Settle down, Subaru; Barra already sold Buffett

Buffett: In a Subaru, but sticking with Caddy.

The folks at Subaru were all a-Twitter when that photo of Warren Buffett in a new Outback went viral a couple of weeks ago. They also posted the picture on Subaru's Web site and put the story on the brand's Facebook page.

Only the billionaire didn't buy the Outback.

"I've never driven a Subaru in my life," Buffett told Forbes last week. It turns out someone snapped the grainy picture of him sitting in the passenger seat of a courtesy car at an event in Sun Valley, Idaho.

The Oracle of Omaha did buy a car recently, however -- a Cadillac XTS -- after getting a sales pitch from none other than Mary Barra. Buffett's holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, is a big General Motors investor, so with the ignition switch crisis swirling in May, the GM CEO visited Buffet in Omaha, Neb.

While driving Barra through town in his 2006 Cadillac DTS, Buffett asked what made the new Cadillacs better. "She really let me have it," Buffett said. "She told me about 50 things that were better. By the time we got to lunch -- and it's only 5 or 6 minutes -- she sold me."

Barra suggested a CTS for Buffett. But when his daughter Susie went to Huber Cadillac in Omaha to make the purchase on his behalf, she got talked into an XTS.

Barra promptly wrote the billionaire: "Dear Warren, Thank you very much for buying a GM vehicle. The XTS is a great choice! If you ever have a question or concern, please let me know."

Buffett also offered Barra some advice -- concerning the crisis: "When you have a problem, get it right, get it fast, get it out and get it over. That's what I told her."