Denso fined $2.2 million in Canada for violation of competition law

TOKYO (Reuters) -- Japanese supplier Denso Corp. said today it has been fined $2.2 million (C$2.45 million) by a court in Canada for violation of that country's competition law in connection with sales of certain body electronic control units for motor vehicles.

The Toyota-affiliated company said in a statement that its group companies have taken various measures, including implementing more stringent compliance rules, to further ensure that employees comply with all applicable competition laws.

The previous day, Denso was among a group of Japanese auto parts makers fined by Chinese regulators for price-fixing. 

The company paid a $78 million fine in the U.S. for antitrust violations in 2012. Six of its executives have also been prosecuted in the ongoing U.S. investigation. 

Automotive News contributed to this report.