Chrysler names 6 new board members, including Bigland, Manley

U.S. sales boss Reid Bigland: Joins Chrysler board.

Chrysler Group has appointed six new directors to its board, effective June 10, adding five more board seats, the company said today.

Hermann Waldemer, 57, replaces Doug Steenland, the former CEO of Northwest Airlines before its merger with Delta Air Lines, whose term on Chrysler’s board expired June 10.

Before coming to Chrysler, Waldemer was the CFO of Philip Morris International. Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is a member of the Phillip Morris board of directors.

Five existing Chrysler executives were appointed to the board, increasing the size of the body to 13 members.

The new board members include head of U.S. sales Reid Bigland, CFO Richard Palmer and Jeep CEO Michael Manley.

General counsel to Fiat, Giorgio Fossati, and corporate sustainability officer Michael Keegan also take new positions on the board.

All other directors continue to hold their seats.

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