Coming to ADAC's aid

Douglas A. Bolduc is Managing Editor at Automotive News Europe.Douglas A. Bolduc is Managing Editor at Automotive News Europe.
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When most people in Germany think about the ADAC Yellow Angel they don't think about the powerful auto club's sullied annual car award, they think about the time one of the organization's real-life Yellow Angels came to their rescue.

ADAC has come to my aid three times over the years. Once when our Ford Ranger pickup lost its transmission; once when our Volvo XC70's alternator died and once when a marten, which is much like a ferret, decided to chew through the ABS cable on a brand new Audi A8 press car. Each time, an ADAC Yellow Angel arrived promptly and provided service or a tow to a local repair shop.

The Yellow Angels also recently took our neighbor via rescue helicopter to the hospital after she suffered a life-threatening seizure.

ADAC President Peter Meyer told Automotive News Europe sister publication Automobilwoche on Wednesday that the Yellow Angel award has "no future" after the club's communications director admitted he falsified this year's car award results.

Good riddance! Germany certainly can live without another car award. What it can't live without is a fleet of real Yellow Angels on the road and in the air to help during times of need.

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