The old GM on the new CEO

Bob Lutz: "Totally politically incorrect"
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When former General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz appeared on Frank Beckmann's radio talk show on WJR-AM in Detroit last week, he praised Mary Barra, the company's new CEO, who has been doing Lutz's old job of head of product development.

Lutz discussed Barra's car credentials, then felt compelled to add: "I don't know if you know what she looks like, but she is medium height with an attractive, athletic build, nice face -- she's not a little old lady with glasses; she is very athletic looking, very active and it's easy to imagine her behind the wheel of a car."

After Lutz went on to praise Barra's executive abilities, Beckmann said to his listeners: "By the way ... don't e-mail me because Bob Lutz said she has an attractive, athletic body." To Lutz: "You are going to get in trouble for that."

"I know," said Lutz. "Totally politically incorrect. We are not supposed to have eyes anymore."

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