Full-sized pickups outdo U.S. market again in April

Full-sized pickups again outperformed the U.S. market in April, surging 12 percent to 171,235 units. Through four months, sales are 6 percent higher at 622,189.

On a percentage basis, the Toyota Tundra led the segment in April with sales up 24 percent to 10,217.

Chrysler Group's Ram pickup volume jumped 17 percent to 36,674 units.

General Motors' new-generation twins had a solid month.

The Chevrolet Silverado was up 9 percent to 42,755, and the GMC Sierra was 21 percent higher at 17,246.

But through four months, the GM pickups introduced last fall are 1,077 units below their predecessors' performance for the same 2013 period.

As usual, the Ford F series dominated, with 63,387 sales, up 7 percent.

Total truck sales in April, including SUVs, crossovers and compact pickups, rose 13 percent compared with an 8 percent increase for the overall market.

Car sales rose 3 percent.

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