Service contracts keep lives on track

To the Editor:

Regarding "Extended service contract? Skip it, Consumer Reports tells readers," autonews.com, March 10: People in the auto industry are well aware of the arguments "experts" use to persuade people to avoid purchasing vehicle service contracts. Accurate or not, those opinions have become popular fare for mainstream media and are seeping into the minds of consumers.

We view such contracts as going beyond vehicle repair to ensure that people's lives continue to run as smoothly as possible in the event of unforeseen car trouble. That vital aspect often is lost in the public discussion.

Analyzing a spreadsheet comparison of average vehicle service contract and repair costs reveals only part of the story.

We need to communicate the hardships that occur beyond the cost of vehicle repair: the potential impact on earnings and job security of not being able to get to and from work; the time, effort and expense of finding a convenient and reasonable repair outlet and alternate transportation.

We need to demonstrate all the ways such a contract can positively affect someone's life.

There's a great deal of value in keeping people's lives on track in the event of a major car repair. Let's make sure consumers understand that and see all sides of the story.


President, Vehicle Protection Services

Assurant Solutions