Fire proves Super Dutys will be aluminum, spies say

The fire that destroyed a Ford prototype left melted aluminum blobs behind, a spy said.

It's been a burning question: Will Super Duty versions of the redesigned Ford F-series pickup have aluminum bodies like the 2015 F-150?

Some bloggers and a spy photographer think the inferno that destroyed a testing prototype in Death Valley in July answers the question.

According to the photographer, the truck, heavily clad in black vinyl, is an aluminum-bodied 2016 Ford Super Duty pickup.

The fire appeared to start in the driver side front wheel well. The photographer said it took about 21 minutes for the fire to consume the truck.

Two test engineers exited the truck safely, the photographer said.

Ford said it is investigating the fire.

Ford's 2015 F-150 will be the industry's first mass-produced pickup with an aluminum body. The company has not said whether the Super Duty versions of the pickup, expected around 2016, will have aluminum bodies as well.

But a "spy" quoted by said: "The fire also appears to end any debate about whether a large portion of the body would be made from aluminum or steel. The forgotten blobs of melted aluminum left on the side of the road are easy to see. The only major recognizable parts of the truck that remained were the frame and engine block."