Oh, Alice! 'Brady' maid made saucy pitch for Ford

Ann B. Davis shared “That Fairlane Feeling.”

Actress Ann B. Davis, who died last week at 88, is best known for her wisecracking roles on "The Bob Cummings Show" and "The Brady Bunch," as well as parts in several popular movies.

But Davis also had the starring role in one of the most memorable car commercials of all time -- a 1962 Ford Fairlane spot called "That Fairlane Feeling" that playfully broke new ground in the way it mixed sex and the sales pitch.

Playing on her comic image as a love-starved man chaser, Davis left no doubt "That Fairlane Feeling" was code for another form of attraction.

With a twinkle in her eye, she describes the car's two-way sport shift as "a force that says, 'Arise, my love, come away with me. Maybe for a pizza!'" And she says the Fairlane's acceleration "is like the way a man sweeps you off your feet."

After delivering her saucy message, the camera pulls back to show Davis cradling a bemused car salesman.