Land Wind may get blowback from Land Rover

The Land Wind E32. Look familiar?

Although China’s car industry is showing signs of homegrown creativity with such vehicles as the Qoros sedan, it still can’t quite shake the urge to bang out lightly disguised knockoffs with, shall we say, interesting names.

Following in a long line of unforgettable vehicles that includes the Geely Beauty Leopard and the Dongfeng Crazy Soldier (a Hummer knockoff) comes the new Land Wind E32 from Jiangling Motors Corp.

What makes the E32 interesting is its striking resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque. The Land Wind sports the same sloping roof and aggressive stance as the Evoque, the same profile, angled swage line, fender flares and greenhouse. Even the lettering on the hood and small vents on the E32’s fenders evoke the Evoque.

And that could prompt a visit from the lawyers. A Land Rover spokesman says the company is looking into the matter. The E32 is scheduled to go on sale in China late this year. Recent Chinese knockoffs have included a Ford F-150 Raptor copy, the Jiangsu K1, and a Mini Cooper copy, the Lifan 320.

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