The Detroit show will stay in the cold weather

Metro Detroit is beautiful in the late spring, summer and fall. Yet a large part of the world sees it only during the bleakness of winter when the Detroit auto show takes place.

Cobo Center looked great inside last week. But people still have to wade through dirty-snow-lined streets under a fog of dreariness to get to it. In fact, we got lucky this year. Had the show been a week earlier, it would have been buried under snow and in below-zero temperatures.

Some folks have asked why the show isn't moved to a warmer and prettier time of year. They argue it would be beneficial to the city and Detroit automakers to hold the auto show in, say, May or August.

Unfortunately, it's not completely up to the show organizers as to when the show is held.

It's largely determined by car dealers.

Most dealers don't need help selling cars in spring or summer. And other shows, albeit not as big as Detroit's show, already are scheduled then.

So pack your boots and bundle up because it looks very apparent the Detroit auto show will remain a January tradition.

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