How to Improve F&I Manager Retention

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In this free webinar, industry experts Scott Gunnell and Rick McCormick will explain how the right pay plans, schedules and dealership culture should create a work environment an effective F&I managers want to stay in. FREE

Hannah Lutz
F&I Reporter
Automotive News

Webinar Summary

F&I managers are leaving their posts at an increasing rate. F&I turnover reached 38 percent last year, a 1 percentage point increase from 2014. And the average F&I manager tenure was a mere 3.1 years, according to the 2016 National Automobile Dealers Association Work Study.

F&I managers have many challenges: overcoming customer objections, staying compliant, completing transactions quickly, for example. Some of the turnover is due to promotion. But many F&I managers leave the dealership completely, too.

That means dealers, with the right pay plans, schedules and dealership culture, should create a work environment that effective F&I managers want to stay in.

In this webinar, we will share tips to building F&I retention. 

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How to build loyalty and longevity on your F&I Team
  • The concepts of compensation plans that don’t rock the boat but steady the ship
  • The benefit of growing your F&I Team from the inside out
  • How to communicate pay plans and define the expectations behind sales initiatives and strategies
  • The importance of building team morale by ensuring your F&I managers and sales associates work together to accomplish the dealership’s business goals


Scott Gunnell
Vice President
Sales Strategy and Development
JM&A Group


Scott Gunnell

Prior to joining JM&A Group in 2003, Scott Gunnell worked in the retail car industry for five years as a new and used car salesperson and F&I manager. After a year of service in JM&A Group’s Career Development Program, he was transferred to JM&A’s sister company, Southeast Toyota Distributors. During his eight-year tenure at SET, Scott held the positions of Retail Sales Training Manager and District Sales Manager, responsible for accounts in the Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida markets. In 2010, he joined the JM&A Group team once again, this time as Sales Operations Director. In his current role, Scott has been instrumental in the re-engineering of the sales processes and technology that support the field force as well as our dealer customers. Scott has received two Star of Excellence awards during his time at JM&A, most recently in 2012 for his excellence in management.

Rick McCormick
National Account Development Manager
Reahard & Associates

Rick McCormick

Rick McCormick has more than 25 years of sales experience, with over 6 years in the retail automobile business. Rick has also served as an Ordained Minister, and attributes his success in both vocations to consistently asking one question… “What’s your story?” Rick believes the key to helping others is the ability to listen effectively. Over the last 9 years Rick has conducted training for Dealer Groups and General Agencies across the country. He has authored articles on F&I that have appeared in F&I Showroom and Agent Entrepreneur magazine and has consistently presented at the annual F&I Conference/Industry Summit and Agent Summit.