April 16

The Paper Trail: Compliance from Meet & Greet Through Delivery



Gil Van Over
gvo3 & Associates Photo credit: http://www.autonews.com/assets/webinar/bios/AFI/VanOverBio.html

Webinar Summary

In recent months, concerns about dealer reserve and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's scrutiny of dealer reserve have dominated discussions about compliance. But compliance covers far more than that. This 60-minute webinar will look more broadly at the issue of compliance.


Jim Treece
Retail News Editor
Automotive News

Led by Gil Van Over, president and founder of gvo3 & Associates - specializing in developing and implementing profitable and compliant strategies F&I processes for dealers – the presentation will help F&I managers, sales managers and dealers appraise whether all aspects of their variable operations are complying with the law and industry best practices.

What is going on with the CFPB and Fair Credit? For most of last year, the CFPB was circumspect in its utterances, leaving lenders and dealers sometimes guessing as to what was acceptable, but recently the bureau has addressed the topic more clearly. Van Over will provide an update on the CFPB's recent statements, and dig into Fair Credit regulation for insight as to what dealers need to do.

Gil will examine the recent recommendations by the NADA for complying with the CFPB, recommendations which would add yet another form to the sales process, and reveal if it will be possible for a dealer to comply without adding that extra paperwork step.

Don't forget – attend the live event to ask Gil your questions during the Q&A portion! If you are unable attend live, the recording will be available immediately after the webinar has concluded.