Jaguar hopes customers who have seen the Mercedes ad will also view its take on chickens.

The Chicken War: Mercedes, Jaguar battle to rule the roost

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Luxury brands and chickens?

It started with Mercedes-Benz posting a YouTube commercial touting its Magic Body Control System on the redesigned S-class.

There’s a close-up of a chicken’s head with “Upside Down,” by Diana Ross playing. White-gloved hands turn the chicken, and then multiple chickens, this way and that way, but their heads always stay up.

The commercial closes with: “Stability at all times. Magic Body Control. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive.”

It’s funny coming from Mercedes-Benz, which is usually more serious in featuring cars that stop, avoid accidents and illustrate performance or safety.

Enter Jaguar, the challenger.

Jaguar has posted a chicken commercial as well. It starts the same way as the Mercedes commercial. A scientist with white gloves moves a chick to and fro. He says in a German accent: “See, it’s similar to a Mercedes.”

Feathers fly and the camera pans to a Jaguar licking its chops and feathers falling from its mouth. “Magic Body Control? We prefer cat-like reflexes.”

Jaguar’s public relations department said in an e-mail that the ad is an attempt to use “behavioural targeting to reach our intended customers.”

Jaguar hopes customers who have seen the Mercedes ad will also view its take on chickens and what is essential in a luxury car. It’s worth a cackle.

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