King: 'The UAW will be deeply involved'

UPDATED: 2/12/14 8:45 pm ET

UAW President Bob King told CNBC on Wednesday the union would be "deeply involved" at the VW plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., if workers approve union representation.

VV wants to have the UAW represent workers to enable the plant to establish a works council, a committee of both blue and white collar employees who negotiate work conditions with management. If the UAW wins, it would transfer some negotiating roles it normally performs to the works council, King said.

"We're not really giving up control," King told the business news channel. "The UAW will be deeply involved."

King and other UAW officials have previously suggested the union could bargain for wages and benefits with VW, and leave operations of the plant to the works council.

He did not offer a prediction of the outcome of the vote.

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