Audi says iPads will be used throughout dealership

NEW ORLEANS -- Audi executives told dealers at today's make meeting that the Apple iPads that are rolling into showrooms will soon make their way to the parts and service departments.

Audi says 80 percent of its U.S. dealers have placed orders for Audi-subsidized iPads. Stores that already have iPads will be able to use Audi's software without buying new ones.

Mark Del Rosso, COO at Audi of America, told Automotive News after the meeting that the iPads will allow a salesperson to quickly show a customer color and wheel options, or explain how adaptive cruise control works.

But this is just the beginning, Del Rosso says. Parts and service are next.

"The network has responded beyond our wildest dreams," Del Rosso said. "They see the value in it."

Michelle Primm, dealer principal at Cascade Auto Group in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, said all the Audi dealers she has spoken with are getting ready to deploy iPads in their showrooms. She said the brand has taken a well-thought-out approach to make sure the iPad rollout succeeds.

"They're not the first one to do it, but they did it right," Primm said.

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