Hyundai recalls Elantra Touring over brackets that could dislodge as airbag inflates

Hyundai Motor Co. said today that it will recall 35,000 2010-12 Elantra Touring vehicles in the United States and 23,600 in Canada to install industrial adhesive strips in the headliner support bracket of the side curtain airbag, which could dislodge during deployment, causing injuries.

Company spokesman Jim Trainor said no injuries have occurred because of the Elantra Touring bracket, but the March 2013 recall of nearly 200,000 2011-13 Elantra sedans for a similar adjustment led to laboratory testing of the Touring models.

In the 2013 recall, it was reported that the headliner support bracket could come loose during the inflation of the side curtain airbag. In one report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a passenger’s ear was lacerated because of the defect.

Trainor said the Elantra Touring uses a different bracket, but testing has shown that a similar dislodging may occur.

Hyundai informed NHTSA of its findings on June 9 and told the agency it expects the recall to begin in mid-August.

“Hyundai … is voluntarily initiating this action to ensure the safety and quality of vehicles and the continued satisfaction of its customers,” the company said in a statement today.

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