More buzz about plants in Mexico

Recently, we toted up all of the announced and speculated Mexican production capacity due in the next few years and got to 1.5 million units — a nifty 50 percent increase over the roughly 3 million units built in Mexico in 2013.

But that total had a big if in it — unofficial reports that Kia planned to install 300,000 units.

Now Kia has confirmed that it is looking south of the border. The company said in a statement that “Mexico is being considered as a possible location of our next overseas production facility.”

The company did not say where or how many units. Reuters said last month that Kia planned to break ground “soon” on a plant in Monterrey, with an annual capacity of 300,000.

What’s next for Mexico? Industry insiders say that’s easy — Toyota. A supplier executive told us last week he expects Toyota to announce plans for a new plant south of the border before year end.