Subaru will build more Legacy sedans in Indiana

CHICAGO -- Now that it has redesigned its Legacy sedan, Subaru plans to increase production at its Lafayette, Ind., plant, said Subaru of America President Tom Doll.

"We've got a little extra capacity," said Doll after Subaru introduced the 2015 model at the Chicago Auto Show last week. Subaru hopes to increase Legacy sedan production to 60,000 units this year, he said.

In 2013, Subaru produced 125,554 Outback wagons and 40,800 sedans there.

"We would like to close that gap" to have a better balance between the wagon and sedan, he said. Subaru says the plant has annual capacity for 310,000 units, including a line that makes the Toyota Camry. Toyota, which is a partial owner of Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries, made 97,000 Camrys at the plant last year.

With the redesigned Legacy, Subaru hopes to be a stronger competitor in the hot mid-sized sedan category, Doll said.

He said Subaru has been known for many things in the past other than sedans, including all-wheel drive and boxer engines.

"Today we are celebrating that we are also a sedan company," said Doll at the launch. "We're celebrating the 2015 Legacy sedan as a true player and the smart alternative in the mid-sized sedan segment."

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