDEO 04/16/14
 First Shift: 'We know the world is watching' VIDEO 04/16/14
 Daimler to unveil Maybach S class at Los Angeles show, report says 04/16/14
 A big week for Ford's famous pony car 04/16/14
 China's Qoros uses Slovakia to prepare for a full European roll out 04/16/14
 Daimler will receive 2.43 billion euros for stake in engine JV from Rolls-Royce 04/16/14
 Under the lights 04/16/14
 Suzuki joins fuel-efficiency race with simplified hybrid system 04/16/14
 Speed bump on information highway 04/16/14
 Back home again 04/16/14
 Paying homage to Mustang high over Manhattan 04/16/14
 The latest pony car 04/16/14
 Toyota reveals refreshed 2015 Camry mid-sized sedan 04/16/14
 Hyundai introduces the redesigned 2015 Sonata sedan 04/16/14
 Toyota's clone factory? 04/16/14
 A 'Triple Yellow' sunrise 04/16/14
 The North American debut of the Jeep Renegade 04/16/14
 Standing guard 04/16/14
 The blue oval checks out the latest King Camry 04/16/14
 Ghosn sees 'bright spots' for carmakers as Europe revives 04/16/14
 Maserati said to weigh new sports car after orders triple 04/16/14
 A Renegade conquers Manhattan 04/16/14
 A mad man in the house 04/16/14
 Star attraction 04/16/14
 On the air 04/16/14
 Zuchowski praises new Sonata 04/16/14
 Reunion at Hyundai 04/16/14
 At GM, rare calmness these days 04/16/14
 Johnson Controls diversifies away from autos with $1.6 billion deal 04/16/14
 AT&T says it has made connected-car deal with undisclosed global automaker 04/16/14
 Mazda throws a big birthday party for Miata NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/16/14
 A Miata parade 04/16/14
 Jeep Renegade coming in 4 trim lines 04/16/14
 All quiet on the Chevy floor 04/16/14
 Scion charts new lineup for U.S. NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/16/14
 GM sets up new parts-ordering system for recall repairs THE GM RECALL 04/16/14
 Hyundai goes mild with 2015 Sonata makeover NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/16/14
 Audi to revive A3 hatch in U.S., sans gasoline NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/16/14
 GM rejected better ignition part in 2001 to save money, safety advocates say THE GM RECALL 04/16/14
 Hopes dim for VW’s diesel hot hatch in U.S. NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/16/14
 U.S. senators press Delphi for answers on recalled GM cars THE GM RECALL 04/16/14
 Fields sees Ford Europe growth, eyes break-even by mid-decade 04/16/14
 Inquiry into alleged CFPB bias picks up steam 04/16/14
 Maserati said to weigh new sports car after orders triple 04/16/14
 Daimler said to plan Maybach S class unveiling at Los Angeles show 04/16/14
 Brace yourself for 'velocity' 04/16/14
 Why the Mustang II should get its due NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/16/14
 Nissan Maxima to follow Murano with show-car flair NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/16/14
 Toyota hits reset on King Camry 04/16/14
 A familiar facelift for Focus 04/16/14
 A pair of bold strikes from Nissan 04/16/14
 Land Rover's future Discovery Sport 04/16/14
 A new war horse for Acura cars 04/16/14
 Fields sees Ford Europe growth, eyes breakeven by mid-decade 04/16/14
 VW Jetta sports a fresh face 04/16/14
 Toyota overhauls Camry in bid to make it 'best we've ever built' NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/16/14
 Birthday wishes from the top 04/16/14
 Acura TLX much more than rebadged Accord NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/16/14
 Certified used-vehicle sales, March & YTD 04/16/14
 Pro-Tesla bill appears dead in Arizona Senate TESLAS RETAIL CHALLENGE 04/15/14
 AutoNews Now: Defending franchised dealers VIDEO 04/15/14
 First Shift: M-B expects off-lease surge VIDEO 04/15/14
 Mini goes jousting, Land Rover channels James Bond 04/15/14
 Ford expects boost from EcoSport SUV 04/15/14
 Hyundai, Toyota to debut mid-sized sedan rivals 04/15/14
 Fiat wraps up employees' foreign-made cars 04/15/14
 BMW i3 production boosted 43% in preparation for U.S. launch 04/15/14
 Final touches in N.Y. 04/15/14
 U.S. medium & heavy truck sales, March & YTD 04/15/14
 Old and new alliances crucial to Tavares' turnaround plan for PSA 04/15/14
 Opel will focus on crossovers to boost sales and return to profit, CEO says 04/15/14
 VW picks former Audi r&d boss to run Bentley, Bugatti brands 04/15/14
 The 2015 Sonata's big moment 04/15/14
 Polishing the bow tie 04/15/14
 Customers' luxury motivation turns to self-reward, execs say 04/15/14
 Economists: Global GDP growth on the rise, but BRICs disappoint 04/15/14
 VW picks former Audi r&d boss to run Bentley, Bugatti brands 04/15/14
 Autos' enthusiasm for emerging markets hits brakes NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/15/14
 Waiting for Alfa. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/15/14
 Packed house for Barra speech 04/15/14
 Despite risks, many recalled vehicles will remain unrepaired as drivers ignore notices THE GM RECALL 04/15/14
 A mixed message about GM's PR -- but why? 04/15/14
 A big blue toy with a bow tie included 04/15/14
 Back in the spotlight 04/15/14
 Citroen to debut flagship SUV 04/15/14
 Ford of Europe sales rise 12% in March on German, UK demand 04/15/14
 Chevy enters small crossover segment with the Trax NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/15/14
 MyFord Touch bugs are getting squashed, Hinrichs says 04/15/14
 BMW boosts i3 production to 100 units a day to prepare for U.S. launch 04/15/14
 Bridgestone executives indicted for auto parts price fixing 04/15/14
 GM will update dealers Wednesday on recall parts status 04/15/14
 Barra creates new GM engineering team to improve vehicle safety THE GM RECALL 04/15/14
 GM asks U.S. judge to bar lawsuits for pre-bankruptcy recall claims THE GM RECALL 04/15/14
 Battered doorstop makes the pitch: Get wheel protection 04/14/14
 Chrysler Capital offers perks for dealers' loyalty 04/14/14
 Mustang marketing over the years 04/14/14
 How a Texas store fixed used-car-supply issue DEALERS 04/14/14
 With the new Honda Fit, engineering solutions once again take priority NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES 04/14/14
 AutoNews Now: Ready to hit NY stage VIDEO 04/14/14
 First Shift: Lease '14 Dodge, get a '15 VIDEO 04/14/14
 PSA to halve lineup in push for 2% margins by 2018 04/14/14
 VW Marketing VP on how automaker keeps its products fresh in customers' minds 04/14/14
 Where were Barra's PR, legal people? 04/14/14
 Beware of knee-jerk reactions to GM's recalls 04/14/14
 Krafcik's back: Many projects, scads of ideas 04/14/14
 Nissan sees styling as the Altima's path to mid-sized sales leadership 04/14/14
 Nissan banks on radical makeover of Murano crossover NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/14/14
 Automotive News moves 2 reporters, adds copy editor 04/14/14
 Despite high-profile recalls, GM hardly the worst offender THE GM RECALL 04/14/14
 A walk through 50 years of Mustang VIDEO 04/14/14
 GM records show co-workers stymied in-house safety investigator THE GM RECALL 04/14/14
 Land Rover Discovery Concept's twilight debut 04/14/14
 PSA's recovery will be boosted by the 'Tavares factor' 04/14/14
 Clues in GM crashes easy to miss THE GM RECALL 04/14/14
 Opel may break even before 2016, report says 04/14/14
 With SportWagen concept, VW mulls awd for North America NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/14/14
 Nissan sells dealers on new spiff strategy 04/14/14
 Peugeot unveils 340-hp plug-in hybrid 04/14/14
 Bosch plans automatic park system in 2015 04/14/14
 Ruling on terminated dealers keeps Chrysler case in the courts 04/14/14
 Dodge tests innovative 1-year lease on '14 Charger, Challenger 04/14/14
 Mid-sized sedans and crossovers to square off in the Big Apple NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES 04/14/14
 '65 Ford Mustang: A people magnet VIDEO 04/14/14
 An Aston Martin priced below $100,000 for North America 04/14/14
 Mercedes dealers in U.S. could be overwhelmed by wave of off-lease vehicles, remarketing boss says 04/14/14
 Cost quandary hits Japan's advanced factories 04/14/14
 Happy 50th to an American icon 04/14/14
 ADP Dealer Services to spin off, go public 04/14/14
 Tests toughened F-150 bed 04/14/14
 Lincoln design director Wolff is quietly replaced 04/14/14
 As rivals swarm, Nissan hurries refreshed Versa 04/14/14
 Ram beefs up Power Wagon 04/14/14
 Wrangler to the max 04/14/14
 Keys, push buttons and first responders 04/14/14
 Dealers 04/14/14
 Detroit 3: High octane has pluses 04/14/14
 Less reliance on fleet sales in March 04/14/14
 CEO defends Audi's record for innovation 04/14/14
 Luxury models take center stage in China BEIJING AUTO SHOW 04/14/14
 Innovation, safety are winners at PACE Awards PACE AWARDS 04/14/14
 March sales melt winter's frozen stocks 04/14/14
 Why compact SUVs will play big in Beijing 04/14/14
 At beleaguered GM, finally some good news 04/14/14
 Honda Fit raises the ante for subcompacts 04/14/14
 First Mulally, then Fields, then . . . ? 04/14/14
 Suppliers to the 2015 Ford Mustang 04/14/14
 14 new Toyota engines seek 10% gain in mpg 04/14/14
 Honda, Acura, dealers tangle for Google ads 04/14/14
 JM Lexus drops middleman to speed sales 04/14/14
 'Villains' campaign aims to recast Jaguar's reputation for badness 04/14/14
 Kia retools Sedona with more legroom, flexible seating NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/14/14
 GM seeks new PR boss, replaces human resources chief 04/14/14
 Land Rover unveils Discovery Vision Concept 04/14/14
 Subaru unwraps the redesigned 2015 Outback 04/14/14
 Dodge shows refreshed 2015 Challenger, Charger 04/14/14
 'Inner frame' makes Fit stronger, less costly 04/14/14
 Into Africa: Toyota taps last emerging market 04/14/14
 Bosch plans automatic park system in '15 04/14/14
 Tesla, lawyer trade grenades in lemon-law suit 04/14/14
 Ford honors the past, launches new pony for a shifting market 04/13/14
 Honda, Nissan: A brand new battle NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES 04/13/14
 Refreshed 2015 Chevy Cruze enhances connectivity, revises styling NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/13/14
 VW touches up Jetta with eye on safety, mpg NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/13/14
 Mustang changed lives, inspired careers 04/13/14
 Lee Iacocca looks back at the 1964 sensation that was Ford Mustang 04/12/14
 U.S. failed to investigate GM even as auto-defect data abounded THE GM RECALL 04/12/14
 BMW breaks with traditional German luxury as models shrink 04/12/14
 U.S. proposes 30-year phase-out of tariffs on Japanese autos, report says 04/12/14
 Why new world Tesla needs old world factory relief 04/12/14
 PSA's Tavares prepares to tackle pricing, low-cost threats 04/12/14
 BMW breaks with traditional German luxury as models shrink 04/12/14
 Automotive safety at any cost? Sounds good, but it's not true THE BELTWAY 04/12/14
 Hype, hipness, price propelled the Mustang to early success 04/12/14
 The pony car was all about personalization -- 'do your own thing' 04/11/14
 Sperlich: Mustang 'was all about youth' 04/11/14
 50 nifty things you may not know about the Mustang 04/11/14
 The pony car's first dream team 04/11/14
 Ford F-150 probe closed by U.S. regulators without request for recall 04/11/14
 European car market rebound on track, but discounting persists 04/11/14
 VW Group sales rise 8% in March as Europe recovers 04/11/14
 AutoNews Now: GM urges staff to speak up VIDEO 04/11/14
 GM engineer OK'd leaving part number unchanged, document shows THE GM RECALL 04/11/14
 Lexus aims NX crossover at German premium brands in China 04/11/14
 BMW widens recall for engine-bolt defect to 489,000 vehicles 04/11/14
 Dealers see parts trickle in for recall repairs THE GM RECALL 04/11/14
 U.S. House panel chairman cites 'failures' related to GM recalls THE GM RECALL 04/11/14
 Ford Mustang timeline 04/11/14
 Mustang made Galpin Motors a power player 04/11/14
 Bentley to highlight hybrid technology on a Mulsanne concept 04/11/14
 Lexus NX compact crossover will have 3 powertrains BEIJING AUTO SHOW 04/11/14
 Aisin Seiki is among suppliers involved in Toyota's recalls, report says 04/11/14
 China sales rise 7.9% in March; GM tops VW in Q1 04/11/14
 Ontario plans to unload remaining stake in GM 04/11/14
 Chrysler to take $130 million charge in first quarter due to Venezuela 04/11/14
 U.S. senators ask Justice Department to intervene in GM litigation THE GM RECALL 04/11/14
 Co-owner of Calif. luxury dealership pleads guilty in campaign finance case 04/11/14
 Most drivers believe connected-car tech will improve safety, survey says 04/11/14
 Ford debuts the Skyliner Transit concept vehicle 04/11/14
 North America car and truck production - 04/14/2014 04/11/14
 Deadly GM ignition switches started with 2003 Saturn Ion THE GM RECALL 04/11/14
 Chevy drops top on Corvette Z06 for 2015 04/11/14
 Compact SUVs to shine at Beijing show 04/11/14
 Lamborghini CEO predicts record results for newest supercar 04/11/14
 Ford moves Europe exec Cortesi to global corporate communications role AUTOMOTIVE NEWS EUROPE EUROSTARS 04/11/14
 Ghosn spurs Renault-Nissan to greater U.S. clout 04/11/14
 Compact SUVs to shine at Beijing show 04/11/14
 First Shift: Lincoln shifts design chiefs VIDEO 04/11/14
 Renault unions seek clarification on Flins plant cuts 04/11/14
 Rivals tried, but none matched the Mustang's sales in the '60s 04/11/14
 Mustang's classic cues 04/11/14
 How Ford's pony car survived a brush with death 04/11/14
 Whereabouts of the first Mustang remain a mystery 04/11/14
 Carroll Shelby helped Ford build performance cred 04/11/14
 GM settled with families over fatal 2004 crashes linked to ignition switches THE GM RECALL 04/10/14
 Toyota, GM cases could usher in era of big recalls, increased scrutiny THE GM RECALL 04/10/14
 GM suspends 2 engineers amid ignition-switch investigation THE GM RECALL 04/10/14
 Ford replaces Lincoln chief designer Wolff with luxury veteran 04/10/14
 Nissan Versa gets refresh amid cutthroat subcompact competition 04/10/14
 Chevy dealership in Missouri sues customer over disputed repair bill 04/10/14
 GM raises recall charge to $1.3 billion, adds lock cylinder to part replacement THE GM RECALL 04/10/14
 AutoNews Now: GM puts engineers on leave VIDEO 04/10/14
 U.S. Fleet Sales, March & YTD 04/10/14
 ADP Dealer Services to spin-off and go public 04/10/14
 Kia confirms redesigned Sedona for New York show 04/10/14
 Jeep's 6 Moab customs feature more available parts than previous concepts 04/10/14
 Nissan preps refreshed Versa sedan for 2015 NEW YORK AUTO SHOW 04/10/14
 Skoda posts best-ever March sales 04/10/14
 Audi teases potential Q4 crossover 04/10/14
 GM suspends 2 engineers amid ignition-switch investigation 04/10/14
 Toyota unveils new generation of fuel-efficient engines 04/10/14
 Subaru-sponsored study identifies safe dog harness 04/10/14
 First Shift: Report: GM calls in NASA VIDEO 04/10/14
 Toyota, GM cases could usher in era of big recalls, increased scrutiny 04/10/14
 Jaguar counts on XE, first crossover to reach ambitious sales goal 04/10/14
 Land Rover plans 3-pronged attack 04/10/14
 Daimler CEO Zetsche likely to have contract extended, executives say 04/10/14
 Car dealers debate whether or not to sell on Sundays 04/10/14
 Ohio’s best-selling car dealerships – COUNTDOWN 04/10/14
 Frank Mauro Gesualdo, WWII vet who founded Chicago-area car dealerships, dies at 90 04/10/14
 BMW recalls 156,137 vehicles to fix variable camshaft timing issue 04/10/14
 U.S. car and light-truck inventories, on April 1 04/10/14
 Ally raises $2.38 billion in IPO priced at $25 a share 04/09/14
 Just say 'no' to credit applications by phone 04/09/14
 Ally Financial IPO means freedom to make more auto loans, more risk 04/09/14
 Negative equity ticks up F&I 04/09/14

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