GM ends monthly sales call with analysts, media

DETROIT -- General Motors said today that it will no longer host a monthly conference call with auto analysts and journalists to discuss the prior month's U.S. sales results.

"We are ending the call to concentrate on conferences and other forums that allow us to discuss our strategy and our result with a long-term view and in a very holistic way," GM spokesman Jim Cain said during what he said would be the company's last regularly scheduled sales call.

GM has hosted monthly calls with top-level sales executives for at least the last 20 years. Analysts and reporters rely on the commentary for details about pricing, inventory, market dynamics and other factors that are not included in the company's press release and sales table.

GM joins Chrysler Group, Honda Motor Co., Nissan, Hyundai-Kia and other automakers that do not host a monthly call. Ford Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and Volkswagen of America do host them.

The move comes after GM's decision last year to no longer publicly disclose monthly production numbers. Nearly all other major automakers disclose the number of cars and trucks produced at their North American plants each month, broken out by nameplate.

That move rankled many industry insiders, including suppliers that rely on the data to help plan their own production schedules.

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