2 automotive dynasties make 'most powerful' cut

Ginevra Elkann is the grandmother of longtime Fiat boss Gianni Agnelli.

Town & Country, chronicler of the ultrarich and famous, has come out with its second annual "T&C 50" -- a list of the "world's most powerful" families. Among the great and glamorous dynasties included in the May issue are a pair of automotive clans -- the Agnellis of Fiat fame and the Porsche-Piech brood, descendants of Ferdinand Porsche.

Notable by their absence: the Fords, Toyodas, Peugeots and BMW's Quandts. Of course, T&C may have wanted to save some star power for future lists. And the Fords made last year's inaugural T&C 50.

An Agnelli graced the magazine's cover -- Ginevra Elkann, granddaughter of the late Gianni Agnelli, longtime boss of the Fiat empire, and younger sister of Fiat Chairman John Elkann.

Ginevra Elkann, 34, is a Rome-based film producer and museum director who steers clear of the car business. She told the magazine: "My family never said no [to her career plans] because they saw there was such a strong will there."