2014 Detroit auto show: GM considers Cadillac ATS convertible, wagon

Cadillac chief: ATS convertible, wagon on the table

Asked whether there would be a future ATS variant beyond a V series, Cadillac global chief Bob Ferguson said: “Absolutely.”

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DETROIT -- The ATS coupe that Cadillac unveiled here today is the first variant model to spin off from the award-winning compact sedan -- but it won't be the last, Cadillac global chief Bob Ferguson vows.

A convertible and wagon are among the other body styles that Cadillac is considering to broaden the reach of the ATS, Ferguson said in an interview Monday.

"You've made the investment. You've built a brand within a brand," Ferguson said. "If you have a winner, you should exploit that and offer variations."

Cadillac is widely expected to offer a V series high-performance ATS sedan, which could be unveiled later this year. But General Motors' plans for other variants have been fuzzy.

In 2012, GM North America President Mark Reuss, who becomes GM's global product chief on Wednesday, told Automotive News that plans for an ATS convertible were "pretty much designed" but that GM was holding off on a decision.

Asked whether there would be a future ATS variant beyond a V series, Ferguson said: "Absolutely."

Cadillac is positioning its lineup to better compete with BMW and Mercedes. Those deep-pocketed brands offer wagons, convertibles, performance models, diesels, electrified models and other variants.

Ferguson said Cadillac will pick its spots, rather than "go as far and wide as Mercedes and BMW."

"We want to keep our focus on a limited number of vehicles and do them very well," he said.

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