Daniel Mueller

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Name: Daniel Mueller
Title: Head of IT Europe
Company: Kia Motors Europe
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Age: 41
Family: Wife, Esther; daughters Rebecca, 11, and Noemi, 6
Born: Daun, Germany
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English, French
Education: Chartered Engineer Information Technology, Berufsakademie Mannheim, Germany


What was your first automotive job and why were you interested in the industry?

My first automotive job was with Opel in 1993 as an intern where I developed hardware and software to link cars with computers.

Greatest achievement?

Developing and then executing a pan-European IT strategy for Kia and its business partners.

Biggest failure and what it taught you?

Early in my career I learned that it is important to properly deal with failure rather than close the book on it as quickly as possible. If you reflect on the entire issue you can prevent it from happening again.

What is your current challenge at work?

Bringing people of many different cultures together from all around the world. This is both challenging and very interesting.

What about the auto industry surprises you?

That Kia is still successful even though the market as a whole is suffering a downturn.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Actions speak louder than words.

What advice would you give to a person considering a career in the auto industry?

Make sure you can identify yourself with the product.

If you were CEO of a company what would you do first?

Find a good chief information officer.

What job do you really want to have in the future?

What do you mean? I have it already!

What do you do to relax?

I spend time with my family or run with Blue, my Labrador.

First car?

A used Ford Fiesta 1.2S. I did all the serving myself, which was very good training.

Current car?

Kia Sorento, which we often use to pull our camper.

Career highlights

2011-present: Head of IT, Kia Europe, Frankfurt, Germany

2000-2010: Various management roles, Siemens Healthcare, based in Frankfurt, while in charge of Asian markets

1998-1999: IT consultant, Knoll AG/BASF (pharmaceuticals), Ludwigshafen, Germany

1995-1997: Systems engineer, EDS (banking), Frankfurt

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