Manheim adds 16 auctions to program that waives online fees

Manheim has added 16 auctions in its Southeast and Texas markets to a program that aims to assist dealers to whose access to physical auctions might be hampered by harsh winter weather.

The program waives online fees for dealers who buy vehicles at select auctions on the company's Simulcast platform. The nation's largest auction company also will waive facilitation fees for dealers who buy vehicles at those auctions on

The expanded program for online purchases at those auctions is effective through the end of January.

"Our employees are making every effort to list cars online as fast as possible," said Nick Peluso, senior vice president of customer management. He said the goal is to ensure customers "continue to have access to the most inventory, despite the tough weather conditions."

The initial program, launched Jan. 6, covers vehicle purchases from auction sites located in Manheim's Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast and North Central markets.

The additional auction sites bring the total number of auctions in the program to 42, out of Manheim's 65 auction sites in the United States and five in Canada.

Simulcast allows dealers to participate in Manheim physical auctions remotely. is Manheim's online-only used-vehicle site.

Manheim's offer is designed to allow dealers to buy cars online at less expense during a period when they may not be able to make it physically to an auction due to the weather. Lack of access to an auction could leave a dealership with a shortage of used vehicles.

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