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Third-Party Sites and Online F&I


What are the implications of third-party sites for dealers? Find out during this webinar as executives from and AutoTrader Group explain their vision for the next five years; see what the future of online retailing holds, and how the evolution of third-party sites will affect your F&I department. FREE

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Seth Berkowitz
President and Chief Product Officer Inc.
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Webinar Summary

AutoTrader, and other third-party online auto-shopping sites are moving into areas that traditionally have been part of the dealership’s finance and insurance office: valuing trade-ins, and arranging or getting approvals for leases and loans. What are the implications for dealers?

Kevin Filan
Vice President, Customer Marketing and Industry Relations,
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The third-party sites say they’re meeting consumers’ desires by speeding up the purchase process and giving consumers more control over their time. After all, shoppers who do a lot of the buying process online and arrive at a dealership ready to buy do not appreciate then spending more than an hour going over F&I matters that were not presented to them online.

Jim Treece
Retail News Editor
Automotive News

Even so, some dealers see online financing and trade-in evaluations as a threat to their F&I departments, which account for an increasingly large share of their profits.

This Webinar will seek to clear the air. Third-party Web site executives will explain, in their own words, their vision for where all of this is heading over the next five years. In doing so, they will have the opportunity to address dealers’ fears that the sites will become a threat, rather than a partner, to dealers.

In turn, dealers and F&I managers will have the opportunity to raise any questions they have directly with those sites’ executives.

Plan to attend this Webinar to see what the future of online retailing holds, and how the evolution of third-party sites will affect your F&I department. If you have questions, this is an opportunity to get answers.

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