Tesla, Apple speculation fills news void

There's usually not much auto industry news to report over the holidays, but pure speculation often rises to fill the vacuum. In case you missed it, there was chatter during the holiday break about whether Tesla Motors could become an acquisition target for a major Detroit automaker in 2014. Yra Harris of Praxis Trading predicted to CNBC that Tesla could be sold to General Motors in 2014.

Meanwhile, some tech analysts suggested Apple could acquire Tesla and regain some of the creative mojo it lost when Steve Jobs died in 2011. This line of thinking comes from analysts who have been saying that Apple has lost its innovative edge under CEO Tim Cook.

"People are questioning Cook's status as a leader of an innovative company," Josh Stewart, portfolio manager at the Wasatch World Innovators Fund, told USA Today.

In October, Adnaan Ahmad, a tech analyst at Berenberg Bank, wrote an open letter to Cook and Apple Chairman Art Levinson suggesting that the company buy Tesla.

An acquisition of Tesla "would radically alter Apple's growth profile," he wrote, adding that "in Elon Musk, you could strike up a partnership and obtain a new iconic partner to lead Apple's innovation."