Finally, bow ties for Man U

Jersey boys: Manchester United members display the Chevy logo.

Remember that controversial $559 million branding agreement engineered by ousted GM marketing czar Joel Ewanick and Manchester United, the English soccer team? The deal led to Ewanick’s ouster in 2012.

But GM honored the agreement and Man U — the world’s most famous soccer franchise — recently debuted its new jerseys for the 2014-15 season. Chevy’s famous bow-tie logo is now front and center on the team’s shirts and will be for seven years.

While that prominent placement may raise awareness of Chevrolet, it’s unlikely to boost sales. Chevrolet is pulling out of Europe; the only Chevrolet available after 2015 will be the Corvette.

Some small consolation for GM: Manchester United debuts the shirts July 23 in Los Angeles in a game against the L.A. Galaxy at the Rose Bowl.

As for Ewanick, now CEO of a California startup that installs hydrogen fueling equipment, when he saw Man U’s new jerseys last week, he took to Twitter: “#ManU Glorious New Kit, really don’t need 140 characters, a picture says a thousand words!”