2012 PACE Awards finalists and winners

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Innovation at auto suppliers is enjoying a renaissance as automakers rely on suppliers to control costs, improve fuel economy and boost quality.
Here are summaries of 32 finalists and 14 winners of the 2012 Automotive News PACE Awards, which honor commercialized innovations in products, processes and information technology.

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WINNER: Testing finds flaws in piston heads

Federal-Mogul Corp.
What: Ultrasonic testing for raised gallery cast diesel pistons
Innovation: Federal-Mogul’s ultrasonic testing uses sound waves, digital imaging and automated inspection to find flaws in cast aluminum piston heads for diesel engines. Better inspection allows for optimal placement of a cooling channel embedded in the piston head. This lowers head temperatures and improves durability.
First customer: BMW 3-series diesel engines, 2006
Web site: federalmogul.com