Weekend at Welburn's: Catching up on Corvettes

Welburn: A date with dealers every Saturday

The new Corvette has been launched and is selling well, but Ed Welburn can't quite let it go. Every Saturday morning, General Motors' global design boss calls Chevrolet dealers around the country and talks Corvette.

He wants to know the age of Vette shoppers and what colors and features are capturing attention on the showroom floor.

Welburn says dealers tell him that the seventh generation of the sports car, launched last year, is drawing new customers -- and younger ones -- as well as the Corvette faithful.

"This is something I just do," he says. "No one asked me to do it."

Welburn also keeps tabs on other GM vehicles. And since some dealers he speaks with carry other brands, he asks about design features, interiors and materials that excite customers about competitive vehicles.

And Welburn also answers dealers' questions about what he's working on.

"It's a two-way street," he says.