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  • Automotive News' team of more than 50 editors and reporters worldwide makes it the most trusted source of industry news.
  • 68% of web registrants are management level and above.
  • 60% visit the site more than once per week – 28% visit every day.
  • The Automotive News website is audited by ABC Interactive (Macro, 2010)
Monthly Metrics
3,490,915 Page Views
930,663 Visits
455,102 Unique Visitors
3.8 Average Page Views Per Visit
12 min. 36 sec. Average Time on Site

Source: HBX, August 2011


First Shift
  • The morning newscast features the lead stories of the day, and news that developed overnight.
AutoNews Now
  • AutoNews Now, the afternoon newscast, is a recap of the most important news of the day.

Each newscast runs approximately four minutes in length, and provides a potent, multi-element opportunity to build your brand.

Impressions Net Rate
550,000 $11,250
Video Special Reports

Eight times throughout 2012, the Automotive News TV crew will create a series of video broadcasts to accompany stories in the weekly print edition of Automotive News. Choose a topic that's right for you!

Editorial Feature Email Date Home Page Logo Impressions Net Rate
The Dealer Speaks 3/22, 3/29 3/19 – 4/1 500,000 $6,250
North American CEOs 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 5/14 – 6/3 750,000 9,250
The Dealer Speaks 6/21, 6/28 6/18 – 7/1 500,000 6,250
CAR Seminars &
Supplier Roundtable
8/7, 8/8,
8/9, 8/16
8/6 – 9/2 1,000,000 12,250
Marketing Executives 8/30, 9/6 9/3 – 9/16 500,000 6,250
The Dealer Speaks 9/20, 9/27 9/17 – 9/30 500,000 6,250
Global CEOs 10/25, 11/15 10/22 – 11/18 1,000,000 6,250
The Dealer Speaks 12/13, 12/20 12/10 – 12/23 500,000 6,250

Website Advertising

Home Page

The home page is the gateway through which most visitors enter, and includes breaking news stories, and links to blogs, video and much more. This location offers you a tremendous branding opportunity, and exposure to a broad automotive audience.

Weekly Ad Positions Impressions Net Rate
Top Leaderboard 275,000 $10,500
Medium Rectangle 275,000 9,750
Half Page 275,000 6,500
Breaking News Combo (2) 550,000 5,500
Branding Bar (Monthly) 1,100,000 12,250
Run of Site

Run of Site ad positions appear on virtually all interior pages of This includes story pages, blogs, editorials, event listings and more.

Monthly Ad Positions Impressions Net Rate
Top Leaderboard 275,000 $11,750
Branding Bar 1,375,000 18,750
Lower Leaderboard 690,000 3,500
Targeted Categories

If your objective is to target a specific audience segment, then consider a Targeted Category sponsorship. Ads here appear alongside relevant editorial content aimed at these specific audience sets.

Medium Rectangle 120,000 $11,250
Half Page 120,000 6,750
Small Rectangle 60,000 1,500
Button 60,000 500
Medium Rectangle 60,000 $6,500
Half Page 60,000 4,500
Small Rectangle 30,000 750
Button 30,000 250
Data Center

The Automotive News Data Center contains a wealth of global data and statistics on sales, production, incentives and more. Advertise in this area to reach analysts, consultants, researchers and others who return month after month to access this valuable content.

Top Leaderboard 40,000 $2,500
Medium Rectangle 40,000 2,250
Half Page 40,000 2,000
Lower Leaderboard 40,000 1,000
Career Center

Job seekers and potential employers are among those making this another highly-trafficked section of Select both ad sizes in the same month for even greater impact.

Medium Rectangle 240,000 $2,500
Branding Bar 240,000 750

Email Newsletters

Daily Email Newsletters

Every Monday through Friday afternoon, Automotive News registrants receive the Daily Email Newsletter, containing a recap of the important news stories of the day.

Weekly Ad Positions Impressions Net Rate
Top Leaderboard 100,000 $6,000
Medium Rectangle 100,000 4,250
Text Ad + Logo 90,000 1,750
Mid Leaderboard 90,000 1,750
Weekly Email Newsletters

The Weekly Email Newsletter is sent early every Monday morning and links to all content in that week's print edition

Top Leaderboard 25,000 $2,500
Text Ad + Logo 22,500 750
Mid Leaderboard 25,000 750
Targeted Category Sponsorships

Medium rectangles appear along side relevant editorial content in these categories:

Editor's Picks 22,500 $2,000
OEM 22,500 1,500
Retail 25,000 2,000
Marketing; People; Remarketing; Columnists; F&I; IT; NADA; Fixed Operations; Final Assembly; Dealer Best Practices 25,000 500
Breaking News Alerts

Immediate access to important information is one of the hallmarks of a critical news provider. Automotive News delivers Breaking News Alerts as needed to our audience, and advertising there is a great way to reinforce your brand's image.

Monthly Ad Positions Impressions Net Rate
Top Leaderboard 300,000 $12,500
Medium Rectangle 300,000 11,500
Lower Leaderboard 300,000 4,500

Targeted Email Newsletters

Advertising in the Automotive News Targeted Email Newsletters is an excellent way to deliver your message directly to your desired audience. These custom emails contain data, stories and blogs that can't be found anywhere else.

U.S. Sales Report

Each month, has record traffic reviewing the monthly U.S. sales numbers. We've now packaged this valuable data with analysis from the award-winning Automotive News editorial team, and email this content in the U.S. Sales Report, on the first day after monthly sales data for all automakers becomes available.

Monthly Email (12 times per year)

  Schedule Impressions Net Rate
Top Leaderboard Annual 400,000 $28,250
Medium Rectangle Annual 400,000 28,250
Mid Leaderboard Annual 400,000 18,750
Mid Medium Rectangle Annual 400,000 18,750
Lower Leaderboard Annual 400,000 6,500
Production Line

Emailed the second Tuesday of every month, Production Line provides suppliers, purchasing executives and factory managers with an insider's view of a volatile, fast-changing industry. Content includes monthly production statistics by automaker and plant, quarterly production forecasts, car cutaways and more.

Monthly Email (12 times per year)

  Schedule Impressions Net Rate
Top Leaderboard Monthly 16,700 $2,350
Medium Rectangle Monthly 16,700 2,350
Mid Leaderboard Monthly 16,700 1,560
Mid Medium Rectangle Monthly 16,700 1,560
Lower Leaderboard Monthly 16,700 550
Finance & Insurance Report

Emailed every Wednesday, the Finance & Insurance Report helps F&I managers, dealer principals, bankers and insurance executives stay current and connected with the latest news that's critical to their segment of the industry. Features include exclusive F&I blog and analysis written by the Automotive News editorial team, links to major F&I stories, and the latest financing data.

Weekly Email (52 times per year)

  Schedule Impressions Net Rate
Top Leaderboard 13x 100,000 $17,250
Medium Rectangle 13x 100,000 17,250
Mid Leaderboard Weekly 7,500 1,000
Mid Medium Rectangle Weekly 7,500 750
Lower Leaderboard Weekly 7,500 500
Lead Generation Email

Lead Generation campaigns are a great way to capture valuable, actionable data from prospective customers. Automotive News creates and hosts a custom registration/landing page with your branding elements, and then drives traffic to that page with email blasts to your desired audience. Customized registration fields collect valuable user-data, which is delivered to you on-demand, or in a daily or weekly batch delivery.

To ensure that your Lead Generation campaign is properly developed, multiple departments at Automotive News work together to create and code the emails and landing page, a labor-intensive process that requires ample time for development and testing.

For this reason, Automotive News MUST receive all required assets no later than Friday the week BEFORE a Lead Generation campaign begins. Assets include:

  • Whitepaper (pdf)
  • 728x90 leaderboard ad (20k max, gif or jpg)
  • Company logo (roughly 120x60, 20k max)
  • Company intro (50 words)
  • Intro to the whitepaper (about 100 words) - identify up to 5 key takeaways for readers
  • Clickthrough url for creatives
  • (Optional) Custom questions (max of 3) to be included on the registration page

Due to the high demand and limited inventory for Lead Generation campaigns, failure to meet the Friday deadline will result in forfeiture of the campaign, with NO REFUND to the advertiser.

Automotive News reserves the right to edit copy for style and length.

  Net Rate
Landing Page Development and First Email Blast $4,500
Subsequent Mailings 3,500



To stand out at a major industry event, become an event sponsor on Your ad will appear alongside the latest news from the event and will be archived with the event coverage for one year.

  Top Leaderboard Medium Rectangle
  Impressions Net Rate Impressions Net Rate
NAIAS - Detroit 200,000 $10,000 60,000 $3,750
New York Auto Show 50,000 4,750 16,500 1,250
Chicago Auto Show 40,000 3,250 13,500 1,250
Los Angeles Auto Show 15,000 2,000 15,000 1,750
CAR Management Briefing Seminars 100,000 3,750 100,000 3,750
Thought Leadership Box

If you have intellectual assets you'd like to take to market, the Thought Leadership Box is an excellent showcase, providing multiple trackable elements that lead users directly to your materials. Presented along relevant editorial content, your articles, case studies, presentations or multimedia elements can be quickly and easily updated via your own access to the Automotive News admin tool.

Monthly Impressions Net Rate
30,000 $9,750

As the shift toward portability continues, sponsorship of the Automotive News mobile application presents an increasing value proposition for advertisers. Users here can view Automotive News content in a format optimized for mobile devices. Mobile sponsors provide a 300x50 ad, which appears within the mobile app, and on our WAP pages.

Monthly Impressions Net Rate
40,000 $1,500
Open House

If you're looking for maximum visibility, then sponsor one of our three Open Houses in 2012. As the Open House sponsor, you are the ambassador of, providing free access to all visitors during your sponsorship week. Drive home your advertising message with multiple, high visibility ad positions in the promotion leading up to and during your sponsorship week.

download PDF

Monthly Impressions Net Rate
975,000 $18,500
Digital Edition

A growing number of Automotive News subscribers are opting to go green and receive their weekly newspaper in electronic form, as a Digital Edition. Sponsors of the Digital Edition receive the full page opposite that week's front page – a prominent ad position that also supports flash or audio/video. Additional benefits include a logo on the home page, numerous other ad placements and up to 5,000 copies of the Digital Edition sent to your clients with your compliments.

Bonus: 2012 sponsors of the Digital Edition will also receive ad placements on the new Automotive News iPad app.

Weekly Impressions Net Rate
480,000 $5,500
Stock Ticker

A great way to reach those who follow the ups and downs of the industry, and to gain visibility on the daily email as well as on the Automotive News website.

download PDF

Weekly Impressions Net Rate
400,000 $7,500 per month


Demonstrate thought leadership, increase awareness of specific industry challenges and educate prospects about your products and services with an Automotive News webinar. As a sponsor, you'll develop and present the content of the webinar, and retain all information gathered during the registration process, making webinars one of the best sources for lead generation.

  Net Rate
OEM/Supplier Audience $20,000
Dealer Audience $15,000


  • jpg, gif, animated gif, swf
  • If sending flash, save in version 8 or lower and refer to:
  • Please ask prior to signing the contract if interested in serving any other type of rich media ads to see if ad type is offered or possible
  • Looping limited to 3 times maximum
  • Only user-initiated sound allowed
  • Supply URL to link ad

File Size:

  • Maximum file size is 20k for jpg and gif; 50k for flash format only


  • jpg, gif, animated gif (NO FLASH)
  • Flash files and other rich media ads are not allowed on e-mails
  • Supply URL to link ad

File Size:

  • Maximum file size is 20k for jpg and gif
Online Ad Sizes
Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels
Half Page 300 x 600 pixels
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 pixels
Branding Bar 300 x 100 pixels
Small Rectangle 180 x 150 pixels
Button 120 x 160 pixels
Text Ad Logo + 50 words

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