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This week's newest auto brand viral videos were a contrast between blue collar and white, work and pleasure.

Our newest spot is "Tree House," for the 2014 Toyota Tundra campaign. In it, the birth of a new arboreal home is shown in reverse, starting from a wide shot of a tree-top mansion all the way back to the idea. And there for the entire process: the Tundra, with an exhortation to "build anything." The spot comes in at No. 3 in our top 10 list with 514,707 views.

Also new this week are two spots from luxury brands Audi and Maserati. In Audi's tongue-in-cheek "Luxury Car Abstinence," the carmaker borrows from the Obama 2012 playbook and tells viewers to not let their first time driving a luxury car be in just any old brand.

The ad includes not-so-low-key shots of Mercedes-Benz and Lexus cars in the background as actors speak about resisting the temptation to drive them: "If this is my company car," says one, "this isn't my company." The campaign is ranked ninth by Visible Measures with 350,611 views.

Lastly, Maserati's "The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary," is ranked tenth by Visible Measures with 272,497 views.

Top 10 Viral Videos of the Week
Built Free
Built Free Jeep
Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai
This week
(True Reach): 1,483,580

Last week: 9
brilliant is
brilliant is Hyundai
This week
(True Reach): 1,058,201

Last week: 3
2014 Toyota Tundra
2014 Toyota Tundra Toyota
This week
(True Reach): 514,707

Last week: NEW
Toyotathon 2013
Toyotathon 2013 Toyota
This week
(True Reach): 498,478

Last week: 6
Santa's New Sleigh
Santa's New Sleigh Honda
Buck, RPA
This week
(True Reach): 474,553

Last week: 2
One Tank Adventure
One Tank Adventure Ford
Team Detroit
This week
(True Reach): 365,920

Last week: 7
Luxury Car Abstinence
Luxury Car Abstinence Audi
This week
(True Reach): 350,611

Last week: NEW
Jaguar vs. Chicken
Jaguar vs. Chicken Jaguar
Mindshare Entertainment, Spark 44
This week
(True Reach): 297,917

Last week: 5
Magic Body Control
Magic Body Control Mercedes-Benz
Jung von Matt/Neckar Stuttgart
This week
(True Reach): 285,998

Last week: 8
The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary
The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary Maserati
McGarry Bowen
This week
(True Reach): 272,497

Last week: NEW
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