Mustang's classic cues

Photo credit: LESLIE J. ALLEN

Ford's Mustang has changed shapes many times in its 50-year gallop. For 2005, when the Mustang was rebuilt from the wheels up, nearly all of the car's signature styling cues from the 1960s and early '70s were updated. Through the years, every Mustang has had a long hood and a short decklid. The 2015 Mustang coming this fall further refines the car's DNA. Staff Reporter Richard Truett looks at the Mustang’s iconic styling elements.

Front (above)

• Grille with chrome running horse logo first appeared on the '65 Mustang.

• Shark-bite nose first appeared on the '65 model, disappeared on the '71, and reappeared on the the '05.

• Long hood and 3 accent indentations near headlights on each side of the grille first used on the 1965 model and will be on the 2015 model as LEDs.

Photo credit: LESLIE J. ALLEN


• Air scoop accents behind the doors and hockey stick side stripes

Photo credit: RICHARD TRUETT


• Short decklid

• Sloping fastback roof with large rear window

• Center-mounted Mustang emblem

• Tribar vertical taillights first appeared on the '65 model, disappeared on the '79 and returned on the '89. The 3 bars were horizontal on the '94 to '98 models but have been vertical since

the '99.

• Dual exhaust with stylized chrome tips on the GT debuted on the '65.


• Double-brow dash first appeared on the 1965 GT

• Large, round gauges first appeared on the '66