Snow-covered sensors are no help

To the Editor:

I was fascinated and dismayed to read "Camera Ready?" in the April 7 issue.

The article said Tesla Motors and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers recently filed a petition with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for permission to replace side mirrors with cameras, a dumb idea for those of us living above 40 degrees north latitude, stretching from New Jersey to northern California.

This past winter in my 2012 Chrysler 300 with backup camera, adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning proved that none worked when snow collected on the exterior camera, laser and radar lenses while driving, which happened way too often.

Drivers relying on technology over keen driving skills? Never. As motorcycle training classes teach you, turn your head and look beyond the side mirror to be sure.

Automated highways? Not in the winter, as long as automakers rely on fair-weather sensors.

Until our auto safety technology is truly all-season 24/7, maybe we should drive like it wasn't even there.


Managing Director

Industrial Visions Co.

Troy, Mich.

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