Ford splits with longtime TV pitchman Mike Rowe

Ex-'Dirty Jobs' host endorsed Ford cars, trucks for seven years

Mike Rowe: "After seven years, we're going in different directions."
UPDATED: 2/20/14 10:00 am ET - adds videos

NEW YORK -- Ford Motor Co. and longtime pitchman Mike Rowe, host of "Dirty Jobs," have made a clean break.

Ford spokesman Chris Preuss confirmed Wednesday the Detroit automaker has parted ways with the TV personality and host of the Discovery Channel's now cancelled show.

Known for his casual, laid-back charm, Rowe was the face of Ford cars, trucks and service for seven years in TV spots created by WPP Group's Team Detroit.

"We decided after a great association with Mike Rowe for several years that it was time to move in a new direction," Preuss told Advertising Age, an affiliate of Automotive News. "We are no longer working together."

On Wednesday, Rowe also told radio host Glenn Beck he and Ford were no more.

"After seven years, we're going in different directions, and I'm wishing them every possible success that any car company could ever have," Rowe said on the show, calling it "a great run for me."

Ford has no current plans to cast another celebrity pitchman in Rowe's place, Preuss said.

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