At 7 grand a day pretty soon we're talkin' real cash

General Motors continues to rack up fines of $7,000 a day for failing to fully answer a list of 107 questions from federal safety regulators about its ignition-switch recall.

The answers were due April 3, which means GM’s tab already has surpassed $150,000.

GM has said it won’t know some of the answers until an internal investigation concludes, possibly in late May.

 If that’s when the fines stop, the government would collect roughly $400,000 — enough to pay President Barack Obama’s salary for the year.

But if GM keeps procrastinating, a free president is just one of the possibilities:

•  In three more months, the government could buy a Corvette Stingray for Vice President (and noted Corvette fan) Joe Biden and each member of Obama’s Cabinet.

• In five more months, the government could buy one of every vehicle in GM’s U.S. lineup and crash test them again, just for fun.

• In 4,110 years, the government would recover all $10.5 billion lost on the GM bailout.

• In about 6,000 years, the government could buy back all 1 million Chevrolet Cobalts ever sold in the United States.