China chides Aston Martin: Don't blame us

China's state media has slammed Aston Martin after a global recall of 17,000 cars involving Chinese parts, saying the automaker is using the stereotype of low-quality "made in China" manufacturing to mask its own shortcomings.

Aston Martin said on Feb. 5 that it would recall most of the cars it has produced since late 2007 because a Chinese subsupplier was using inferior counterfeit material in accelerator pedal arms.

Reuters reported that the official Xinhua news agency last week joined local media in criticizing the carmaker. "Aston Martin's latest recall again passed the buck for poor quality of products, but this time 'made in China' is just the scapegoat," Xinhua said in a report headlined, "Aston Martin plays 'Made in China' blame game."

According to documents filed with a U.S. regulatory agency, Aston Martin found that Shenzhen Kexiang Mould Tool Co. Ltd., a China subcontractor that molds the accelerator pedal arms, was using counterfeit DuPont plastic material.