European Automotive Hall of Fame

  • Lord Herbert Austin
  • Vincenzo Lancia
  • Pierre Lefaucheux
  • Ferry Porsche

    2004 INDUCTEES

  • Marquis Albert de Dion
  • Eberhard von Kuenheim
  • August Horch
  • Wilhelm Maybach
  • Benefactors

    2003 INDUCTEES

  • Heinz Nordhoff
  • Armand Peugeot
  • Giuseppe "Nuccio" Bertone
  • Henry Ford II
  • Benefactors

    2002 INDUCTEES

  • Henry Ford
  • Andre and Edouard Michelin
  • Nicolaus Otto
  • Battista Pininfarina


  • Giovanni Agnelli
  • Karl Friedrich Benz
  • Robert Bosch
  • Ettore Bugatti
  • Andre Citroen
  • Gottlieb Daimler
  • Rudolf Diesel
  • Enzo Ferrari
  • Giorgetto Giugiaro
  • Alec Issigonis
  • William Lyons
  • Ferdinand Porsche
  • Louis Renault

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  • Five join European Hall of Fame

    Automotive News Europe

    Long-serving heads of German and French carmakers, a Swedish engineer and two pioneering British entrepreneurs are the newest members of the European Automotive Hall of Fame.

    Carl Hahn, Pierre Dreyfus, Nils Bohlin and the legendary duo of Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce will join the current 30 members of the Hall of Fame. It was created in 2000 and is housed in Switzerland's Palexpo, home of the annual Geneva auto show.

    The induction ceremony will be during a gala dinner on Tuesday, February 28, at the InterContinental Hotel in Geneva.

    The Hall of Fame honors technical, managerial and entrepreneurial achievements.

    The decision makers

    The five European Automotive Hall of Fame inductees were chosen by an 11-member selection committee

  • Jacques Calvet -- former chairman, PSA/Peugeot-Citroen
  • Keith Crain -- chairman, Crain Communications
  • Carl Hahn -- former chairman,* Volkswagen Group
  • Bernard Hanon -- former chairman, Renault
  • William Hayden -- former chairman, Jaguar
  • Roger Holtback -- former president, Volvo Car Corp.
  • Jürgen Hubbert -- former chairman, Mercedes Car Group
  • Eberhard v. Kuenheim -- former CEO, BMW
  • Raymond Levy -- former chairman, Renault
  • Sergio Pininfarina -- chairman, Pininfarina
  • John Southgate -- former vice president of public affairs, Ford of Europe
    * Hahn did not vote for himself

    On this Web site we profile the new inductees.