March 19

The F&I Handoff: Keep It, Drop It – or Do Both?



Andrea Baker
Co-General Manager
First Texas Honda Photo credit:

Webinar Summary

It's one of the hottest debates in the F&I world these days: Do you hand the customer off from a sales associate to an F&I manager, or have one employee work with the customer all the way through the process?

First Texas Honda does both.


Dave Versical
Director of Editorial Operations
Automotive News

Senior associates who understand the dealership's processes work with a customer all the way through the sale, building rapport all along the way. Less-seasoned sales associates hand the customer over to an F&I specialist, who is well-trained in the products, processes and compliance issues that are unique to the F&I operation. Andrea Baker, co-General Manager at First Texas Honda, set up the hybrid system years ago, and piloted the program from concept to reality. In this Webinar, Baker will give her first-hand testimony as to the merits of the dealership's unusual approach, explaining what was necessary to make it work and what hurdles had to be overcome. She also will offer, from her unique vantage point, thoughts on the pros and cons of the two approaches. Key takeaways:

• What are the relative advantages to a handoff vs. keeping each customer with a single store associate?

• How do you find employees who can handle the entire process, or determine if your existing employees can do that?

• What compensation plans work best for each approach?

• If you're thinking of making a switch, how can you prepare for the ensuing problems – both the expected and the unexpected ones?