Gabe Nelson

Is that star on your Mercedes grille too subtle? Light 'er up (for just $550)

Feeling like your Mercedes isn't getting you quite enough attention? How about a $550 lit-up three-point star on the grille that shows off the latest in LED technology?

"It's your opportunity to announce to the world: 'This is my Mercedes-Benz!'" the company gushes in its printed media pitch for the option.

If you want to be that guy, the trinket will be available on new vehicles in August. Current owners of some models can have it retrofitted.

But there's a catch: Mercedes owners will have to be content announcing themselves to the world from driveways and parking spaces. U.S. lighting regulations say a logo can light up only while a car is parked, not while it is in motion.

The Mercedes star will light up for 40 seconds when the car is unlocked and for five seconds when a door is opened. It turns off when all doors are closed or the vehicle is started.

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