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Since 1925, Automotive News has been the primary source for all the news that is happening among automotive retailers, suppliers and manufacturers. Distinct from other publications in the field, Automotive News remains a 100% subscriber-paid publication, a testament to the value it delivers to the reader. The award-winning weekly print edition is created locally and backed by a global team of 55 editors and reporters.

For those advertisers who want to reach dealerships, more than 92% of the largest dealers in the country receive Automotive News, and it is considered by an overwhelming majority (82%) to be the most important automotive publication. (Erdos & Morgan, 2011)

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Manufacturers / Suppliers

For advertisers whose target audience is automotive manufacturers and suppliers, Automotive News continues its reputation as the leading source of industry news and information among that segment of the industry. More than 30,000 Automotive News subscribers work in the OEM and supplier side of the business. Almost 11,000 are Director-level and above, and nearly 6,000 are C-level and above.

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Opportunities to reach industry leaders outside the U.S. abound with Automotive News Europe, whose comprehensive, in-depth quarterly magazine provides the story-behind-the-story – the details behind the daily headlines. The glossy A4 publications have an extensive reach within the pan-European automotive community, with bonus distribution at Europe 's major shows, ensuring that advertisers' messages are spread to the high-level executives that matter most.

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The Automotive News China website and email newsletter are published in both simplified Chinese and English. Commentary by Managing Editor Yang Jian anchors this newsletter and web site, which highlights top manufacturer and supplier news about the Chinese market. Advertisers are encouraged to supply creative in both languages, offering highly-targeted and specific messages to each audience segment.

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Published in German on every second Monday, Automobilwoche is Germany's most-quoted industry publication, and has been firmly established as the country's leading title at automotive manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. More than 30,000 readers consider Automobilwoche essential to their industry knowledge, and advertisers with a focus on Germany should consider Automobilwoche as their most effective vehicle for reaching this influential audience.

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